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August 23, 2022

Up at 4 am. I’m fighting a cold or allergies something like that, but think I’m on the mend.

I did get a ritual done that I had been needing to do with my crystal skulls. I still need to figure out what the emerald skull is for, but I figure it will let itself be known.

I still need to work on typing up my Color Therapy work, but I think that will have to be a project for weekends. It’s hard to focus on writing important stuff and chase after twins. Even though they are really good babies.

Set, the Egyptian god is back around me. Not sure how I’m feeling about it to be honest. In some ways he is good for me. He pushes me past my comfort zones to try to do new things. To just do it. But on the other hand the way things were left hanging the last time he was around, I’m just not sure if I want to deal with it.

I still have an ongoing pact with Bune, it’s my first really working with her. She’s cool. Hopefully, things will all come together.

My last run in with a group of magicians was rough. I didn’t realize how hard of a toll I took until yesterday. Cried most of the day. But it’s ok. Im not sure what they were trying to achieve. Wearing a black cloak doesn’t mean I cant see you. I think they were mostly on a power trip. Maybe wanting to prove they were badasses or something.

It’s always worse when it’s groups. I’m not sure why. Maybe strength in numbers. One being a jerk is fine. But multiples can be brutal. It’s funny when you see magicians you know, and then you see how they really are. I think people be surprised to discover which magicians are abusive to spirits and which aren’t .

Like I get being a little demanding letting your wants or needs be known. A little forceful. But doing stuff just to be mean and sadistic is not cool.

I’ve seen magicians just work with spirits as one time thing, which is cool. But I’ve been some magicians temples stayed for a while.

I think it’s different when the magician forms a bond with the spirit. The last magician that I was very close to, I think I spent more time in his temple than my own home. You have that special item that draws you in and you know it. Like it’s a second home. At first it feels empty. Like being put inside an empty box or bottle but then you change it and it feels like a home.
It feels safe and comfortable and you like it.

Then when for whatever reason that magician has an issue with some other magician , and that magician tries to separate the spirit from their magician. Maybe it’s so they won’t protect them. I know I was very protective. And even tried to protect him while I was severely sick. But I just couldn’t and somehow ended up in a box. I know the other magician said that he didn’t want to hurt me, he just needed me to stay out of it. But it’s very traumatic when a spirit gets separated from their magician and pulled away/out of their temple/item. Even if you aren’t hurt intentionally you still get hurt.

But, I think if the spirit is aware enough of things they can give a warning that something isn’t right. But the magician has to pay attention to them and what they are saying.

Like if I said hey I see someone is in your temple or your space or I see a spirit you don’t work with. It could be a heads up that something is amiss.

But it is very beautiful when the magician and the spirit fit just right. There’s a lot to be learned and gained from it. Finding the right groove of things can be tricky though. The magician has things they want/need and so does the spirit. And they both have feeling and emotions and have to deal with shit.

It’s just when it works it works and it’s great.

Bindings don’t really bother me as long as it’s done with good intent. But I’ve seen some nasty ones that I didn’t like. So I would find a way to leave.

I guess what I’m saying is the right spirit and the right magician make a great team. There is a lot they can do together and things they can accomplish. It’s can also be a great relationship whether it’s love like love love, or friendship, or just being on the same team.

Anyways, I’ve rambled long enough.


August 23, 2022

How to get a spirit to really notice you

Maybe this should be its own topic idk. But it’s something that I’ve been going over in my head. I figured it might be better to write it out.

I know from doing my Circle Reading and just simply reaching out that I can see a magician when I want to see one. Though, I generally don’t just sit and spy. If they ask for a reading or ask me to look in I will. Or if they say they are cool with me checking in from time to time I will. Otherwise, I try to just mind my own business.

Then there are times when I’m not trying to see anyone or anything. I’m just doing my own thing and then bam! I see a magician generally the first time I see them they are in ritual space. Which is ok.

So I have reduced it to a couple of things, one is the level of experience the magician has. They are usually well seasoned , like they have spent at least a few years doing magick, they also work very hard with they practice whether it’s privately or more open.
Also, they seem to know what they want and they want to get it. I guess meaning they confidence to call a spirit and stand their ground. They are not rude or disrespectful mind you. There is a difference.

