Sitra Achra Gloria

Glory to the “other side”
Glory to the sinister Left
Glory to Qlippoth and Moloch and Satan
Glory to Arch Angel Heylel
Glory to the dark God of the Qlippa
Glory to my pantheon
Glory to my practice
Glory to my divinity

Morning offerings in the Temple of the Backwards Tree


There is so much insight and general self-awareness here that I can’t even copy pasta or i’ll just be rewriting the whole post. Haha

Glad you’re feeling better and back on track, brother!


Yeah man I just needed some time alone. I. So glad I listened to King Bael and pulled my head out of my ass and didn’t lash out at Orobas like petulant child. Fuck dude that would be an expensive fuck up. Very expensive.

He’s never lied to me,never misled, me and is correct factually with 98 percent of things he tells me. He’s a wise counselor and solid ally in this life. I needed to resolve this bullshit irrational trust issue and say fuck it Orobas I do trust you. To allow myself to do that took alot effort but really I’d I were Orobas and we didn’t have nearly perfect trust, communication and respect after 23 years I’d be frankly offended.

He deserves all the above from me.

Glad I woke up in time bro


Definitely. Not to mention how that might seem to other prospective spirits after the fact, having severed a 20+ year connection. Sometimes burning one bridge sets another alight as well…


We all need this sometimes, when we go hard, deep, and long consistently.


Mike, BEFORE I read this post of yours, I responded to you for your kind words you wrote in my journal and I also saluted Prince Orobas.

I don’t usually salute entities I’ve never worked with, it’s something I never do but this time I did it without any reason.

I believe it was the Prince’s influence and not just a coincidence.

My humble intuition tells me that your relationship with him will get even better.

Keep your personal expectations the same, eventually everything will be achieved.

Hugs my brother


Beautiful and sacred place, lots of good energies.
Full of entities and it seems that many of them, even after being dismissed, still want to stay.


Man you’re exactly right I feel like I’m running a 24 hr waffle house that caterers to LhP spirits here.
L. They are welcome to come and the please provided they observe a few simple rules.

I’ll give you a little secret, there is a rite called the star of algol.

Understand we occupy space time currently in universe A, the universe the thoughtful light, ( Kedusha) G-d, Tetragrammaton runs.

The ritual of algol takes the space and changes the polarity of physical location to the night side. The Darkness of Qlippoth. Animals who frequent the area will become more aggressive, the place will be “haunted by LHP entities”. It has another effect of basically bolstering your energy you can tap into and connect with within the environment as well.

This is a very useful and powerful rite for creating a LHP Temple vibration.


Hail Mighty Prince Orobas!
Hail Mike Bee magician of the impossible!!!


Well I received some good news about a job opportunity that I had gone so stale and cold I wrote it off as a lost cause.

I’m not going to say which but there are only about half a dozen company that do this with a global reach.

I got hired by one of the oldest and most respected companies in the business.

My new job: Professional Psychic

Yep I decided because I had the owner of one of these companies within my orbit by way of a friend of a friend type of deal.

I decided to make a demo video of a free reading for him that he didn’t ask for. In the video reading my connection with Prince Orobas was so strong I told him, save this video and watch it again in 2 weeks, everything I say will come to pass.

So the dude calls me and says yeah everything you said came to pass. I got a very high rate of pay for accepting his terms and now I’m right where I belong. Fuck it I don’t give a fuck if any of you think what I’m about to say is egotistical or conceited. I am right where I belong now, in the highest echelons of the most skilled professional psychics in the entire world. This is the spot that ive earned. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody who does. My divinations are the Truth. Now maybe I cheated because I have Orobas…maybe a little.

Orobas and I have walked this path for decades, finally fortune and fame are ours, we have gotten the prize we set out for. And it feels really good.

Honestly I’m so busy in my private practice I didn’t take this job for the money, I took it as an additional stream of income with consistent pay dates and such. And yes, I did it because 99% of people who think their divinations are hot shit really aren’t impressive for real. The Mike Bee Prince Orobas combination is a force of nature in divinations.

Now don’t worry, everyone chillax, I’m still going to be giving free readings. Right here on OM, once or twice or as many times a month as Prince Orobas wishes it to be done.

I’m not mentioning the name of the company because this post isn’t an attempt to solicit clients for the company or myself, we just don’t need it to be frank. This post is a shameless flex of raw occult, psychic power from a dude that has paid his dues in the LHP.



Congratulations, brother! You’ve certainly earned it.


Congratulations Mike,
I’m glad you got the recognition you deserve and I’m sure many good things will fill your life.


Another bit of good news

After extensive interviews with 8 spirits, one spirit stood above all the others with both the power to meet our needs and the will to see it through.

I’m so pleased and proud to announce I am on my way to the evocation now that will seal the deal for a Mighty and Grand spirit to be the Patron of my practice, The Temple Of The Backwards Tree.

Provided there were no misunderstandings during the preliminary negotiations, and provided my offerings and proposal are pleasing and acceptable, and provided no fuck ups happen last minute to derail this historic union…

Then it will be my great pride and pleasure to warmly welcome and accept our new Patron of the Temple…

Let welcome the rich, and wise Treasurer of Hell, The Mighty Arch Demon who is strong in Sitrah Achra, a real heavyweight champion of the Qlippoth!!!

The One and the Only…


Lepaca, fabled servant of Astaroth, make the clear for your Master to come!!!

Veni, veni, ASTAROTH!!
Liftoach Pandemonium et germinet Astaroth!!!

I will be back to confirm this later.

( Yes I’m aware it isn’t EXACTLY perfect, but it was the best I could do, and I don’t have extra black cloth to try again at the moment, I believe the effort put into it will make up for imperfections. :man_shrugging:t3:)

This Mighty fiend will defend us and see the Temple is safe and prosperous and any who wish to come and try to flex on myself or any associated with the Temple…

Well, I wouldn’t advise they try it.

Consequences, repercussions and collateral damage are much less cool than…

Friendship and Respect…



The pact is accepted and complete. I have recorded the entire ceremony, if I know you well enough you’ll be provided a link.

This is the first day of the rest of our lives. The future is open wide.

Hail Astaroth


Awesome,wishing you the best Mike!


The new pact is getting you so much higher, mike. “top of everest ”congratulations. Too demanding spirit in exchange for a deal? So if we compare it to Bael, Orobas?


In view the cost benefit analysis makes me say yes, he is somewhat demanding but I got what I wanted and need


Orobas and I will be starting work for our new employer in about 20 minutes.

This is the first day of the rest of our lives.

I finally have a chance, in what is traditionally the RHP lightworkers arena of pro psychic to show them all this morning what we, our kind can do.

I expect some stiff competition in terms of people with abilities. I don’t really care though they don’t have Orobas.

I’m gonna kick back and Orobas drive today.

See what irks me is that the traditional lightworker seems to believe they are the only ones able to access these latent faculties in our minds and that they were put here by the light in service to others.

Hahaha just saying that is sickening :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I’m here to flex muscles, ride hard, live fast, die young, rock out and make every spell and scourge of God obedient unto me…

We are truly diametrically opposed philosophically, service to the ALL vs service to the self.

It’s 2023 and things are changing. Day turns to night again. For me and Orobas, this is our time, just now, just before dusk sets in.

Another cup of coffee and another cigarette and let’s begin…


First reading was the longest most impressive reading I have ever given. This was an unprecedented 90 min of captivating answers and a demonstration of what “the other side” Sitra Achra can provide.

This was an Incredible display of psychic abilities, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t have taken my caller 90 min to figure that out!

Truly Orobas and I were panting in exhaustion from this.

But now we know we can!

And that is fucking badass

Don’t worry guys I’ll always be here with Orobas (well always until I’m not anyway ) to give free readings on OM to my peeps here. Cuz we luv you guys.

I feel exhilaration, I am now at the spearhead of offering other people a choice. People no longer have to get their oracles from RHP lightworkers exclusively, we Can offer a viable alternative. We have the ability to compete. YES!

Great strength, great dignity
Glory to other side were finally starting to fly

Sitrah Achra Gloria!


Hail Prince Orobas
Hail great Mike…magician of the impossible

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