(My Journal) Jon Jon's bizarre adventures

Thought it about time start one these just hold myself accountable. I want be more serious with my magick and be less shallow. I Don’t like talk online and don’t like be around people I want to make the effort just never felt motivated to do anything. I’m a lot better then when I started my magical pratice. Hopefully I can be consistent.

Talking with my co-magican dragon he always said that I’m more then capable of dealing with my problems. He Encouraging me to think bigger ask more questions look for answers elsewhere and find new way to challenge myself.

My goal are to open sense particularly clairaudence and Clairsentients
The open of my chakra 1-12 but most3 focus on the 8th above the crown.
Refinement of Dragon magick
Incorporating plantery magick in to my craft
Lastly the pratice of energy work.

Those are my main focus right now

Today I was working the dragons of fire before even geting started I call out to all the spirits I work close with and read chapters of a book that set aside just for them. Afterwards I do a prayer then my work begins called apon them ask them to help with connecting me more with element I use Frankincense, anointed my candle with cinnamon oil and roll it in my special blend of herb for working with dragons of fire I say it went well. I felt lot small touches and there was weird feeling in my third eye but as well my physical ones the flame seem shoot up especially while was playing my sing bowls for healing after meditation I tuned, cleanse, and charged my chakra use primarily sound so tuning fork and sing bowls are my go to. As for charging use the Stargate activation method by Sufian Chaudhary.

The advise based on the spread that pulled That I should work through fear and trouble thought. Which make alot of sense I was pretty angry when woke up in the night. Had a dream where my brother was lecturing me of dumb things disregarded the danger that where present. I’ve never been so anger in while my older bother far more then a disappointment done more bad to my family then I can count. In the present he sound crazy refuses to take responsibility for his actions and continues to be manipulative and untrustworthy. I wonder if should call him my enemy but I’ll love him from a distance.

The ritual set up:

The book for the spirits:


I love all of your dragon stuff :heart_eyes:


Thanks I really appreciate it. The Statue is my favorite it look very cool at the center.


Yes it does I like the chalice too.


Didn’t this much this week beside meditation and healing cleansing the chakras an such but also did alot study and plan to help with a more consistent game plan for the coming month I discovered two dragons on the internet and one of them I’m interested in working with to help with a family member business. I find a seal that diffenaly help with connecting with the 9 dragon ruler and corresponding elements which be useful in the future Lastly I’ve been touching base with my co-magican dragon about future plan ask for advice they said that I don’t have to do everything alone I should work with spirits and people more closely to accomplish my goals. He also did make a point about overdulgence make sure that everything with my life remains balanced.
I might be a bit addicted to the videogame for me it’s fighting games and right now its guilty gear it just too fun I keep telling myself one more game and it’s been a couple hours.
So did my basic Dragon ritual as usual but the energy to day was especially potent all did was changes some visualization techniques and some wording actually I still feel it now as a write this hasn’t died down a bit. Last things I want try to incorporate better use of oil in spellwork but I need to test some things as well as herbs too. I feel underestimate there usage. I got plenty made already but I’m wonder what other blend I should I make. I think thats everything for now.


That’s a beautiful setup! :heart_eyes:


Today was quite productive I work on a evocation for a family member for there business the feeling of fear seem to bleed all over during the ritual, not for the ritual but for myself. There this feeling of inadequacy not just regarding magick but other aspects of my life wonder if I’m good enough or if I’m trying hard enough what could I possibly be miss from within. I don’t have much confidence in myself but it’s not good enough reason to throw in the towel but emotions can be crippling.

I call on a particular earth dragon for prosperity for the family member’s business. I wrote a petition in dragon’s blood ink. I prepared a green candle with my personal earth blend of herbs. I used Frankincense, cinnamon, and peppermint for oils curved the words prosperity for intent.
Use red wine and dragon blood incense for an offering. After summon the dragon in question greeted them then explained the situation my time period was a month for results but the work will continue for the next 5 month. I Waited a moment for words but my senses aren’t open yet so pull some cards about the situation base off the spread it seem it my be difficult to turn thing around there doesn’t seem to be any short term solution at the moment and He ask that I play the long game in this endeavor. I tho it wasn’t my question I felt that 2 cards where referring to me specifically regarding my feelings. Letting go, self reflection and healing. After that I dismissed him but I didn’t close the ritual.

I Immediately shift Gears to my usual healing seem teared up alot during the session a if pain where being healed especially when dealing with my heart chakra
After I was done that feeling of fear finally went away and feel like my old self again. Lastly call on one of my familiar to help with meditation which whet smoothly not much to report but she also good for trance work. After meditation I close the ritual.
Other notes is the candle for ritual did sizzle a lot. Not sure what it mean but I’m making note of it.


Thanks Onyo something I’ve been working on still haven’t finished it tho.


Today didn’t have as much time as yesterday but manage to complete the basic of what I set out to do today I did my dragon ritual cleanse session and lasty focused more on meditation I had weird a dream felt some visit me in the night did know who but someone diffenaly was there. I dream of 5 vase made from flesh and someone telling me that the pieces will come to me wonder what that mean seem stick out me so I’m writing it down. I got plan for ritual for tomorrow will see how it goes when I get to it.


Wind dragons today there a previous ritual that think will be difficult to manifest so want them to get any rid of any energy that might be obstructing my goal.
Yellow candle I used a mixture of my own blood and dragon’s blood rolled it in one of my herbal blend specific to magick of wind. I used wine as a offering. I know that dragon of wind really like sound I did my chant while hitting on one of my singing bowls after explaining the situation to them I offered if they would stay for the healing session not all stay some left but a far few stayed session seem to clear no only me but the space around me I could feel my vibration raising as I played each bowel. Lasty meditation was very calming despite my nervousness seem to be able relax very easily. I got image of a beach with a rising sun with clouds moving smoothly across the sky. Closed the ritual then pull some cards asking my dragon guardian for advice

Seem this is a start to things to come but there more work to be done my guardian seem to want me work on and create spiritual relationships especially during this time on path I been getting alot of advice about working with relationships from other spreads to so wonder if there more people that I should reach out but nothing comes to mind. It in my nature to do thing alone even if it makes life harder I don’t want to be burden to anyone. I should work on using my time more wisely I kind of couldn’t figure out who I wanted to task with this request so I wasted a bit of time. Lastly I shouldn’t l dwell the negative on too long but appreciate the good in my life the my aleast for the future I been good at shutting down negative thought but it comes especially difficult in face of shortcomings. more to work on myself.


I Haven’t posted in a little bit trying get this whole Journal thing down but I’ve been keep up with my notes. I’ve doing the dragon flame ritual almost everyday been feel alot different lately call apon the rulers to empower myself and workings and healing been more beneficial always walk away feeling energize and focused. Today I was doing dragon fire meditation trying to get into a trance I think I was successful today but I think it was short lived not sure but think I doze off but at some point I lost track of time and when came to I kind move on to the next step which was healing.

The healing It when quite well I teared up bit during it but no pain this time so guess that’s better. When playing the singing bowl it seem like my third was expanding after tuning and cleansing it was time to charge my chakra instead of the usual white energy balls I decided to use the dragons energy coming from the four ruler which appeared as multicolored flame when I took it and made energy ball and stuck them in to each chakra 1-12 .

Lasty summoning not fully but partially I was to summon a Gorogon that was given to me by someone so I get in meditative state then find myself in a cave with a flashlight that can’t even cut through the darkness I walk a few step when my flash light settles on a figure the kind look like medusa or never got look at there face but saw that she had green and brown scales I was told she has gold eye but the where red and they glowed. I was basically a greeting to set up for us working together the future as my senses wasn’t best so conversation was hard to fellow intuition and cards but I tried my best. I close the ritual by thanking the dragon rulers and sending them on their way.

Over all I feel ground energized and very focused and feel pressure in all of my eyes. Finally note it had been a day of no reading to spirits so when had pulled out the book the seem to get excited I could feel in myself but I wanted to read to them.


So I been keeping my notes in my journal and just writing down when I find the time.

Today went well the Dragon’s flame ritual
Need to work on my visualization and maintain my focus but this daily practice is started to pay off. meditation for me is hard some days it’s just can’t be bothered. My thought going all over the place. I keep wondering off and I get jittery when I sit still. Felt bit anxious wondering if I’m doing this right.

