~*Allie's Diary*~

This will be my online diary where I’ll keep track of what I’m trying to achieve (magically).
I tend to give up on things quickly, but I want to start doing some kind of working each day.
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Good. Maybe keeping a journal will help with consistency :slight_smile:

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Yes! that’s the whole idea! I have ADD and sometimes my mind is all over the place and I just don’t practice magick as much as I would like to. Maybe I’m scared that even if I give it my all, it still won’t work. But you know, it’s better to try than to not try, and magick is like a skill, isn’t it? if it isn’t practiced regularly, then of course you won’t see any improvements. And it helps me to have things written down.
So that said, I’ll be documenting my first rituals of the year here!
I own several books (some are e-books, but that counts too. Everyone says that the Gallery of Magick books are ‘cursed’ and if you use a PDF, it won’t work at all. I work with the e-books (OK I admit I do have a few PDF’s, but only to very old, very hard to come by (non GOM books.)

I’m going to start with Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.

For those who don’t know the book, it’s basically a bunch of descriptions of various demons, their underlings, and their respective powers. They’re summoned by saying a few lines and imagining what you read out loud, with the intent to contact the demon. Once you get to the final demon, you can speak a bit more freely.
So basically, I don’t know if this book works. I never feel or see anything during pathworkings - the book says that’s alright, but just once I’d like confirmation from a demon that he heard me and he’ll help me out.

Day 1
Ritual 1:
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons - Ormion pathworking (remind others what they like about you.)

So I started by summoning Lucifer (you always have to summon him first) and I really tried hard. And my breath hitched a bit (not evidence of demonic activity)
Then, Asmodi and finally Ormion.
There’s this guy that I like and dear diary, sigh he doesn’t know I’m alive. Or you know, forgot about me.
This demon is supposed to make a person remember the reason why they started liking you in the first place. And I hope other than the fact that I’m young and cute, it’s the things that are inside me he’ll think about. I want Al to remember that I was funny, sweet…that I truly loved him.
You know, things like that.
I don’t expect the moon and the stars from this ritual - it’s almost impossible to know if a ritual affected the other person if they’re long distance. Except maybe for dreams, a stronger feeling of obsession…I read those are the signs.

I know it’s best to set it and forget it :slight_smile: it’s kinda late so I’m going to call it a day. I’m glad I started this.
xxx Allie

Hi diary :yellow_heart:

A little bit about yesterday’s ritual…last night, I had the weirdest dream. The person I did my working on (Ormion - reminding him what he liked about me) was dead in my dream. I know it doesn’t mean anything. I was half watching desperate housewives before bed (I always sleep with a TV show playing) one of the characters just lost her husband so that’s probably why I had that dream. I do mention it because you know, that person doesn’t pop up in my dreams often. Maybe it’s a good sign (even if the scenario was related to the TV show I was watching before falling asleep.

Day 2:
Ritual 1:
New Avatar Power - invocation for money
I own a copy of the original '70s book.
It’s a little beat up but still pretty cool, and I’m proud of it.
I’ve had some success with the book, mostly for small amounts of money.
it works just to read the relaxation ritual and the chant, but the preliminary rituals are supposed to help.
I did the whole shebang today and let’s hope it does some good! I don’t expect the moon and the stars from the ritual, but it makes you slightly luckier for sure. A month ago, I found like 10 bucks on the street.
I sell things online (some of my jewelry, some of my late parent’s old stuff - why do they have 5 huge chinese vases I cannot get rid of these things. anyway.
The NAP ritual is supposed to be done daily (more than once, there’s power in repetition!)

Day 2
Ritual 2:
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons - Maggid (to find an emergency source of money)
I’ve found it easier to do the pathworkings (I do look at the Ebook and read the line, then I visualize it. I have a strong imagination.
it’s exciting to be doing this on a regular basis. If I keep making entries sooner or later I’m gonna see results (or lack thereof)
Life is more magickal (literally, giggle)

I think that’s it’s for today. I don’t know how much this will actually help, but I’m feeling pathworking, I might buy goetia pathworking on amazon, cause there are things I’d like to achieve that don’t seem to be in the book.
I’ll write more tomorrow :blue_heart:


Hi online diary :green_heart:

I’ve kept up with the New Avatar Power relaxation ritual and chant for money, and so far, I’ve gained about 13 bucks. soft yay An opportunity also presented itself to me. I said earlier that I sell some of my things online. Well, I found a seller that sells a valuable item for cheap. I’m going to snag it and resell it.
let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic.
I still have the sads a bit. (I’ve been crying the past few days, I don’t know if that means anything) I don’t know why. there’s plenty of scary stuff I’m hiding from, but it’s not really that. I’m used to being scared all the time, and not feeling safe. I’ve been feeling a bit lonely.
Doreen is sweeter than ever, sleeping next to me on our big couch, and sometimes, all she wants is to play with me. She even does this thing in the mornings where she touches my arm when she wants me to wake, and that’s real progress. Doreen still doesn’t really hug or lick me (yet!)
I think the demons sent me some kind of sign in my dream. (yes, I am aware of how crazy that sounds.)
Last night, I had a dream about my cat, who died 2 years ago. It was a bunch of dream scenario things and people…but also her and what it would’ve been like if she hadn’t died. In the dream she was 19, same age as me, and injured for reason but still kicking. Don’t remember the fine details, but the underlying message was that she never really gave up.
Maybe that’s what they want to tell me. to keep going, things will get better for me.
Keeping up with rituals and not seeing results or hearing/seeing demons isn’t easy.
you get your hopes up, maybe for nothing. But even so, it’s best to keep trying. After all, they may be real. I wish there was some kind of sign, that all my rituals and wishes are going to come true.

Day 3:
Ritual 1:
New Avatar Power: Invocation for money

Still going strong. I have this bad tendency to give up, but haven’t so far. the book even says I may see results before even doing it a week, so repetition is important.
I’ll do it early tomorrow!

good night for now
xxx allie


Hi diary :heart:

So I’ve kept up with chant for money again and I just wrapped up my very first connective invocation. It’s the second ritual from the book ‘Demons of Magick’ by Winterfield. It doesn’t really require anything besides the book and maybe your own notes.
I didn’t hear anything or had any confirmation that the demon heard my request. I did notice a bit of a swimmy feeling, just really slightly, I could be wired from the red bull I had earlier but the word of power chant might’ve helped.
Of course the book says to assume it worked and to move on with my day as usual :slight_smile:
I used the connective evocation method to try to reach Valac - to bring money my way through gifts, or things without effort.


DOM is an amazing book if used well,I had evoked King Vine,asking him to increase my magical ability or something,that was a time when I had doubts in my own magick,whether it is true or just figment of my imagination and stuff.Well,he came by in a dream talked to me in crisp and clear voice,it was terrifying and amazing experience for me which laid the foundation for me,and got me deeper into magick!
Now I work with manyyy different demons with lotsss of successful results,I don’t use that method now as I personally do not like to use angels except for banishing but yes DOM got me started on this wonderful journey!


Hi Rahul, thanks! I know it’s a diary, but I like that people are replying. It’s a little quiet here on the site and it needs new blood or drama, either or. There are people who SWEAR by ‘Demons of Magick’, and New Avatar Power had its own fan club on Studioarcanis (I hope it’ll be up again soon, they’re on Facebook, but FB sucks, everybody knows that).

At one point I also tried the Vine ritual to increase my magickal ability.
I have yet to hear a demon, but they’re right. I’m not emotionally ready for phone calls with human beings, let alone demons…although the demon don’t want things from me that alone makes them more appealing to talk to.

I don’t know if it works. I just have been getting these dreams after workings (and usually, I don’t remember my dreams at all.) Like I said before, ADD, always have TV on when I’m home, so whatever dream I’m dreaming is garbled with a lot of dream people/dream scenario, I’ve never been able to lucid dream. I got a clear message out of one of them (because it was about Morgan. the message was not to give up. Maybe in general, or my goals.
The fact that you heard a voice must mean you’re advanced, or have some kind of natural gift. that’s quite special! And I cannot imagine a voice out of nowhere speaking. I keep telling myself I’m not scared but I may be.
It’s so great you have good results…I feel like all of mine are like…high school results? sigh I’m still just beginning and I am still a teen girl.
Money work is just the potatoes. I can live without those…the meat, is love. What I want most of all is to be loved, for alexander to talk to me again and love me. I could happily go without eating if only he’d text me ‘hi’ on reddit…or discord if I ever dare to open that again.
Another book of Geoff Gray Cobb’s books - Amazing secrets of new avatar power- that books is a journey. I’ll write about that in one of my posts soon. Basically it does have some good points: get rid of 'NT’s - can’t, won’t, shouldn’t…and, make a list of whatever problem is the most pressing, and what you want to work on solving, in order of importance. I like that, I used to like making lists.
I should write a list of what I wish to achieve with my magick, in order of importance. (this is a diary so it should be a safe space, and not a judgy space)


The best advice I could give you is “Stop expecting for things to happen”, I can stop expecting results from rituals but I always keep hoping for demons to show up and it doesn’t happen.King Vine showed up when I was least expecting it,I didn’t expect him at all and it happened.I had certain other instances too where I could hear talking.So maybe try to not expect it,try not to keep hopes of you feeling or hearing them and it might happen eventually.Thinking about wanting to hear will create a mental block also do preparatory immersion,keep thinking,researching about the demon you are going to work with also chant its enns,chant while you are dozzing off to sleep for a week and probability of the demon showing up during your ritual would increase 10x,chances are you will make contact before ritual.Also I have only used DOM for this single ritual,but yes if King Vine hadn’t made contact I would pretty much be still a newbie.

So hope that helps and reach out if you need any help :slight_smile:


ah, the famous ‘don’t lust for result schpiel.’ yeah, I get it. And you’re right, wanting it too bad or doubt, messes with the magick. It’s understandable. You’re supposed to set it and forget it. Hearing or seeing them isn’t the most important thing at all, it’s the result. You’re supposed to assume you’re heard, and go from there.

Only say that if you mean it, I can be a rambler. I’m definitely a talky one. I need all the help I can get.


Trust me I was a novice once, It was very difficult to get info for me back then. I try to help out as much as I can so that others can get where I am quicker.One more advice would be to through public appraisals to get an overall idea of the achievements of people in this path,it will expand your horizons.


Nice of you, wanting to help others.
Trust me, I’ve read a lot. But sitting there and contemplating things is a world apart from actually WORKING the magick. even if you don’t think it’s gonna work, even if you’re tired and sad as hell and don’t feel like it. It’s in the doing.

Magick could be working for me smile
The dreams I have after each working…the day of doing the Valac ritual I found a coin <3 granted, it was in the supermarket, if anyone were to lose a coin it’d be there, but I regarded it as a sign. I found another coin this morning (at the risk of sounding ungrateful to Valac- I like that he communicates by letting me find things, but maybe more than 3 cents would be nice) I also earned 76 bucks since starting this (and trust me for me this is a fortune I can afford some makeup again and food - I sometimes dream about certain kinds of food. when my parents were still alive - or when I lived with my boyfriend I always had money. Anyway.
Let’s assume it’s working for now.
it’s time to move on to what’s important to me. I need to be loved…I miss a certain someone a great deal. I’d do anything to get in touch again (yeah I want him to reach out cause he’s hard to get a hold of)
it’s gonna take a layered approach with focus. either way, i’ll never really give up. I don’t want just anyone. I want him. That dream I had the other night, the one with Morgan in it where I heard the message can apply to life in general, but also in restoring communication.
I’m really tired so I think I’m gonna doze…
but when I wake again, I’ll write down a more detailed plan of rituals yet to perform.
I need to hug my cat and my stuffed worm and curl up a bit :blue_heart:
sleep sleep
xxx allie


Hi Diary :orange_heart:

I know I said I’d be doing rituals daily and already I am disappointing myself! The only way I can my life better is by trying to change things and magick can help!
I am feeling a bit more positive at the moment.

I just did a ritual for my best friend. He lost a cat yesterday and told me another one is sick today. So I did a healing ritual from the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.
I did the same ritual when my own sweet cat wouldn’t eat much and had diarrhea and she got better. I really hope his cat recovers. :purple_heart:

Day 4:
Ritual 1:
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons (Dulid - to heal a cat)

I’ve gotten better at visualizing.
I can picture the pathworkings more clearly (even if it’s brief). He loves cats deeply and so do I. I really wish this cat the best.

Ritual 2:
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons - (Ombalafa: to make someone regret their actions.)

This isn’t really a curse. Someone hurt me and I hope this ritual will cause this person to think about what happened and what it did to me. I’d like an apology and I hope this ritual will cause a more positive change.

Ritual 3:
Lucifer and the Hidden Demons: (Diralisin - contact me)

By the time I got to this one, I’ve been doing overtime in that rock strew desert! it felt a bit rushed and haphazard. It’s not the first time I tried this ritual, and I may have to repeat it.

I think I’m going to curl up soon. :green_heart: