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Did those who made a deal with the devil seen in the movies actually made a deal with lucifuge rofocale?

I attended the 7 day Astaroth memorial service. Sexual experiences are prohibited for 7 days. Meditation with Enn in the morning. Evening roadwork.

I don’t really believe in dreams, but ever since I remember Astaroth, I’ve been dreaming of my desires.

new life money women and gangsta life😋

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there are multiple “devils” who can range from Lucifuge Rofocale to the friendly little demon next realm imo.

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I don’t think there is such thing as “deal with the devil” as seen in fiction.


demon named mephisto, who is actually in the fiction

One thing I’m curious about is what can be asked of Lucifuge Rofocale for a deal other than wealth and magic skills.

2/5 of your entries in this aren’t questions or related at all and you don’t really give anything substantial to those that do answer.

Do you want actual answers to your questions here (or in your other threads) or just want attention?

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I asked a few questions and in 2 of them I told something about astraoth.

@martinez hope this is the answer you were looking for.

  1. Those in those movies are usually god fearing whatever’s so they tend to go out of their way to be sure not to use REAL rituals in the movies no the actors
    Inn those movies definitely did not make any pacts with anything while filming the films.

  2. If you are stupid enough to try creating your own ritual using Hollywood as a starting point you will A) get yourself into trouble B) attract parasites and C) worst case scenario get possessed by a parasite or other lower vibratory BUT in no way will it result in a true pact let alone one with a high ranking demon (not even a pact with any demon in fact).

I speak from experience because I did that dumb shin and it resulted in a possession that almost killed me. I tried to make my own part magick using Hollywood as my inspiration and instructional. It was not a real pact not o true pact and it went sideways (I’m only alive because it broke a condition I set, well several actually AND some entity pulled itout of me AFTER I almost died).

In my defense it was back in 2000 and where I am there were to magick books no websites no courses or anything just me a very determined naive immature wanna be magickian at the time. One who stupidly thought the warnings were bs and that it would be safe and I’d get what I wanted with no need for any effort on my part. For the record it didn’t work and almost killed me and if it hadn’t been for a supernatural intervention by something a specifically it pulling that thing out of me I wouldn’t be here to tell ya DON’T do the dumb shit.

Also I wouldn’t be here to tell ya to learn from real magickians and start by learning banishing so that parasites don’ hang around. I recommend buying a book on banishing first, then a grimoire.

Hope that answered some of your questions, both voiced and unvoiced.


Saying that this subject is misunderstood because I can’t be very clear, the shit rituals in the movies don’t help anyone, in general, everything proceeds with a fiction.

I deviated from what I wanted to say, it’s my fault, but what I mean is mephisto, who only gets along with people in movies, was lucifuge rofocalemi in real life?

I couldn’t explain exactly what I wanted to convey. In fiction, mephisto was actually a demon named lucifuge rofocale,I just wanted to ask this nothing else


I’ve read accounts from people that have called both. But they said nothing about them being the same. LR is a well-established Goetic. Mephistopheles was a fiction creation (that we’re aware of) that accepted pacts. Does that mean they are the same or different? No. Any spirit can accept or fulfill pacts.

Was LR the source for the fiction? We don’t know, without the author saying so. LR can say what he will to any person. It may or may not be the same things, just like any other spirit.

As @NavyBeans said, YOUR truth will have to come from him. He may say something else to someone else because they need different things or lessons.

Edit - Lucifuge Rofocale is the only entity I have a pact with, but nothing like the Mephistopheles one.


Unfortunately, I do not know enough about him to answer your question. Sorru


Is the grand grimoire infernal pact a good resource for her?

I probably wouldn’t use the grand grimoires version of conjuration at all. In my opinion it is to Solomonic. Try evoking yourself and asking nicely instead, a little respect and humbleness goes along way!

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old spell books I guess just for information purposes logical rituals extremely difficult 30 days fasting etc. A bound soul will return for vengeance when the time comes.

Acting with spirit before agreements and bringing it into your life increases the chances of success in agreements,this is just my opinion.

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Most of the older grimoires seem a bit excessive to me. I haven’t used that one specifically and it’s been too long since I read it to really speak on it.

I just evoked LR when I did mine. But that was because it was his idea. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have changed much. Wouldn’t have changed the simple calling. More elaborate rituals doesn’t necessarily get you more at the bargaining table.

The most important part is the well though out agreement. Getting the words agreed to isn’t enough, in my opinion. Press the words with intent, too, and get the whole agreed upon.

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why am i losing my faith?

tiamat and the demons are the ones who have a great time with me. I haven’t trained for 2 months. Ever since I last started working with jinn, I’ve been starting to question my magic and my beliefs.

I have to believe in my magic for it to be successful but I can’t believe in anything anymore I saw the results I felt their presence but my brain is trying to say it’s all an illusion I argue it’s all real,My brain is fighting with me it’s like my thoughts are trying to defy the facts I know I don’t know why I’m living such a duality.


maybe it’s a test, a test of faith? maybe it’s a lack of self worth, maybe it’s just anxiety. I understand what you are saying, I went through a dilemma of my own in a similar manner, just that it was kinda localised to a specific spirit.

For me, I was afraid of not having a specific outcome. I was mentally rigid, instead of being more flexible. Don’t fight with your brain, I suggest you try to understand where this doubt is stemming from.

If you have results, if you are strongly feeling their presence then there’s no reason to doubt imo. Sometimes you just have to bundle alllll of that doubt and fear in a ball, and say a big fuck you to it and kick it out of your head. Your will to overcome it will be enough to pass through that weird limbo imo.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck :muscle:


No. Movies are almost always wrong in their depiction of what magic or demons is and thus shouldn’t be taken serious.

There was a Paimon movie recently, which depicted him as some maniac murderer. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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