The Last Word


This is the Terminator we should have had to begin with…


Looks like it may be time to banish!


I’ll be back :no_entry_sign:
awright hang on a sec cunt :white_check_mark:

now I’m trying to remember the last time I banished, I swear it wasn’t that long ago :grimacing: maybe even after the spooky stuff started happening. is it wrong that i kinda like the spooky stuff though?

wait… am I being haunted by Skynet?


To be honest, as a magician, when you engage in spiritual practices regularly, it does seem that you become more visible to spirits in general (Depending on the practice). And otherwise, if you do soul travel in one form or another, it may be that spirits can follow you back at times. And I’ve known someone who seems to have at one point drawn the attention of a less than benevolent spirit from walking in a nature-y area.

This spirit causing the phenomena in your home seems to be especially interactive with the material world, so likely “closer” to it than Angels and spirits higher or further than them.

It may be good to do some divination about the intentions and benevolence of the spirit, and also banish any evil spirits just in case.


You give good advice as usual, Dank. I probably shouldn’t be so cavalier about it when I’m living in a house with a few other people

Edit: plus I’m gonna be slightly annoyed if it’s a djinni. They seem to like playing practical jokes on me :unamused:


I banished last night as per sage advice, and no spooky activity since. Did get a nice precursory perk related to something I’ve been working on with the Law though.

P.S. Never reading another book again, letting bots do all the work for me, thanks
(Kidding, I adore books)

P.P.S. I should absolutely be asleep right now but I have a recurrent case of “just one more song” syndrome and it’s keeping me up

P.P.P.S. TIL Dionysus is the god of wine AND theatre. Maybe he should be upgraded to the rank of patron.

P.P.P.P.S. I owe Hephaestus a shot of rum or whiskey. Hephaestus, you’re a fkn legend and I so appreciate your measured and timely responses to certain requests. You came through for me in an emergency within days in my time of need, and now you’ve come through for me for a non-emergent request. :pray:


"Quis hic locus?, quae regio?, quae mundi plaga?

"What world is this? What kingdom? What shores of what worlds?"

New altar on my bookcase, by necessity. Needs a touch more finesse but a good start I hope.

I actually did so much more today than I ever expected to do on a Saturday. Maybe it’s cause I went to bed at midnight last night (!?) after staying up til 2 or 3 AM every weeknight, woke up at 8 AM, napped til 11… Who am I?

Home alone this weekend so obviously having more fun spooky experiences. Except not really spooky, just annoying, like someone repeatedly opening the living room door and letting the cold air out, or getting suddenly whacked by a giant book that spent the last 7 hours quietly sitting on its own at my side before apparently just launching itself at me out of nowhere – and no, I hadn’t just sat down or done anything to disturb it, I’d been sitting there minding my own business for a good two hours before I got suddenly smacked by a brick-sized sci-fi novel. Possibly because I’d noticed the door opening on its own (again) in the previous five minutes and said aloud “oh my god seriously can you not?”.

Maybe shoulda put the giant book in front of the door :thinking:


Love that on the top, that vulture. It’s looks like it’d probably claw someones eyes out if they tried to take something without permission :rofl::rofl::love_you_gesture:


Hmm it seems this spirit is sort of malicious if they act like that, or just rambunctious. But, they also don’t seem to actively be trying to ruin your or your housemates lives? Perhaps you trespassed or did something that caused offence to it. Divination on this may be best. They seem to at least be persistent if you performed a banishing, so they may have returned or something in your home is keeping them there.

Hmm, I’m wondering, did any of this paranormal activity start after you got one of your taxidermied animals?


Hell yeah brotherman :laughing: that one’s a loan, and made of plastic, so I intend to replace it soon with another bird overseer, once I go and collect my taxidermy crow.

Unrelated but I’ve purchased 23 books since moving in here (not including ebooks) and have been gifted a handful more. So 22 physical books bought since December… and the 23rd will be here shortly. (The others were gifts or books I brought with me.)

The copy of The Hobbit shown is not mine and it is literally not real. Like, it is not an actual book. It is a prop made to look like a book. Again, a loan. I had no idea that such a thing as prop books existed until a few weeks ago. But yes, apparently there is a market for fake books. Or fake famous books at least. :woman_shrugging:

I think this is probably accurate. It’s not malicious or I’d likely feel far more ill at ease. At the same time, it is also a quite recent development and none of my housemates put any stock in weird things happening. So I am inclined to think it’s just me.

Well yes, in a way, but more specifically after I moved one of them from another room into this room. :thinking: Maybe she doesn’t vibe well here. Or maybe I’ve been neglecting my other specimen. :thinking:


I love your humor😂 your so rude and it’s amazing. Rock on fuck yeah😌


Lmaooo thank you and I am certain I will really regret it when the AI uprising happens :joy:
Also this may be the first time in human history that being rude has been lauded as a positive :australia: