Magical way

Hello everyone, my purpose in opening this topic is to give a quick personal start and share the knowledge I have received from spirits with people.

on this road @DarkGodofQlippa I will use the evocation method.

priority goals, worldly wishes, after reaching the life I want, I will work for spirituality :yum:


I will share my daily calls and rituals under this topic.


Awesome man! I’ll be following this journal.

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Interested. Good Luck.

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I won’t be able to make a physical call today, but I will channel Raziel using his secret names, I’m clearing the energy in my room right now, I think it’s worth the wait, I’m waiting, let the preparations begin to be 12 Turkish time :grin:


1st day Start.

it’s just a channeling exercise for Raziel,I wanted to make a connection with it before making any physical associations. I used the seal found in the book that evokes eternity.

First, I recited the mantra raziel gave to unlock all magical powers 5 times. HEH - EE - LAH - AH - EE - EH

then i read raziel’s secret names in the same tone Raziel + Kalaga + Galizur + Arandracal + Nalalagondra + Ratziel + Arisandragandra + Reziel + Arimgathagondralon + Rezial

I read the angels’ channeling prayer.

Release the Celestial Currents of the Realm Beyond
Manifest the Glow of the Angelic Numinous
Illuminate My Consciousness and Fortify My Body
Take Hold of My Heart
And Saturate My Essence with Your Power
Shield Me Against All Interference
And Engender the Permutations of My Gnosis!

Enzort! Larg! Norhen! Garhen! Sakrall! Iansar! Zorrahnen! Yiassahna! Yentaghon! Zornassen! Ionzar! Ziasor! Liekhana! Zorhen! Djagassahn!

____________ Norenja Zala Niassak (x4)

Zennor-Yahg-Zilla-Yiag-Nar (x3)

______________ Lizzaghen Djod (x5)

Ave! Ave! Ave!

I didn’t use candles or incense, I performed the ritual in front of the heat and fire of a simple electric stove.

I didn’t feel much but focused on the seal on my left hand and repeated the word raziel come communicate with me many times tonight in my dream.

The whole room was dark, I couldn’t see anything around me, but apart from the seal in my hand, only the seal in my hand glowed in all this darkness.

Instead of burning the seal, I put it under my pillow because it was my intention for Raziel to enter my dream and communicate with me.


This process will continue for 12 months. It is both to share the valuable information I receive from the spirits with you and to see my own development.

My current goal is to see the full potential and power of angels, to learn how humans communicate with all kinds of beings, and to learn how to manage them,and how the practitioner can benefit from the eternal power and light of the angels.

i have no school i only deal with angels for my earthly desires i have to deal with demons, other beings etc. I do not hesitate to work…


2st days

@DarkGodofQlippa I woke the archangel razie using the summoning method I asked her to open my third eye and develop my senses Even though it’s been 2 hours since I finished the ritual, I feel a small touch in both eyes.

I can feel my third eye like the other two, thanks archangel raziel.


3st day

With my target and the cigarette butt he was smoking, I created a simple sigil that awakened Dantalion. I put roses on the table and lit some incense.

I dreamed of the person next to me. I visualized how I felt with the energy of the butt in my right hand, then placed the person’s butt and lace seal in a bowl and whispered the desired result into the bowl.

In short, I cast a love spell on an object with DNA, I just wanted to try it. I get the results or not, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is my personal growth, not others. I know that as I develop myself, I will achieve more.


4st day

Today I woke Sargatanas, spelled the object in my hand, and tomorrow I will gift that object to a person.

What could a real wizard want?

While reading Baal Kadmon’s kali mantra magic book, I came across a mantra there was a mantra to ask for magical powers.

What power would a true wizard wish to have?

I want to know the answer to this and try it, I want to see what happens.

Maybe you could wish for a limitless mana pool or a greater area of effect with your spells…:laughing:


The answer to your question is “wisdom”
The person who attains wisdom is only a snap of a finger away from attaining material desires, personal transformations, money, lust.


I was contemplating answering “wisdom” as well earlier.


I just liked the word wizard being used… :laughing::laughing:


Ah! I share similar sentiments.
Wisdom is like this.

A group of people found themselves surrounded by a mysterious field of wheat.
One person discovered a nuclear reactor, with no practical application.
Another person found a battery and wire.

The first person had almost unlimited power, but it was blind.
The second person applied the battery, wire, and a small amount of the reactor to develop a sustainable system.

To me, that is developing your own unique world-view. Using xyz as a springboard to go beyond it. You use Kabbalah-Qlippoth at a wise and sustainable rate, and eventually yeet off in your own way. I like art for example


Uploading: IMG_20221221_204137_241.jpg…

I’ll start my conversations with the demons again tomorrow

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I want to share what I’ve learned so far I hope it helps others.

The part that caught my attention is the votive part, usually every soul likes to be praised in front of other people.

When I cast a spell or conjuration, I do not directly indicate the reward to the soul, I just see the seal and think about what sacrifice I will make when I get the result,instead of thanking her i look at her seal and imagine what i will give her.

No matter what you give, cigarettes, sugar cubes or larger offerings can be alcohol-style items,Every soul likes to look like a commander in their own life, because it’s always nice to reciprocate,You are the leader of your own life and a leader will do what you want and you will give something in return.

If you just want to gain something in your life, if you don’t want to bond with your soul, I don’t recommend blood and semen offers, of course you can make any kind of sacrifice, the decision is yours.

and most importantly intention,expressing what you want from the soul in this way.


Express now what you want to happen in the future.

do not exaggerate and prolong this enough sentence.

and finally passion for results.

it won’t work anyway when you forget what you’re doing, if the magic is strong enough your passion for the result won’t hurt it,don’t forget the magic but don’t think too much don’t doubt the magic but you can think about it,The best thing for me is to pretend this has already happened. You don’t need to control your emotions or ruin your day to forget, just act like it’s what you want, the magic may stay somewhere in your brain, it’s okay, don’t doubt it.

No matter how new a magician I am, these principles have really helped me. I believe I will live a very good life in 2023. I am enjoying my 20th birthday very much, I hope it will be useful for you.

5 days

I did not summon, I petitioned prince gaap using the demons of the magic book.

In my petition, I asked a person to break up with someone and pay more attention to me,yes, she took great care of me, texted, called, talked to me all day, responded to my messages instantly.

I actually stated 2 intentions in my petition, leave it and pay more attention to me,I don’t know if I broke up with her, but I saw that she was more interested in me,but I believe they will drop my petition 50 percent it worked.

Thanks Prince Gaap for working so fast in 1 day.:black_heart:

Although this is my 2nd call to Prince Gaap, there is one more thing I would like to add.

every time i call her i wake up the next day with a headache and my migraine is a bit too severe.

previously sargatanas lucifer astarte
I searched for metatron from Raziel but never experienced these effects,I don’t know why but I’m curious :slightly_smiling_face: