Magpie Oracle & Bone Throwing Readings

Magpie Oracle & Bone Throwing Readings

I would like to practice divining with some fox bones @Arianna graciously agreed to inhabit and a magpie oracle I’ve been building for a while now. I am not experienced in casting lots of any kind and would like to practice by offering readings to the forum.

Since I am brand new at this, please feel free to throw me a bone ( :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) and ask me about situations you have some insight into already.

(for those who are curious, this is how I prepared the bones)
  1. Ritual with Hekate and the Fates
  2. Cleansed the bones with chanting, visualization, and hand gesture
  3. Consecrated in the name of Hekate, the four winds, the four rivers, and the Fates
  • Four Winds: passed the bones through incense of myrrh, poppy seed, wormwood, mugwort, solomon’s seal, and dittany of crete
  • Four Rivers: anointed them with oil of black henbane, blue lotus, white lotus, red lotus, and amanita.
  1. Gentle, consensual binding
  2. Charged with an Invocation of Lachesis and IO HEKA IO HO mantra reps

I will keep this open (for now), and please note that:

  1. I have no idea what I’m doing (yet) :upside_down_face:
  2. I am in no rush to respond quickly. It will take me as long as it takes to get back to you.
  3. If you are a dick about it, I will not read for you.
  4. I’m not ready to use these to divine with the dead yet. After solid practice, I will offer this.

I’m looking forward to testing this out with all who are interested. Thank you!


I’ll bite.

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I’m interested.

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@norse900 , @Jk999 , @Veil , do you have any questions? Or just a general read?

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Count me in please :fox_face: :relaxed:

…Let’s take this to DMs when you’re ready x


I could do either. I don’t know which you’d prefer.

The Gospel of Ghouls entities. Should I work through all of them (lesser and greater) as they are presented or will the entities guide the path themselves?

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I am in if it is available.
A general reading

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How should I proceed most efficiently in my spiritual path?

Private please.


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I’d love to try this. I’ve been interested in this style of reading myself. I’d love to know how you learned this and where you got your bones oracle?

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The piece I have that represents spiritual guidance and communication (star anise) is being crushed by the piece I have for physical health (cow molar). You may struggle to pick up on subtle ques because of sickness, pain, injury, etc.

Flowing out of this, most of the bones are clustering around the piece I have for protection (spiny shell). There is a strong relationship between the two. I think you need to look out for your health and body, because something is getting in the way of the guidance.

Beneath the star anise and cow molar are the pieces I have for devotion (seahorse) and metamorphosis (seal tooth). They aren’t touching, but they are also pointing towards the spiny shell. I think the effort you put into this will reward you with renewed protections. Maybe, this is what you are being guided towards.

Lower still are the pieces I have for luck (button) and offense (crab claw). They are not clustered around any bones. I think this means you should not rely on chance and should not fail to seize opportunities where you find them.

Outside of the picture, the piece I have for trauma (cracked nut) rolled very far to the left. I think this means that it is in your past and part of how you got here, but it is not strongly affecting you and isn’t likely to come up.

Halfway between the cracked nut and the rest of the oracle is the piece I have for bindings and enchantments (datura pod). I think this means you were influenced after your trauma onto this path, but do not need to actively worry about tricks or games at the moment.

At the far right is the piece I have for knowledge (hazelnut). I believe this is the wisdom you will attain at the end of this. It is far away and disconnected so far.

Overall, I think you need to check your protection and health before you move forward. Idk if it is illness or black magick or what, but the emphasis is on protection and spiritual guidance is blocked atm.

Well, so say the bones. I think. Lol!

Thank you for being my first bone reading querent @norse900 . I’m happy to pull cards if you would like something more solid :+1:


I made the oracle; I put a little summary in the intro :slight_smile:

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No, that’s awesome. I’m still slightly sick, so the caution due to illness makes perfect sense. I’ll likely hold off starting it until I’m near 100%. Also why I’ve held off on heavy workings.

Makes sense. I’ve died numerous times and that has led me to seek to understand it in the past. Likely led to innately feeling this area. This all makes complete sense to me.

Yes, this is a longer-term venture, for sure.

Thanks, Myth!


Oh woah, that’s an interesting type of reading ! Would it be possible to have one ? :slight_smile:

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Ofc :slight_smile:

Current que:

  1. @Jk999
  2. @Veil
  3. @Thierry007
  4. @Duchess ? Did you want a reading?
  5. @Mei

Alright great ! Thank you !

I would like to know how I should proceed, for this new year, regarding the spiritual/magickal.

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No matter public ro private.
I think public is better cause other people are watching process and maybe learn something

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Yes, please! :raising_hand_woman:
I’d like to know what next steps should be taken to create my next spiritual breakthrough?
Private please. Thank you!

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I‘m also interested. Very cool. :bone:

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This absolutely awesome!!

Throwing bones to divine the future, superbly LHP :love_you_gesture::muscle:

My son who is a soldier sometimes is guiding his squad in the field and their meal kit has a piece of chicken in it. He is experimenting with casting the bones to determine abstracts like will there be water over the next hill, which path to take left or right and so on.

This is a very cool form of divination.

Bookmarked and watching :love_you_gesture:


Thank you MB :slight_smile:

Whoa, badass!!