Vitriol’s Working Journal

I’m glad to be part of this new forum, and starting fresh with like minded people! I will use this thread as my working journal to log my development in this path.

I thank my patron the great Duke Astaroth, for continuing to develop my astral senses and most of all for being a great ally and a patient teacher!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


Following :sunglasses:


So today a little bit before dawn I did a protection ritual. My spidey senses have been tingling, so might as well listen. No such thing as to much protection.
Went shopping with the wife to get some back to school supplies for junior. So I bought me some sharpies and paper (think of invitation paper hard paper) to make some seals for my rituals. I bought green black blue red silver gold and brown sharpies. I’ll test the colors along with correspondences but, it’s seems as though black and white are easier for my eyes.
I’ll be going to a party today, first time I’ve been out in a while, so it might be 1 tequila 2 tequila floor lol.

Thursday I did a little meet and greet with President Halphas and Earl Malphas, they seemed pretty nice, and they gave me a very patient vibe, at least they were patient with me. During ritual I kept messing up their ranks and names but they seemed amused and understanding. First time a did 2 evocations at the same time.

That’s all for now!


Gotta love Elvis!

I was 2 tequila 3 tequila 4 and out! Gotta love Elvis !


The Evocation of King Paimon!

Todays ritual has been a king time coming, I finally reached out to the great King Paimon, and I’ll tell you what it was an awesome experience.

Ritual started as I was leaving work and went to the grocery store to pick up some wine and chocolates for the King. I actually felt guided to what I think he would like. Picked up some Cabernet Sauvignon and some Mexican chocolate and a hersheys bar in case.

Went home and cooked the wine, put the chocolates in the fridge, and went to eat with the family. Then I came home and set up my ritual area AKA dining room table.
Started by lighting the candles and incense, proceeded to do LBRP and demonic middle pillar.

After 10 minutes of enn chanting I got a feeling I was being watched, and a thought of coke on I’m here. I didn’t pay attention to that, then a car went by and honked the horn….again I paid it no mind and continued with the chanting and another car came by and honked 2 times. Then I remembered the grimoires saying how you hear horns and drums when he comes, so I went to the conjuration.

I am usually very Clair sentient but this time I didn’t feel him come, but the thoughts and visuals were on overdrive. I got visuals of a big camel and a veiled man riding it. Shortly the man was standing and he was veiled but I couldn’t see the face.

I introduced myself and welcomed him to my temple and offered him a shot of tequila so he could enjoy while chatting. I must say King Paimon is an excellent advice giver and he has a ways of communicating that is soothing. His advice for me was “Thrive, do not doubt your senses”. We continued our talk for a little more but it was rather personal so I will not mention it here.

It was a great honor meeting King Paimon for the first time, I know it will not be the last time we work together!

Hail King Paimon!


I’d like to thank Duke Astaroth for an excellent month, today 1 month ago we pacted in a midnight ritual! Thank you for being an excellent teacher, and for your patience! You have my respect and gratitude!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


Interesting. The first time I evoked Paimon I thought to offer him whiskey, but he asked for tequila instead. :laughing: This was over two years ago now.

Also, that incense smoke looks like a camel.


I hadn’t noticed that, thanks for the observation. Tequila was given because I wanted him to experience a traditional spirit of my country. I had scotch but I was pulled more towards tequila.


July 7, 2020. Seems Paimon has a taste for tequila.


He also requested tequila from me once, he was very specific about wanting tequila and not any other type of alcohol.


Today was a rather magickal day. Yesterday evening my spidey senses started tingling, so I decided to ask for some spiritual help. I called on the great President Malphas and Earl Halphas.
They agreed to help me on a matter and gave me some excellent Advice!

Hail President Malphas!
Hail Earl Halphas!


Today I consecrated my first talisman/amulet with the help of my patron the Grand Duke Astaroth! Yesterday I received a ring that I got online with the sigil of the duke! After about a months wait it arrived so I had to consecrate immediately! So today was the big day!

I did this working first thing after getting home! I’m sure Duke Astaroth was pleased it came already, since I’ve been very impatient about it getting here!

Thank you Duke Astaroth for being such a patient teacher and for having my back! You have my respect and gratitude!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


What a beautiful ring! I’m sure it feels great to have it consecrated.


Thank you! That month it took to get here seemed like a year lol. What I’m really proud of is that I consecrated it myself and was also charged with my intention!


The evocation of Duke Astaroth using the Dukante sigil. Now that @DarkGodofQlippa posted his experience using this sigil, I will share mine.

Preliminary banishing’s as normal, only difference was that I now casted a circle with the help of Duke Astaroth and my familiar, with the intention of no impostor or parasite to penetrate the circle. On to enns chanting, and for that sigil being new to me never gazed at it and just recently drawn, it opened quick. On to conjuration. I stood up to welcome this version of Duke Astaroth, and I introduced myself……(in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure what to expect) and asked if it was ok to be seated. I sat down and told him I called because I wanted to experiment different aspects of him with the different sigils. Then I proceeded to ask my questions which I will share here.

UPG alert!

Duke Astaroth are you the same Duke Astaroth that is my patron?
DA: yes we are the same
(Energy wise dame signature that I felt)

Do the sigils matter?
DA: yes but also the intent

Does a sigil (any particular sigil) tapó into different aspects of you?
DA: no we do not show ourselves the same way to everybody.

There were more questions but they are personal, so I won’t share them here.

Now what was different about this experience? To me he appeared very very feminine . The visuals I got on the crystal ball were awesome.
I saw a statue of a winged woman, the face of a child who I thought was my son, but then he added hair and it was me as a child. I also noticed a lot of shapeshifting, he would turn into a face then shift into a winged woman. My familiar was flying around my circle the whole time keeping watch. After more questions and before license to depart, I started getting really really aroused, and I swear I felt hands in my groin. So I gave license and the ritual was over.

For this being the first time working with a sigil other than the normal pentagram sigil of Astaroth, the only difference I noticed was he was very feminine, more feminine than usual, but I also sensed a strong sense of (not sure how to say it) justice, like if you were to ask protection from him using this he would protect you with all his might, and if you were doing baneful he would probably cause some havoc to your target. Again this is upg. However, I can say that he knew who I was I felt he was amused when I introduced myself, maybe because he is my pacted patron he knows me in all his aspects.
Another thing I noticed is this sigil brought an Astaroth with a different sense of humor. He is usually very playful as in we’re talking and random boobs appear in the crystal ball, or when I’m being real serious he blows the occasional kiss at me as if saying come on relax. So that is basically the difference I noticed. With the normal sigil he appears as a woman about 50% an effeminate man about 40% and a very very powerful raged man (usually when he is protecting me) 10% of the time.
So in conclusion I can say, my patron is awesome in all his forms, and also learned a little about spirit manifestations and sigils. So would I use the Dukante sigil again? Hell yes!

Thank you Duke Astaroth for this wonderful lesson, you have my gratitude and respect!


The evocation of Emperor Lucifer.

Todays evocation of Lord Lucifer was for me to formally ask him if he could teach me protection magick. Let me backtrack a little….about 3 weeks ago I was talking with Duke Astaroth and he mentioned I needed to learn protection magick, so I Asked him if he would teach me so he said “NO” and I asked who should teach me and he told me “Lucifer”. So life got in the way a little and I was unable to ask him personally, but a friend works with him often and Saturday I asked if they’d be willing to ask if he’ll be willing to teach me, low and behold he said yes. So today I made time and called on the mighty Emperor.

So after normal banishing and middle pillar, did the enn chants and conjuration.
I welcomed the Emperor to my temple and gave him a shot of licor :tumbler_glass: as a thank you for coming. So we chatted a bit, and I asked him if it would be ok to ask him some questions. So I asked him if he’d be willing to teach me protection magick he said yes! So I figured we’d have to square away some details and stuff and I’d have to contact him again later this week, so I asked him when do we start? He replied “now” and I was like :flushed: wow. So He gave me a lesson about banishing or I guess you could call it a word of power to cleanse a space or for a pre ritual banishing. He also told me it can work with people as in annoying coworkers and the like. Said word is to be said/chanted/vibrated 3X or 7X . I can’t share the word here now, since I didn’t ask the emperor if I could share it publicly. But next working I do with him I will ask.
This is the 3d or 4th time I work with the emperor and I must say I really enjoyed this ritual, the other times I was more nervous than a chihuahua dog! So now I will be working with the Emperor for 3 months !
Now thinking about this it makes perfect sense that protection magick starts with a good banishing!

Hail Emperor Lucifer ! Thank you for agreeing to teach me!

Hail Duke Astaroth! Thanks you for pointing me in the right direction and for being my patron!


Very cool Vince


The evocation of Duke Astaroth!

Todays evocation was for seeking the Dukes assistance for a friend of mine. The Duke was present before the ritual started, and he agreed to help my friend in need!

Thank you mighty Duke for being willing to assist a friend! You have my respect and gratitude!

Hail Duke Astaroth!


The evocation of King Vine!.

Today I got to meet the great King Vine. That makes a total of 4 Goetic Kings that I have met so far!
The evocation was a cool experience. I got the impression that somebody was in the room during the enn chanting just watching me, but didn’t show themselves. Then the seal started moving and transforming into shapes in the crystal ball. I stood up for the conjuration and I felt an energetic shift! I asked if he was present he said yes. I welcomed him with frankincense and ice water, and took a seat.
I introduced myself and told him a little bit about me. I got the impression that he is a silent King he didn’t say much just let me go on with the introduction. Finally I felt a nudge to ask if it was ok to tell him why I called him. So I read the request and he agreed to help me! I must say he felt real powerful, I even got a little nauseous during ritual but I pulled through!
I got some real awesome visuals in my crystal ball. I saw the shape of an anthropomorphic man with the face of a lion. When I closed my eyes I saw a real man’s face light skin and what appeared to be a hood or a cloak.
In case anybody wants a hint of what he likes he asked for a yellow candle and frankincense.
This was a great evocation experience, and I am also glad he is willing to work with me again in the future!

Thank you King Vine for hearing my call and taking time from your schedule to come meet me! You have my respect and my gratitude!

Hail King Vine!


Protection Magick under the tutelage of Emperor Lucifer Session 2!

Today was an excellent evocation experience! The Emperor came quick! About 5 minutes of enn chanting and I start seeing his silhouette in my crystal ball. He appeared with armor and wings today. And I also saw his face. Today he taught me how to “nourish “ my wards, and also how to set them to be more powerful.
I am not at liberty to discuss the steps he told me to take, but I must say he gave me an excellent method for someone who doesn’t have a strong imagination or ability to visualize.

Thank you Emperor Lucifer for this evocation session and for teaching me in a way I can understand! Also I thank you for your patience!

Hail Emperor Lucifer!