Sitra Achra Gloria

This will be my journal to document my learning and discoveries on LHP of Qlippoth. Anyone who has questions or just has something to say is more than welcome to do so provided it doesn’t derail me or isn’t wildly off topic.

This morning I spent researching the following demons. Qalilitu, Alpunias, Verrine and Flereous. These are very powerful infernal who really have juice in Sitra Ahra.

I’ve been studying slot of VKs methods for actually putting this qlipothic knowledge to practical use in the form of spell, ceremony and ritual.

On a very different topic, I’m going to begin path working the Tree of Life at the end of August. I’m probably going to give the same seven days per Sephiroth that I gave to progressing through the Qlippoth and the Tree of Death. I want to truly use both of my hands and try to achieve an equilibrium of power between the polarities, or at least steady myself as to not lose balance in pursuing the infernal.

That’s all I got for today, when I can post pics I’ll show you the new seals I made.


What does each permutation of Sitra Ahra say about the “other side” of things?

What does each sphere say about it’s counter?


To me it’s like one is literally the shadow of the other. Orthodox kabbalists always write the corresponding Sephiroths name below Qlippoth when they have to write those names in an effort to stay balanced.

Sitra Ahra to me is the shadow of “God” for lack of a better term. One thing I find telling is that Samael is often referred to as “Gods Holy Darkness” in rabbinical texts.

Like when a magician initiates through Qlippoth they are literally facing thier own shadow. All the things about themselves they reject and partition off are there waiting for them. If the magician is both strong and wise he will find a way to embrace these distortions and reintegrate them into his waking conscious mind. Thus making himself whole.

I know I kind of meandered around for a while with all of this. Lol


Interestingly enough most practitioners say one should do the tree of life first before Qlippoth. Qlippoth can be very destabilizing and potentially hazardous to weak willed or minded people too.

For me my thoughts are most of us are brought up with JCI religious instruction that makes our natural polarity towards kedusha and purity and the “good” impulses of our nature.

According to the kabbalah mankind has two souls one from kedusha purity and the other from Sitra Ahra. The problem slot of us deal with as we progress willfully down the LHP is that our infernal polarity is weak because of lack of use and repression and rejection.

Mine was I know that. Qlippoth training really made me a much stronger, more able practitioner because I’ve learned to exercise both sides of the polarity.

Wasn’t easy though. Aside from awesome experiences with Samael, Oreb Zaraq and Aogiel my time was very hard. Constant nightmares, panic attacks, ECT.

I will probably do Qlippoth again early next year and devote ten to twelve days to each sphere next time. Our faculties are like muscles and if we want to grow them or keep them they must be excercised.

Reader: Take all the above with a grain of salt, I know I do too. This is just my interpretation and understanding of what I’ve experienced on this path


As promised my new seals.

Alpunias ( one of my sharpies died while making this and I decided it’s still good enough to work with)





Awesome possum


Not gonna lie @ReyCuervo writings earlier inspired me to find out all I could about these spirits and prepare seals for thier use in ritual.





I’m definitely going to try the ritual he gave us too! That’s exciting I’ll be sure to provide feedback.

Thanks for the inspiration @ReyCuervo


Don’t thank me, I’m amazed my work can inspire someone, so thank YOU!


I got up this morning and realized I was out of brandy for my morning offerings to my Patrons. I really hate starting out the day without being able to give drinks, 30 min of salt lamp burn, and incense to Patrons.

I’ve learned with time that they truly are my other side partners manifesting my needs and wishes ( usually) without even being asked. It makes life more livable and satisfying to me.

Now to be clear we don’t have an “I’ll give you this for that” agreement. This is more like “I know what you like, and you know what I like”. Alot of people want spiritual soul forging, gut wrenching learning experiences from thier Patrons to stimulate spiritual growth. Now I’m all for spiritual growth but fuck painful, grueling lessons from my allies…that’s what my enemies are for after all right? Lol :laughing: that may be a distorted idea but I do have a point don’t I?

The only way you’re really going to have a real pact with a spirit that’s healthy and balanced is to put work into building that relationship. You can’t expect a spirit or anyone to contribute more than you do to a partnership right.

My way is offerings daily, monthly face time evocations, communing with them, and doing my best to observe thier influence and synchronicity in my life.

I’m rambling back to a shortage of offerings this morning. After a surprise roasted honey lemon chicken breakfast one of the domestic staff here brought me a tall canned beverage. I didn’t look before I took a drink. I immediately tasted alcohol. I’m not a drinker outside observing social convention. That’s not my problem or drug of choice.

It turned out to be a pear cider imported from Sweden. I heard King Bael say " That’s not for you, pass that this way.". I gave the spirits each a shot of this exotic drink. Duke Murmur was very pleased. He doesn’t talk much outside evocation so to get approval from him is kind of a big deal to me.

Interesting the spirits knew I was out of brandy and manifested a replacement before I even had decided how to fix this.

Gotta love King Bael.


I had a very close friend of mines wife got defrauded out of a substantial sum of money recently. This was big enough to where something other than just filing a police report, hanging your head and accepting your losses had to be done.

That wasn’t how this one was going down.

I called a spirit not frequently evoked by many magicians because he has a bad reputation among the goetia. It’s Duke Valefor.

Part of his offices is tempting thieves to steal.

I called him forth in a very powerful evocation that he responded very promptly and willingly. I gave him a link to follow the thief or thieves with and asked that they be exposed, detected and captured.


