Kindraathe's Darkside Chronicles

Many of you know me from the other side (the other forum).

I’ve decided to start my Journal here. I will try and copy my old journal entries with dates from the other journal. If not then I’ll be sharing my journey here, so forth.

I’ve been silent on all forums since March 2022. It’s time I drop the silence. I’ve had tremendous growth and I wish to share that with you all.

This journal will be an amalgamation of my practice, my dreams and my real world occult experiences.

As always I’ll be sharing about 30% of my actual practice and experiences because I’ve firmly believed and still do that

“Privacy is a Superpower.”

I welcome you all to openly comment on here. This is not solely to document my journey, I do that in private. The purpose of this Journal is open discussion and I am open to all views and learning from every single one of you.


Fuck yeah, looking forward to this bro :sunglasses::fire:


Welcome back brother :metal:t4:


I’m aware of what you’ve recently completed and triumphed over. I’m really looking forward watch you spread your wings and flex your muscles.

Show em how it’s done man :muscle:


Introduction (copy, pasted and modified from the old forum)

I’m just a regular guy stumbling through Spirituality and the Occult since 2004. To say that I’ve been around the block spiritually since 2003 is an understatement. I’ve had several sabbaticals through my journey as I went back and processed my experiences and tried other paths. I had become a jack of many trades, but was I master of any? Sometimes it was because what I experienced scared the daylights out of me, sometimes it was because I didn’t give it my all, but mainly it was life circumstances. The truth is that I could’ve pushed harder, I didn’t, but I’m doing it now.

Come 2003 and I was stuck in a situation that had my life in shambles. I was a fairly religious guy growing up (not Christian) but ofcourse that wasn’t helping. Also I was younger, in my early 20’s then. I started off with Wicca, a few months in and I couldn’t do it anymore. I started looking for Satan, surely the Devil could help me out. There have been stories through time, maybe I’ll give the Big Guy a shot.
In the early 2000’s there wasn’t much info available, these forums weren’t around, YouTube was not even conceived. All we had was OFS Demonolatry and Joy of Satan. I started doing what I do best, researching, reading, asking questions and over-eating. OFS Demonolatry it was.

Since the beginning I’ve oscillated between the Goetia, Aghora, Tantra a bunch of Zen, but it was mainly the LHP.

Every few years I gravitate away, I find myself getting pulled back to the LHP and the Darkside. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is my path. I’m here to stay.

There is a lot more and I will break it up into smaller parts so its easier to read.

In 2003 I didn’t have open Clairs, I couldn’t see or hear spirits, but my Magick WORKED, it always did. I’m here to tell you, those of you who are struggling, that Magick is real, the Spirits are Real and this Works!!

I’ll write about my experiences and share what works from a “Boots to the Ground” perspective and how you can make it work too,

This Journal is Dedicated to King Paimon and Duke Dantalion who are my Patron Spirits and have always assisted me in ways indescribable.

This Journal is also dedicated to Kali Ma, Ganesha, Lilith, Bhairav, Queen Beleth, Belial, King Baal and Chenor.

A lot of my experiences will be of workings with them and also my other workings on a regular basis.

I invite inputs from all of you, I’m here to learn so all suggestions welcome.

All Hail Sitra Ahra :black_heart:


I love the genuineness of your words and experiences. I feel the strength behind them and the hunger you feel, the need to go farther, the need for more.

Thx for keeping it real brother.

Sitra Ahra Gloria!


20th November, 2022


So I’ve been randomly seeing the word “Nyx” everywhere.

The other day I was in a cosmetic store with someone and while she rang up her cosmetics i picked up some random stuff on display and it read “Nyx Cosmetics”. I felt a deep tug.

I didn’t think much of it but I kept seeing Nyx randomly everywhere.

@Onyo suggested i speak with @twilightdragon since they work work Nyx.

So I messaged and this is what Nyx said to Twilight

TD “She seems to want you to reach out and find out for yourself she’s clear that she won’t bite you hard with a smile”

Me “Hope she’s not mad, she came at a weird time for me”

TD “She said if she was mad you’d already be dead”

Me “…”

So later that night, I was smoking my usual fatty and zoned out. That’s when Nyx came and spoke with me.

Me - Hi is this Nyx?
Nyx - Yes
Me - To what do I owe this Honour?
Nyx - I’ve had my eye on you. Would you like to work with me?
Me - That’s an honour, please tell me more, what’s up?
Nyx - I’m here to help you with Destruction, destruction of your enemies. Also that issue you are worried about [Redacted].
Me - Yeah, But I already have Kali who I’ve worked with since a very long time, also Lilith. Will you work along with them?
Nyx - We will work together to form a Trio of Destruction and Creation for you. Destruction of your enemies and creation of [REDACTED].
Me - Ok wow that’s awesome. What must I do?
Nyx - Do you not know what to do? Am I speaking to a child?
Me - …
Me - Ok so I’ve not worked with any Graeco-Roman Dieties and now let alone one of the most powerful and dangerous Primordials. How do I address you, offerings etc.
Nyx - I am the Dark Mother, you will address me as such.
Me - Kali is that for me and so is Lilith.
Nyx - We are all the Dark Feminine energy, we are Primordials. We are one but totally separate. At this point this is beyond your comprehension. You consider us as separate and address us and work with us as such. You wanted the Darkness, here we are.
Me - Fair enough.
Nyx - I heard you write good poetry. I want a poem from you. Other things we can figure out. But a poem dedicated to me is non-negotiable.
Me - You got it. But I’ll write you one once we start working and I know more about you. I need the emotion and to feel your energy to be able to write a quality piece.
Nyx - Done. I’m leaving now. Good to have you on board.
Me - Thank you for reaching out and throwing your weight behind me.