Didn’t do any healing but did take few moments to cleanse my aura. At this point in the session I was feeling pretty grounded and focused and there was a pressure on my third eye which became more pronounced when started the evoke a certain earth dragon I been working with on a weekly basis once felt he was here greeted him. Then asked about the his progress and if any thing needed be added or done to achieve my desire result. I pulled card for these question and everything look good at the moment and I’m starting to see results for my family member.

After that we just talk little bit don’t know if I’m supposed to hear anything but I could tell he was listening intently after are conversations ask if had any advice to impart on me. I pulled some card for this and look at them then meditated on there meaning. A strong feeling of encouragement seem to wash over me. He said to be ready to react to the unexpected the thing you can’t account for.That life challenges will only become difficult as I get stronger and the responsibility heavier. I get images of future challenges that may come my way kind of blurry but the feeling of struggling was there. Despite this are fondation must be firm for difficult time like this its the only thing that will holds us together when have little left in are selfs. After that give him a offering of wine and let him taste through me left on my alter thanked for his help the dismissed him. Lasty sent the dragon ruler on there way. As I was writing what the earth dragon said my chair gave out on me and I fell over on the floor. One of the legs are broken seem bit poetic with timing I was writing unexpected kind of funny.


Oct 3
Did my usual routine of summoning the dragon rulers and meditation while take in there energy felt bit nervous becuse i was help out a friend today like as if I was taking a test even tho you study for the test you feel like you could still fail. Made new powder I used Patchouli
Fennel seeds, Star rise, Balm of Gilead, Wood betony, Dragons blood oil, Sandalwood oil. It to stop most bad influence in there tracks give some protection at the same time the perpose is to give some much needed breathing room to properly defend or attack end the ritual by sending the rulers on there way. After the ritual was done felt very calm and headed off to work about half through started to feel pretty off and slight headach too.


Oct 5
Did my normal routine but kind difficult with a headach also did some healing too which seem to help alot for a time. It seem I being spiritual attack which noticed while I was take the took moment to sunk in but here’s thought process.I’m being attacked. wait I’m being attacked? By who I reach out with my senses see a figure in my mind just going to call it he. I visualize dragons flame shoot out at him and he pushes back. After that will fire further a flame begins to wrap aronds is body he tries to push the flames away but they only continue to erupted out of his body see his skin piling and his blood boiling then I command the flame to target it energy centers as soon as the the flame touched them they erupt into a inferno the figure was kneeling on the floor it seem to have lost this fight but I continue to burn it until see it body go black then I stop the spirit pulls away but sluggish and it won’t be doing anything any time soon. After this a great pressure is Is lifted from my head and my headach begin subside battle is over for now. I summon the dragon ruler in my mind for protection and begin to direct the dragon flame to Surround my body and cleanse and heal. Slowly went back to normal and the day went on but need to Retaliate when I get home something proper.


Oct 6
Training was short and sweet was really feel but to day but my senses are going ham so know this need to be done today I prepare 2 candles. 1 white I use the candles the powder previously used the other black used boneset for this and rubed my war water on it consists of rusted nails black and cayenne pepper and and water collected from a thunder storm.

Let all the dragon ruler impower my candles then lit them. I let them burn a bit focusing my intent on my goal. After the ritual I feel a bit more at ease but bit slightly on edge but much calmer I thank the the dragon rulers of the elements then send them on there way. Special note when the black candle was getting really low it made a load poping noise like it exploded then the flames grow pretty big don’t know what it mean but hopefully it a good sign of my retaliation.


7 oct
Didn’t really do much today but I’d pray not out of worship but dedication to my practice. I thank the dragons and the spirits and asked them to continue to guide me watch over as I walk this path. Helping family with catering event all day and Murphy’s law was at work but we still came out top despite the shit show I experienced. Last night I was visited by two spirits one was my succubus and the other think was my dragon guardian they kept rubbing my back while I was sleeping.


Oct 8
Very unproductive today except in a spiritual sense did lot today did my usual dragon flame ritual and meditation it seem the air was clearer and body felt the same once the I summoned each of the elemental rulers the feel became more apparent meditation wenr very well this time. The healing session went great as well.