Forgot to mention this earlier about the Valefor evocation.

This spirit comes on smooth like silk, not submissive maybe but demure and deferential. Like he’s just observing and deciding what angles he play and how he can best take advantage of someone. That’s the vibe I got. Not malicious but something to watch carefully.

I used an invocation of VK to Valefor that used a mixture of Qlippoth flow and enochian command/prose.

During parts that have to be recited in monotone I turned up the intensity of repetition with each passing recitation and I began to hear a loud growl that turned into a lion roaring. This was sound of a hell crazed beast that was truly a wicked, mad, perverse tormented soul.

The spirit was now showing its true colors as I really opened the door of his cage. I got goose bumps all over and we began communion and then gave him his charge.

I got the impression I made the right call to employ him here and that we may develop a working relationship on other projects.

I’m always a little leery about doing much with the enochian. In my view it tends to amplify things to an unpredictable pitch. Things can really really go sideways when you start playing with it’s levers and buttons. I just don’t know enough about it and I don’t want to fuck myself with it.

So much still to learn and where does all the time go?


I’ve worked with it through Brand and Hargrove. I know that’s limited experience, but my experience has been very rewarding. I haven’t seen anything disruptive or negative from it.

Most of my work with Enochian has been towards long term success however so it’s been slow consistent yet undeniable results, much stronger than most other grimoire Magic’s, and much simpler.

I’m sure to tackle it and learn it in depth is quite the challenge from what I’ve read, but it does seem like it would worth it, if a person chose to dive deep.

I think I was trying to suggest maybe, take a lite approach and try one of the grimoires and see if it helps with that chaos or not, and that might make the deeper dive easier.

I just had a round of bout way of getting there because I had so many thoughts at once! Sorry!


That’s a good suggestion, I’m going to look into those books as I do know the author’s already.


I’ve got a channelling scheduled with King Bael for tomorrow morning. That’s going to fun. I always enjoy seeing him. I wonder what face I’ll get to see tomorrow he usually comes as one of his three faces, cat man or toad.

Cat is funny and a little scary, especially when it howls, Man face teaches alot of cool baneful magick, Toad is like a king giving royal pronouncements and advice on managing your affairs. Cool stuff.

I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

I think the face that comes is the face I need to see right then at that time. Took me a long time to figure out, ( with @norse900 insights) that spirits different faces will manifest differently depending on why thier called. It’s not as simple as they just appear one way all time.

I got the shit scared out if me once by Marquis Leraje. He’s normally real lovey and touchy feely in a bro kind of way. Once he appeared like a hell monster, groaning and moaning. I thought I had an imposter but the energy was unmistakably his. I did give him a quick test, I asked him something only he and I know. It was him.

Also I need practice with channelling, after a thirty minute session I’m ready eat carbs and sugar and sleep for three or four hours. It really wipes me out.

That’s all for now.


My little hellcats

Mindights kittens. They’ve taken a position of my room and declared it Thiers, no surrender no retreat. All I have to do is get close and they snarl, and his howl. Look at the top left upper kitty, it’s eyes glowing, mouth open in a hiss howl. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: These are gonna be fantastic cats. I love them already.

I think tomorrow I’m going to give them a can of sardines in the morning as a treat. I think it’s important that cats have some fish in thier diet. It’s good for thier hearts I think I read somewhere.

Other news.

I think 8-9 months ago when I was just pondering Qlippoth initiation I was following it down the rabbit hole. Now after 8-9 months have passed I just realized today this is the draconic current that Kenneth grant, asenath mason, karlssen and others have written so much about. I really didn’t intend to go down this road but I’m not sorry that I have. This was the direction that spiritual gravity had the strongest pull for me.

Time to chillax and play some music and think about sleep.


I channelled king Bael this morning and got a surprise of all three faces. Cat face came first then toad then man.

King Bael was in excellent spirits you could say and gave us many insights and inspiration for the future.

His tenor was positive and upbeat. It’s been awhile since I channelled him and he was happy that we wanted to hear what he had to say.

Very cool


I can’t help but send love to these magnificent creatures. :cat:

Also, I hope you will enjoy the journey through the Qliphoth. It’s damn hard sometimes but so worth it. I will follow your diary.


Just a heads up contrary to popular belief fish isnt always a good thing for cats. Besides the obvious things like bones and mercury poisoning, they can be an allergen to them, and contains high amounts of an enzyme called thiaminase. This is an enzyme that destroys Vitamin B-1(thiamin). A thiamin-deficient diet can lead to neurological problems and seizures in cats.

If you wanna spoil them chop up chunks of plain chicken or something similar and freeze them. The frozen chunks work wonderfully as treats. A diet of raw meat like plain unseasoned chicken, turkey, lamb, or rabbit is best for cats since theyre natural carnivors but I typically stick to just wet canned food since handling raw meat can be a health risk. My cats go bonkers when I open up a can of wet food. Hahah
I love your kittens btw. I hope to see more of them!


I made a couple more seals for ritual use this morning. My sharpie died on me immediately after this. They’re so damn expensive but they make such a long lasting beautiful seal.




:point_up_2: these seals came from VK. Sorry I didn’t include that earlier. :grin:

I’m currently working his system of magic and Qlippoth and I’m really very satisfied.


Time to open the temple and evoke the Great Prince Orobas.