Question on a ritual I got from a dream from Duke Valefor

I’m not sure if I’m posting correctly or if I’m asking on the right part of the forum. I dislike asking Reddit demonolatrers for this however especially since the dream is complicated on it’s own.

A few months ago, I’ve received a cryptic dream about Vampires and a ‘bite’ from Duke Valefor.

I really thought that’s the end of it. I don’t have any job for him so I didn’t talk to him yet and my schedule is full with rituals for the others.

Last night however, I got a dream from him again. I distinctly remember him saying his name again (he’s like DJ Khaled with me whispering his name like he’s about to drop the hottest remix of 2023).

Alongside this dream is a ritual specifically a jar spell. My question is if anyone knows what’s it for, if anyone has done this before or other things I might’ve missed. I cannot find enough information on the Duke himself so I’m hoping someone has at least a UPG on this.

The jar spell is a clear mason jar, round jar to be specific. Inside the jar is clear shattered glass, very sharp ones and clean ones. And I’m supposed to drench it with as much blood as I can then offer it to him with the lid on. There’s no writing or seals on the jar, no disgusting stuff like the other hex jar spells I’ve seen. It specifically demands that the jar and the glass inside is nice and clean.

I’ve spoken to King Asmodeus and Duchess Gremory about it and they did suggest speaking to Duke Valefor. But I don’t think I have enough time or energy to talk to him, not do I think it’s safe for me to go in with not enough information. I research most spirits I work with diligently so I hope you will understand why I hesitate.

Any information or insight is appreciated.


Well, asking Valefor seems like the right idea to me. How do you usually go about summoning one of these guys?

If this happens often, I would suggest summon them with a guardian spirit. Some spirit you’re close to, and is strong enough and willing to take the role. This spirit would protect you and keep you safe.


Hello. Nowadays I perform the evocatlon ritual taught by @DarkGodofQlippa. Prior to that, I would perform direct invocation.

I’d consider talking to him but honestly, is it weird if I’d rather not until I actually know what he wants? King Bael and President Haagenti showed up in my dream before but at least they told me exactly what they wanted.

All my research with Duke Valefor is he’s tricky and prone to turning on the magician. I don’t think I can deal with him if he starts acting up. My patron is King Asmodeus but I have had awful experience of him watching and waiting for my ass to get shaken up before he lends aid ‘as a lesson’.


Not the way this will probably work out. It’s intentionally vague. So, that leaves asking him or starting the ritual and letting him guide you.

The little bit of info here is not enough to do anything useful. Rey’s suggestion is likely the best.


Thanks. I’ll check if I can squeeze him in. Between my full time job and my existing rituals I’m not sure if I’ll be able to contact him soon.


He should know that. Just note down impressions you get about it between now and then. He may be using little spots of free time to put it together for you (rather than a long discussion or lengthy ritual.


Got it! Thanks so much for your help.

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Bites are usually significant in some way or other. I’m not going to talk about my experiences with the topic, but I know it’s not as rare as we may at first think.

You should set aside an hour, light a candle and/or incense if you’re able, or just pull out a sigil if you can’t. And call him, just ask for his presence and let him guide the ritual. That’s my suggestion, you obviously don’t have to take it. And of course, remember that you’re allowed to have and lay down boundaries too. Don’t walk into too many things without knowing where the road will take you.