After I was done I pull out two candles that I had prepared for a friend one yellow for destroying fear any boosting on confidence in there abilities and other for increasing one abilities in Prophetic dreams and premonitions lasty I did some lond distance healing for this woman work on chakras 1-12 then pull some cards about the her this question was directed to my dragon co-magican it the spread was congratulations something of the sort it was something along the line of that I more then capable of handling the challenges of this world and to keep working hard. This feels like victory make me believe myself more in my power and to have faith in my judgment. Because it feel like the the Dragon’s knew I was going to be attack but the took a back sit to all they want to see how I’d handle the situation without any help so I’ll take this ordeal as lesson for the future.


Oct 9
Didn’t really do much of anything on the spiritual side besides the bare minimum meditation was my focus diffenaly lot better these day I’ve been consistent with it for a couple of weeks now. I’m pretty sure someone trying call me to my ritual space today but wasn’t sure.
I don’t also always notice it but shift in energy in the world around sunset always feel so pronounced even if I’m not outside make feel relaxed,calm and refreshed.

So after doing my spiritalual work I go straight to bed. I had a weirdest dream first I was playing fortnite with other people online (don’t even play this game) I forget some bit and pieces but got some numbers and letter a message. First I saw MH-H-H not sure about this letter sequence if anyone has any help with this much appreciated. Second sequence 9-9-9 then I saw a 9 on a grave stone felt like a congratulation of some sort like a pat on the back but something from within end up dying or the end a cycle. I See a house on the water it on fire then I listen some complaining about a drake kill or hurting there dog and posting it here on the website. Someone seemed to come up behind me and say that it’s a wyvern where not the same thing I can feel the anger in his words it’s my co-magican dragon I’m sure of it. The men that post about his dog put a reading that women did about situation all I see is pic of raw salmon hanging over plate. Was long after that I woke up made sure to write this down as said in my previous post the lesson has been received and learned.


Oct 12
Talked to a eath dragon I been working with on are conversations was brief it seem his work with a family member business is still going good burn a another candle for prosperity gave wine as a offering .when I had summoned him this time he appeared as a old men with at ailored suit, cuff ,and shoes all high class he looked very much human just had green dragon eyes came through a pair of double door beaming with light he walk with confidence and purpose very businessmen like ask him about wyvern he said that wyverns are very much different from dragons didn’t really press for more info probably ask about it again when my sense are better and get more details.

Next was my co-magican dragon we need to talk about the dream that I had. He’d confirmed what I’d had previously thought about the dream I had. He saids that I more capable then I’d think and that I have a tendency to restricted myself based on my own perception of self worth. also there certain aspects of my life that I should exercise restraint in regards of wasting unnecessary energy.
The last I asked him if I was ready to move to the next ring in the five inner ring from Dj Conway. Its was no when pulling cards. I’ll just to keep up with training and such so still in the third ring.

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Did the dragon flame ritual today the dragon’s appeared different then usual the ruler of Earth had no wings it looked like a raptor and so did the fire ruler the wind dragon looks usually the same the water dragon kind of looks like a it normal appearance but it looked much bigger then usually when it came out the water.

My succubus was curled around me and I kind of went into a trance state seem to slip into very easily as soon as I move into the meditation seem I was talking to my succubus but couldn’t fellow the conversation only bits and pieces came too when she made me laugh and that’s when I changed focus toward the guided meditation from some class that I’m taking to expand my knowledge of dragon magick.

I was to meet my dragon guardian in this meditation through the use of my astral temple. Asks that the dragon ruler help find a dragon guardian. After this alot of dragons appeared in my astral temple and sit in front of me. I answered some questions felt a lot of energy and I didn’t feel nervous I kind of felt really calm just very safe and all. as I answer these questions I eventually ended up being 2 dragons left sitting in front of me and after I answered a few more questions there was only one it looked like a black-and-blue dragon and looked about the size of a cat it was pretty cool.

I’ve already meet my dragon guardian but I guess he was just there for formality cause I was just doing a guided meditation but on the other side it was pretty good experience and bonding exercise he got to answer some questions and I found out that he likes tacos and burritos. he likes Video games as well he also likes it when I read to him. When we’re done talking I end the ritual by sending the dragon rulers on there way. One take away from this experience is that couldn’t get over how much me and my guardian
dragon have in common in term of interests.

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