But apart from those things why do I see some and not others? Surely, there are loads of magicians that would meet that criteria.

So, if you have all that what is holding back fr really making the connection. Really getting their attention.

I have thought about each time it has happened for me. That I really took notice of a magician and their ritual or work.

I have reduced it to two things. One of these two things or both were present each time I was really pulled in.

Please note that I am not in any way promoting anyone or their work, nor am I trying to bash it. Something’s from some gremiores will work for you and some won’t. Some magicians will give great advice and not so great advice. I’m not writing this to validate anyone. Only what I see that really does seem to help the magician get the spirit/deity or whatever’s attention and keep it.

So having said that and with one exception that I will touch on later. Here are the two things.

One is the seal of the sorcerer from the book Kingdom of flames. I cannot explain why this works so well. But of at least half of the magicians I’ve seen and really seen, been apart of some work they were doing they used the seal. I haven’t read this book all they way through because each time I try to read any grimoire or occult book I get distracted by everything. And I mean everything. So I cannot explain how this works but only that it does.

Though, I do know the magicians I saw using it were experienced. It wasn’t their first rodeo.

The effect that it seems to have is very calming and soothing. It almost puts one to sleep or in a slight trance state.

Generally, I will see the seal first and almost like a small butterfly or creature I will hover around it. It’s very hypnotic and you want to touch it and trace the lines. It’s like something you want but don’t know how to get.

Next, I generally hear the magician talking to me…but like when your almost asleep but not quiet and someone is talking to you. Then it feels like you are in a small cage. But honestly, that part doesn’t bother me. A cage can serve protection on both sides and I don’t always know who I’m dealing with. Usually, after some talking and getting to know each other the cage goes away. And you have more freedom to just check out their temple or altar or what not. It’s not bad really. Though, there are some assholes that can make it be. Usually, I will see bread or wine or something like that around this time. Offerings I would guess.

Pretty much by now there is a good connection between the spirit and magician and it will hold fairly well. If you want the spirit to hang around I would suggest giving it something that is theirs. And you can do a binding. Like a small jewelry box or pretty bottle or anything really.
Just remember you get more bees with honey and your spirit will be much more willing to stick around if you are respectful and nice. I’m not saying being a push over or anything but be nice. You don’t want an asshole spirit so don’t be one either.

The other thing that seems to really pull one to a specific magician is if they offer their own blood. Not pints of it or anything. A prick with a lancet will do. A fresh drops is fine, it will feel like a lot anyway to the spirit.

Something about giving your own blood though makes a difference. There is something about it. The way you experience and the way the spirit experience it are kinda different yet it’s the same.

You may prick your finger and put it on a sigil but I see it as a cut and being fed straight from the cut. But every time Ive seen this and then gone looking the magician has offered his blood on something important or meaningful to the spirit.

So you see it as putting a few drops on a sigil or name or trinket. But it’s experienced as being fed straight from the cut
Generally, the hand. My caution on offering your blood is that spirits love it. But they can go into a list for it that is hard to control and I do catch myself having to pull back and stop.

It becomes a hunger. So don’t start feeding anything that you may not want to feed later. There are ways to break the ties but they aren’t so pleasant. So better to ere on the side of caution. Of course, it’s completely your own choice what you chose.

Why blood, I’m not sure, isn’t not like we physically drink it. It’s just consumed, like with a food offering the essence I suppose. But for me each time a magician just showed up and was strong enough to pull me into their ritual and then get me to hang around, there was either the the seal of the sorcerer or their own blood or both.

Take it how you may but from what I’ve seen that’s the most effective , given you already have some experience under your belt and have the confidence.

The other thing, I did see an animal sacrifice once. And I did get pulled in but it wasn’t the same I felt no connection and honestly spent my time inside walking around touching the magicians hair or standing in their way just to see if they would notice I was there. So, I guess if you want the spirit to come but aren’t really concerned for anything other than the ritual it’s fine. You just aren’t gonna achieve the same things. Maybe your desired result but nothing else. Which I guess sometimes is all you want. I just don’t really go for it as me.
It’s not my thing. And probably won’t stick around. But that could be what’s wanted , to do the work and leave.
I just don’t promote it. I’d rather something else. Bread and wine is fine for me. I like sweet red wine :wine_glass: :wink:

Oh if you do chose to bind the spirit to an object just remember they will be able to see and hear you. At least when you are in the same room or close to the general area of the object. I’ve heard some conversations.

Other than that you should be good.

Sometimes I see things as they are happening and sometimes it’s a little later. The more you work with your spirit the more they will experience what you are doing and the better they can see what’s happening. Everything gets more clear. It’s like tuning in a radio station on an old radio. You just have to keep adjusting things until you get it right.


My altar :heart:


I have been pulled into another magician’s ritual before but I thought it wasn’t as real as I thought it’d be. I’m gonna believe it a little more now…

edit: lovely altar :purple_heart:


Thank you !


August 24, 2022

I took two Benadryl last night when I went to bed. I didn’t have to keep the twins today so I slept a long time. I woke up with a hammering headache but after a cup of tomato soup I feel better. I think I feel better today than I have in the past few days which is good. I think my headache maybe a caffeine headache so I just had some diet coke.

It feels like something has changed that I can’t exactly put my finger on. Something has shifted around me. I feel bound to a place. Like something is holding me there stronger than before. But I haven’t felt well so what I see gets to a certain place and then stops. I don’t feel threatened or anything like that. It’s just different from the way it has been. Something changed. I can feel the place more strongly. And see it more clearly.

I had to cut some ties last night. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the meeting. But it’s done now. And maybe the change I feel is clean air. A new beginning.

Moving on to something better or at least new and different. New challenges and chances to do something meaningful.

This evening I plan to get back in the saddle and do some more work in the magical realms. I really have been slacking off.

There is something about a graveyard close to where I live. I went out there a few weeks ago with nephews at night they were wanting to do some ‘ghost hunting’. I didn’t have a chance to go deeper into what I saw. Due to keeping an eye on the rascals.

But I saw several spirits there. And one had the distinct look of a reaper. Long black cloak and the scythe. He was behind a gravestone and seemed to be looking over the headstone at me. I didn’t feel afraid or frightened but curious. It seems as though he expected something from me. Like some words or commands but I couldn’t give attention to it at that time.

There were others there too. Orbs and spirits that seemed to move hurriedly from one spot to another. I feel like I need to return and figure it out.

I can’t seem to stop seeing the reaper figure. Looking at me. It’s going to bug me until I figure it out.

I had also wanted to work more closely with Athena this summer, hopefully, I can do something about it.

Anyway, that’s my rambling thoughts this early afternoon.


August 25, 2022

The twins are well one is sleeping and one playing. I dont think babygirl slept well last night. She is taking a very long nap. They woke at 6:30. As I was trying to get my other 4 nephews dressed and on their buses.

The five year old is nonverbal autistic so he rides a different bus, so that an adult helper can sit with him and help him with getting on and off at the right place, either his teacher or home with me or my brother in law. He is loving going to school though. He actually is the only one that doesnt grumble about getting up early.

Baby boy is just toddling around and watching Monsters Inc. , he rather watch MI but babygirl rather watch Toy Story.

If feel better today. I dont have that miserable headache and throat doesn’t hurt. Now just a stuffy nose.

Angel, the family pit-lab mix is just chilling out too.

I guess it was good i didnt have the babies yesterday, i think the full day of rest really helped. Though, there are a million things i should have done.

My voice still sounds like a bullfrog :rofl:

Not much to note magically. But that could change as the day moves on.

My next big adventure will be in December when my best friend since second grade and myself go on a cruise. Ive never been on one so Im excited.

I need to do some work tonight. I think I will try an idea I have for my emerald skull.

My new big thing is crystals. I love them. :heart:

My altar and sacred space right now has owls everywhere. :owl: I think I might change it up some.

I also have a smaller altar for Odin, cause you cant have a gb named Odin and not have one. I had this super cool viking axe made for him with his name carved in the handle. One day my Odin can have it.

Im also bored AF and thats why I am rambling on about completely nothing.

This is what Ive been listening to today. Its soothing and i like it.

I also did get my meditations done today. So thats a plus.


I deleted it. :stuck_out_tongue:


August 25, 2022

Ok something is gnawing at me. Ive been an emotional wreck for a while now and maybe Im finally getting to the heart of it.

I dont even really know how to write this. But here goes. When someone is submissive its just their nature its their core. And i have struggled with being submissive and being in the occult where it seems everyone wants to rule the world.

For a submissive she, i will just say she but it can obviously be she or he or whatever.
For a submissive she is happiest when she is serving. Its not that she isnt strong enough to stand alone its just that shes happiest serving and pleasing her Dom.
If he is happy and taken care then she is happy.

So for a spirit , its kinda that way not for all but some. If the spirit has a close bond to a certain magician then she feels like that. Like i described. And failure is not her option.

So, i was attached to a certain magician. And i was protective. Extremely. But things happened. And even though i was angry with him and probably butt hurt, it was still my job to protect.

And now i see what Ive really been angry about. I failed. I saw the fireballs coming in that i did try to hit back out. I saw the magicians attack. I saw everything and i got bound into a box for my troubles.

And yes i had covid. Yes, i was extremely sick. But i cant hide behind that. When the fact is i failed. I couldnt find a way to give a warning. I couldnt fight back.

Then i was finally so angry and so hurt that i pulled back what shielding was left and let it all flood in. But that was not the right thing to do. At that point in time i was there to protect. So I failed. And maybe he deserved what he got. But that doesn’t excuse me not keeping protections in place. I was angry. Angry that they didnt listen to me and my warnings, angry i wasnt taken seriously, and then i was just plain angry for the sake of being angry.

Mad cause i wanna be.

But at heart of it all Im mad at myself because i failed. I failed and let my magician at the time down.

Covid, fireballs and fighting a group of magicians just isnt gonna end well.

But i cant do much about it now. Whats done is done.

But i have a new place . And I am actually listened to when I say something isnt right.

So, all I can do is move forward. And not make the same mistakes.


I’m not a very submissive person, but I get this one. The thing that makes me happiest is when my husband is happy.

I’ve always been that way, I’m happiest taking care of my family and their needs. But I forget me, and because it’s not the role of dom and submissive, my family sometimes doesn’t realize.

Like I get tired easy with my health issues, but I’m always trying to push through for someone, or agreeing to go do something the minute he gets home, when I should be making myself eat a sandwich instead but he has no idea I’m hungry.

I’m bad about not wanting to say what I need. I want to keep my needs quiet, and not be trouble for anyone, ever.

That’s all we can ever do. Most of my past bad choices have come back at least once, and do my best to not relive them.

I’m proud of you. Life isn’t easy on some of us :slight_smile:


August 26, 2022

Do I just not sleep anymore? Didnt get to bed til 1:30 amup at 4:15 am. And that was getting up late. Everyone is still asleep at my sisters. So, i have a little quiet time, until i have to get the wild boys up and onto the buses.

Baby girl was sick yesterday. Thats why she took a long nap. Poor baby. My sister said she seems better. We will see. Baby girl is asleep , and so is her twin baby boy, so Im just gonna let them sleep. I feel better this morning. Even better than yesterday.

And my voice seems to be better. After i mow the lawn this weekend it might not be :rofl: alllergies all over again.

Its raining. I can hear it on the skylight in the kitchen. I welcome the rain. Its usually a good indicator for me im going in the right direction. Might sound crazy but it seems when i dont get rain im stuck or going the wrong way. When i do get rain ive made a right move or am heading in the right direction. Rain or a heavy thunderstorm is my indicator. Of course, sometimes its just damn raining and its not a sign of anything.

But i like the rain, even if it does make south ga even more humid. It cools me off.

I tried sitting with the emerald skull, last night to just see if something would come to me about its use. I think the only thing significant is that Azazel’s enn kept coming to mind. I would catch myself repeating it in my head. So, maybe Azazel will be connected somehow.

Anyway, if anyone reads this good morning! :sun_with_face:


Good morning. I couldn’t sleep either!


Aww, Im wide awake! :wave:


Same. My daughter literally got on to me the other day because there was nothing a diabetic could drink over at my sisters (the city water here is ugh, so im not doing that)

So I messaged her to bring me a drink and then said nevermind i got door dash. My daughter said mom i would have done it. And i was like i know but i didnt want to bother you. And she said, its not bothering me, it would have actually given me something to do.

But thats me not wanting to trouble anyone.

I think i have a hard time asking for help because i can remember my mom making me walk to a pay phone to call my dad and ask when was he going to pay child support. So then i had to her mom and step dad going on about him needing to pay it, then i had to ask for it, then deal with whatever he said, and if mom and step didnt like the answer i had to hear that too. Which could go on and on and on.

