Vitriol’s Working Journal

Today is the last day of the three month agreement between me and President Glasya Labolas. Three months go by fast. I must admit I was a little “concerned” when Duke Astaroth suggested working with President Glasya but in order to grow strong I needed to remove all concerns and do the work. Now looking back I am so glad that I contacted President Glasya. I feel I have grown stronger not only in my practice but in my self confidence in my magick and Claire’s also.
President Glasya has taught me a lot and reminded me to stay respectful towards spirits wether they be new (to me) or not.
I now know that i have another spiritual ally that will be able to help me in my path and that I can call upon just chat and get some good advice!
Thank you President Glasya Labolas! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!

Hail President Glasya Labolas!


Formally called the great Archangels Raphael and Michael and the Great President Marbas to thank them in person for the amazing healing they did to my wife’s cousin!

Respect and gratitude to the great Archangels!
Respect and gratitude to the great President Marbas!


I had a meeting with the Great King Paimon today! We talked for about 20 minutes. I haven’t talked to him in a while and it was nice to catch up. He gave me some excellent advice regarding my path in magick. He asked for a blue candle, Ferrero rocher chocolates and scotch!

Hail King Paimon!


we missed your posts :slight_smile:


Had my monthly ritual with Duke Astaroth today. We talked about a future apprenticeship with another spirit. He said to be careful as far as time is concerned…pretty much means I may start a home remodeling project and it is an estimated 3-4 months of work with strangers in the house and noise etc. other than that he seemed to think that it would be a good learning experience if I did some work with said spirit.
Not sure if it is me that I’m stressing about work and other personal issues or if he was a bit to dry (sense of humor wise)….he seemed a little far if that makes sense. I asked if I had done or said something wrong and he said that if he was upset I’d know it. So I guess maybe we all have bad days :thinking:.
On another note he asked me for a cold glass of unsweetened lemonade or limeade depending on what you consider lemons lol where I live US limes are lemons and the US lemons are limes lol…but I gladly offered him a glass!
Thanks Duke Astaroth for always being there for me, and for having the patience to deal with my sometimes dumb and repetitive questions!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


Talk of synchronicities…about an hour or so ago I was mentioning to a friend about asking President Glasya Labolas for help on an issue. So after doing some stuff I opened Facebook and saw this image:

Now here is the kicker….a friend of mine posted that picture on Facebook yesterday and I didn’t see it, it just popped up randomly now on my feed!

Thank you President Glasya Labolas for your consideration and for your shout out! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!

For a little background on the cartoon….it is based on a Mexican rescue dog that helped save people in Mexico City during our last quake but the dog died in rescue efforts in turkey if I remember correctly.


Well, this is scary. I saw her in a dream a few months ago, who told me that a person was stuck underground. Now two days ago, a scientist who predicted the Turkey earthquake a few days before it happened (Frank Hoogerbeets) said that There will be an big earthquake in my area. There have been four small earthquakes so far. What a bad feeling. Damn it, I live on the sixth floor.


Saw who ?

Be safe, maybe it’s time to look for a ground floor place to live…,at least pay a lot of attention to the earthquake alarms.


I saw President Glasya Labolas in dream. Thanks


Uploading: Fo1GQCSXwAMhxFn.jpg…

this has led to the rescue of many people who have joined us in our search and rescue efforts,you are a hero to us proteo,rest in peace.


So my loan got approved!!

I will be a little absent on my journal, I will just do my pacted tarot readings with duke Astaroth…remodeling will be a bitch, but we are strong!
Hail Duke Astaroth for helping me in my time of need!


It’s been a while since I’ve wrote here with the remodeling and all the stress that implies but I think I kind of figured out what a dream I had on the night of May third means.

For some background on the dream. I had a very lucid dream where I was being taught something by King Paimon and who I believed to be Amon Ra (Amon Ra told me his name if I remember correct). So before bed I was stressing about not being able to do magick or evocations since the house was going to be full of workes and what not. So in the dream King Paimon introduced me to Amon Ra, and the lesson began. Amon Ra told me something that sounded very close to a Bible verse (not necessarily king James or catholic bible aproved) think Pistis Sophia or gnostic gospels. He said something among the lines that we (our body) is the temple…and that I should start building my temple from the inside so wherever I go I will be connected to the divine. Now mind you the exact verse or quote I don’t recall but when I woke up that was the best I could make of the dream and what I was told.
After arriving at work I confirmed it was Amon Ra by a very obvious Facebook post meme (sort of) saying Christianity is a form of syncretism of older religions and one of the pictures there in the meme was a picture of a priest of Amon Ra’s mysteries. So I took that as my sign that it indeed was Amon Ra giving me a lesson in magick and spirituality. But me being me i didn’t understand what he meant by that or how I was supposed to implement his advice.

So let’s go back to last weekend when my son was going to compete in a Taekwondo sparing competition, I asked Duke Astaroth mentally to help him out and keep him safe. No evocation just mentally reaching out to my patron. So my son gets the first place medal for his age group and of course I am happy and and I mentally thank the great Duke also.
Yesterday my son gets sick and he gets put in an ambulance and taken to our reference hospital…I go home while he is waiting to to be taken to get clothes and supplies for the hospital stay and I give the duke his evening candle and incense and reach out mentally while packing. My son was discharged today with no surgery needed.

So I guess what the lesson that I was given in that dream is that just because you can’t do the full ritual
Evocation you can still commune with the divine, and one should learn how to do magick with no tools or rituals just one on one personal time with your most trusted patrons or spirits suffices. I was taught ceremonial magick by mike, and don’t get me wrong I love ceremonial magick the pomp the ritual etc and have gotten real world results (when remodeling is done I will go back to ceremonial) but sometimes one doesn’t have the luxury of being in one’s temple or you might be stuck in traffic with a sick family member and need some help, and that is where mental magick comes in.

Thank you mighty Duke Astaroth for always having my back and for being so protective of my family and I. You never seize to amaze me with all that you do for me and my family! Thank you for helping my son in his sickness yesterday and today! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!
Hail Duke Astaroth!

Thank you King Paimon for introducing me to Amon Ra, and for still continuing to work with me and guide me, you have my deepest respect and gratitude!
Hail King Paimon!

Thank you Amon Ra for your lesson and for taking the time to teach me, you have my respect and gratitude!

Thank you Archangel Michael for helping my son in his time of need! You have my respect and gratitude!
Hail Archangel Michael!


Glad everything worked out!


Today I had my monthly pacted ritual with Duke Astaroth! All day I was worried that I would
Not be able to do the ritual today because of the workers. But miraculously they went home early. About 25-30 minutes before the ritual i was at my mother in law as house and I started smelling sandalwood…that was my cue to go home!

Ritual was awesome. I was given a very specific task that I am able to share here….for some background I was offered an apprenticeship with a spirit that I really wanted to accept. Duke Astaroth warned me to not bite of more than I can chew….(didn’t know at the time my loan would be approved)….so the task given was to “enjoy your project” as in my remodeling. Mentioned I should take the time to relax and enjoy the process of the remodeling.
Also Duke Astaroth used this time to teach me a lesson. A couple of days ago maybe a week….I was talking to a friend about how I was worried my Claire’s would disappear after not practicing for a month give or take. My friend said not to worry that I would be fine. So two days ago a friend asks me to do help him and Duke Astaroth make an agreement. I was very reluctant to say the least, since I didn’t know about the workers and what not….but I agreed. So today I asked Duke Astaroth about what my friend wanted and man I got an ear full. Duke Astaroth talked so fast I could barely keep up, yet I sent his message loud and clear!

Duke Astaroth you never seize to amaze me! You have my deepest respect and gratitude.
Hail Duke Astaroth!


I love the seal drawn onto the glass of the picture frame, nice touch!


A friend of mine did the drawing! I just printed it out and framed it. It is quite nice! Thanks!


Had a weird dream last night. There were snakes venomous ones and non venomous. I scared one away with a bag of ice, it was slithering towards me and I put a bag of ice between me and the serpent. Then I remember hearing “remember Astaroth grants man power over serpents” so I told a snake that appeared venomous look I don’t like killing animals so please listen….in the name of Duke Astaroth be gone now leave and don’t come
Back” then the snake maybe snakes left……I remember only one stayed but it seems it was that snake who put the idea in my head then the snake said something I can’t remember……yes that snake talked to me just can’t remember what she said.
Seems weird that the snake that was talking to me I wasn’t scared of….also weird I think I picked up said snake and put it the jeep with me. What’s interesting is there were people I didn’t know in that dream, who were talking with me also, some knew a couple of my family members like cousins and the like.

Ok so to me snakes can mean two things:

  1. Intelligence wisdom etc
  2. Sneak deception the classic snake in the grass

Now I need to figure out exactly what it may be or mean. Is it literal ? I live in an area where we have borthrops species of snakes (which looks like the one I banished), and with the construction going on in my house it could be a hiding space for said snakes.
Or maybe it is a warning of deception and in true intentions or ill meaning intentions from people at work or my close proximity.

To be clear if I do see a snake I will probably run away like a little girl instead of saying the banishing :joy:. On a serious note it could be a very random dream that means nothing also!

Any ideas?


So after about 2 months of remodeling I’m still not done. Last month was still fairly quiet and this month has been hectic they have been working inside the house dust and cement everywhere.
So its that time of the month where I have a pacted monthly evocation with Duke Astaroth….I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it or even if I would be able to comply and keep my word. Well today I got two signs from him literally his picture and seal in my Facebook, and then I log in to the other place to see if my account is still alive and the first post
I see is one about Astaroth! So I took that ad a sign that he was waiting and it’s the last day of the month. So after work I come home to evoke and Low and behold all the workers are outside! Thanks Duke Astaroth!
So here is where his sense of humor and compassion comes in. When he arrived I welcomed him and he was like you know you didn’t have to evoke right? And I was like well I got your two signs….then he gave me a little lesson about his signs and the real word ie as in how I engage amd interact with his signs….he let me know that I feel him yet I don’t hear him when I’m out and about in the real world. He said whenever you get a sign from
Me and you’re at work or at a party wherever take a step back and hear me….I know you feel me when you’re out and about but you don’t hear me…take a step back and listen! Very true Duke Astaroth very true!
On another note I had to evoke on his permanent altar on my nightstand since my temple is being remodeled now. So this was a weird evocation yet I loved his presence!

Thank you great and mighty Duke Astaroth for being by my side always and for being so caring! You have my deepest respect and gratitude!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


My monthly pacted evocation with Duke Astaroth.

Where to begin? This month has been real hectic…remodeling still ain’t finished workers are inside the house putting in new floors and bathrooms. We’re stuck living in one room, no place to do magick. My pacted readings are usually done by mid month and my evocation is during the last 10 days. So today I did the readings and it was awesome, Duke Astaroth came through like always and helped me
With the readings, he was with me and coaching me, even gave me new insights to some meanings of the cards.

The evocation was awesome though rushed, he seemed in a hurry but after we finished I knew why he was not so talkative….my wife and son were about to arrive from swimming lessons (for my son)…he (duke Astaroth) never seizes to amaze me he always has my back!

Today he said something that really kicked in….I said thanks for being with me this last year (July 21 was our 1 year pact anniversary) he said I’ve been with you for over a year but you are now starting to fit the pieces of the puzzle.

Thank you Duke Astaroth for being with me always and for the fruits of our pact! You have never ever left my side or left me stranded, and I try my best to fulfill our pact and not be that person that is only loyal while things are good! Thanks Duke Astaroth!


Hail Astaroth !!