Just Saying


29th November, 2022

I was meditating to Kali Ma for like 40 mins. For some good gnosis and advice.

Once I got done, then I did a cleansing and removal and ofcourse violent destruction of a large parasite for someone I love.

Towards the end. I saw a man in a reaper cloak looking at me from the far end of the room. Dantalion? No couldn’t be him.

Me: Who’s this? I can’t tell. (I kinda could)
KB: it’s me Beleth
Me: I thought so, but why this form? You come to me in the female form, always.
KB: Everything you want is in Motion. Just remember to be Ice Cold, like me.
Me: Ok I think I get it, however…

And he left, without saying another word.

Beleth’s male form is a world apart from his Female form. This is the second time he has appeared to me in a male form. His voice is Morgan Freeman x 4, at the very Least.

In the Female form which she has appeared to me for over a thousand times, the contrast is stark. Without any disrespect, I’ll say, her female form is something I’ve loved and is loving back to me. The male form is just ice, zero emotion. But it signifies Balance.

I don’t mean to talk about the balance between left and right, dark and light. I mean being in the present moment, a place of balance where things are stable. I have a decently strong Zen background and i constantly use practices to stay centered. This is important to keep the lust for results away.

Balance is an inherent part of a magician’s psyche. A place where high quality magick happens. A place which I need to identify with most of my waking hours.

Maybe Beleth’s message was to balance. He asked me to be Ice Cold. Without getting into too much detail here, I think I know exactly what he meant.

Hail Queen Beleth :orange_heart::princess:t2::tangerine:
Hail King Beleth :orange_heart:


Damn bro :muscle:

That’s a very good observation man.

Stay active documenting this bro. I feel like I’m watching a flower unfold in the cold morning light.



Muchas Gracias Mi Amigo!



Thanks for all the information.

Also when i started reading this topic it had 1/11 the number i keep on seeing soo i couldn’t skip this topic and am glad i didn’t skip it

Blessings !! :pray:


12/12/2022 4:20 am

Channeling Lilith

I had finished my hour long chant of Kali Sadhana Beej Mantras and was about to goto bed.

I slipped quickly into a hypnagogic state.

There was an African Tribseman right in my face. But he wasn’t a regular guy, he was the village idiot. I quickly moved him aside.

I see a very beautiful lady with long straight black hair, wearing a black dress and looking at me.

Me: Lilith
Lilith: (Smiles) Yes
Me: What’s up?

She immediately starts saying something to me. She says just this and disappears.

Lilith: Religion is the single most harmful and dangerous concept that exists. The damage it causes and the amount of injustice caused to deviants, humans, animals and witches is insurmountable and unjust. Religion is that complacent pest whose head must be quashed under your feet immediately and with vigour. Only then do you do justice to the LHP, the path you walk on. If you do not take active steps to better yourself and act on your beliefs, everything else is a farce.

I had read the following somewhere and Lucifer wqs quoted saying this, but I was told this today morning again by Lilith.

Every act of aggression furthers you towards Godhood.

I want you to share this on your Journal, let them all know.

4:20am 12/12/22

That’s all!


Whoah man, that’s an amazing message!

Hail Ama Lilitu!! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


14th Dec, 2022

Visit from King Paimon

While I was going back to bed at about 7:20 am this morning I slip into my hypnagogic state.

I suddenly see a sitting camel, close to my face. I immediately know it’s King Paimon. The presence is so strong I can practically smell the Camel, I go closer to pet it and I see King Paimons sigil marked on it’s forehead. I start petting it and i can feel the skin and hair, everything. It’s way too real for my hypnagogic state.

I look to my right and I see a group of well dressed middle eastern men in traditional clothing. They’re sitting on a low sitting. One of them turns around and looks at me, smiles and starts talking. It’s King Paimon! I fall asleep and cannot remember shit. But I wake up feeling better. I guess I got some downloads.

I’ve been working on lengthening my hypnagogic state but today I couldn’t and fell asleep.

Ok so this may not sound very exciting. Yeah well this stuff happens often to Practitioners and King Paimon is my Patron so I shouldn’t be surprised anyways.

But I am, I’m ecstatic. I’ll tell you why.

The last time King Paimon gave me a full blown visual, this vivid, this intense was last year. LAST YEAR.

I usually get him on my right, out of my vision and then I have to structure him and he’ll fill in or its just him talking to me on a daily basis. But this was him, in his raw form. After a year. King Paimon, are you listening?


Hey if you dont mind me asking how many times will you be doing this Beej Mantra Sadhna because i read it differs from entity to entity

Ex - For Kamdev its around 300,000 and as its Kaliyug we have to it 200,000 more times and after than a compulsory Yagna ( i dont know whats its called in English :joy:)

I was researching about Kamdev’s Beej mantra but it has many prerequisites soo i postponed it


I usually do 1,25,000 repetitions, spread over 21 days.

It’s done a black mala (rosary) sitting on a red woolen asana (the cloth you sit on) post 10 pm.

This equals to 56 mala (rosary) every night.

Strict celibacy must be followed.


Indian LhP spirituality is fucking cool as hell. I admire you guys, you guys walk the talk.

Keep doing what you’re doing, ya playaz :sunglasses:


I asked a guru and he said that once you buy a mala the first thing you have to do is wash it with milk on a shiv ling and keep it there for sometime to transfer some energy from shiv ling to the mala

i did it and i have the mala with me

As there are soo many rules and restrictions i just need some time to prepare myself


Tantra is very difficult because it has many rules and restrictions if you want i can send you a link of a YouTube video you will love it

Its about indian Occult