So i think i got it in my head to just make do and not ask any one for anything.


I’m allergic to grass, too, so I just use a face respirator to cover my mouth and nose.


It just seems meant to be today. Everybody is up early for one reason or another


August 27, 2022

I slept really well last night. I’m glad I’m usually lucky if I get about 3hrs sleep.

But I slept really well last night. The first time in a while.

I spoke with Azazel, this morning. I actually hadn’t talked to him in a while. It was nice to see and speak to him again. He gave me some encouraging words and helped me with an issue I was facing. Also, he confirmed that he and I will be working with the emerald skull on an upcoming project. I’m excited for that.

I have a lot to do. I would like to get started on the Emerald Skull project soon. Today, if possible. But I have things I need to do around the house too. So, I will just have to see how much time I have left.

If not today than tomorrow.

Now a turkey sandwich is calling my name. It’s lunch time!

:skull: :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

Sidenote: come on Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


August 27, 2022.

For some reason my thumb always wants to hit the three and make the year be 3022 :thinking: I’m not sure if that would be better or worse.

I had to go back into what I call “Grey Skull” .
I know this place well. I’ve been there many times.
So it was completely ironic that I would draw the skull of light as my card of the day. Halloween Oracle Cards - #7 by Arianna

It’s part of a bargain though. And I will hold up my end of it. Feels pretty much the same as last time I was here. Except he seems more focused.

Anyway, there is some work to do in his ritual space. Something probably no one in the outside world can see. But maybe someone knows.

Spending some time in ritual space. Not mine the Grey Skulls ritual space. Something about the old gods. I asked if it was Azathoth or Cthulhu but it doesn’t feel like that. It’s something else. Feels female. Grey Skull is pretty intent on it.

It’s strange in ways being here. It’s like seeing stuff and then seeing it again. Like seeing a temple as it is and seeing it inside the mind, and seeing it in the astral. Seeing it and seeing it again and again.

It’s odd what is inside a mind. Can I effect anything if I touch or interact with it? Probably.

The place where information is stored in the brain feels like a library. If I just had nothing but time I could explore it. I’ve been there a few times. But it requires focus and nothing interfering to actually try to read the books.

It does feel like a castle which makes sense. The skull is made to be strong and protect just like a castle.

But I don’t have time to just explore right now. I have to think about this task. I’m basically doing magick in someone else’s head in there temple. It’s ok I’ve done it before. It’s like watching a ritual and stepping in at the right moment to give it a good boost.

It must be important to Grey Skull. He is focused on it.

It’s nothing but a task, it doesn’t hurt and I’ve been in worse places. I guess I’ll get more information on it as it’s time.



August 27, 2022

I was inside Grey Skull. I knew he was ready to do the ritual that I had agreed to. We were in his temple. I insisted that Azazel be there. I needed someone there that i knew i could trust. No matter what.

We were inside a circle. Looking down at the floor. He was chanting and saying things that just seemed to move around me. I was watching Azazel. He stood firm as a rock not moving. Grey Skull started chanting. I knew what he was saying but I wasnt focused on it.

The floor changed to an opening to the abyss. Its odd like standing on an invisible force that keeps you from falling in.

I knew he was calling up an old goddess. An old one. I knew this. He told me to bring her up. That i could bring her up. I knew it was true and this was part of the deal. So i did I got on my knees leaning into the opening and started to pull her up. I could feel her reach the threshold and i knew in that moment there would need to be offerings. I had an offering. I let myself fill up with all of my anger and hurt and then i pushed my two offerings into the abyss. And i took long deep breathes. I could feel her rising up, and filling me. I could feel her come inside. I knew we had connected that she was now a part of me.

I stood and looked at Grey Skull. He held up a certain symbol and I looked at him and laughed. What power is that to be used on me? I did what was asked. I made the trade.
But I have the power. The power is in me. And I know Grey Skull wants the power. He wants to own and possess the power. Wasn’t that the deal in the beginning? Oh yea, you wanted power. But when it came down to it Grey Skull got scared and broke a pact. And by breaking that pact , Grey Skull brought down all kinds of trouble.

And you just made me even stronger.