Trying to find my way [Journal]

This is the first real post I have made on this forum so hopefully it is received well :sweat_smile: I am someone who has had the blessing of being around powerful and experienced magicians for around the past six years of my life, sadly I have not been in a state of physical or mental wellness for most of that time so I have mainly been a “couch magician”. I have a decent grasp of the basics as well as a decent magickal mindset (I.e understanding the basics regarding doubt and my place as the center of my magickal power) so I will be using this journal to rant and get feedback regarding my progress.

Right now I am working on getting a firm grasp on the law of attraction and manifesting a better state of being. Most of my work right now consists of working with the emotional state associated with my desires. I have been able to conjure the “feeling” of most things fairly consistently but I struggle with being physically able to get out of the house enough to build avenues for manifestation so I am going to turn my manifestations inward towards my physical well being.

That is all for my first post, I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day!


Bit of advice of an old dog: get a recurrent activity to do it outside your house. That will take you out. Won’t solve your life but it is a start.


Eh, I leave my house once a week tops… the challenge is that you have to make yourself take care of yourself.

There’s no one else to do it.


Thank you both @Keteriya and @ReyCuervo for the replies :+1:.

@ReyCuervo I have been looking into starting gardening so that might be something to think about as well. Thank you very much!

@Keteriya I agree. Once I started working on my inner self I soon began caring more about my outer self naturally. It’s been a very good experience actually treating myself with love and respect😌


If I remember right didn’t you have music? Are you still working on that? Or do I have you mixed up with someone else?


Oh no I definitely have music still lol. Just working on learning fl studio and working on my writing for now. Now that I’m actually awake for some of the day I should actually be able to make some progress with it :relieved: thank you for remembering!!


Long ago I recall an unwell devotee of some spiritual teacher. Someone said to him: What sort of guru cannot produce good health in his devotees?

It took me many years to understand that a competent inner planes worker (magician) is certainly able to improve the health of students.

An obvious example is teaching the student how to remove astral parasites.

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@Dagars is there an aspect of your live that you keep turning a blind eye to?


Im not sure, magick probably right now as i have some health problems going on that make consistent work fairly difficult :thinking: why what’s up?

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Yeah but the student must be willing to take action and initiative. For a teacher to help his students is must, but a student must be willing to be helped.