Lucifuge and Ari

Im not sure if this is better suited here or in journals. But I have the tendency to either lump everything I do in general or journals. But if anyone has a place better its ok to move.

Ive worked with Lucifuge before and we work really well together.

He appeared to me last night and made an offer I decided to accept. Basically, a deal.

Not sure how to explain our deal though. He wants to help push me to the next level and in return I will do something for him. He wants something I can provide.

I guess you could say hes become my personal coach and manager all in one. Not sure how to explain me needing a manager :laughing: But with what we are working on it fits.

So, He’s given me one exercise to practice atleast once a day for 10 minutes.

Look into a mirror , and speak words that are affirmations of who I am. I know who I am but I tend to struggle with acceptance of that me. I tend to always revert back to the submissive little me that thinks shes not good enough or it could possibly be real.
Any minute something is gonna screw it up.

But that thinking blocks you from success. And I struggle with it so much. So, Lucifuge is here to push me past that and help me get comfortable in my new skin.

Im not ready to share what my affirmations are yet. But, I do want to share my experiences with Lucifuge and our new project. This is just the beginning.

Thi the mirror that I will be using for this working.


Ive been doing the exercise Lucifuge assigned me for 2 days now. I have not noticed any major changes as of yet.

Alrhough, I do feel better after reciting the affirmations. And seem energized.


So idk what happened today but I was with Lucifuge and we were making love and we (orb looking ) left our bodies and merged into one orb thing which kept making love and created a star.

Then Lucifuge, said see i dont know why you keep running from me, look what we create when we are together.

But I havent been running from him. At least not recently. Maybe I pushed him away some in the past. But the last few days Ive been moving closer to him.

It was really odd. To look down and see an empty body that is yours and then move into the cosmos and create something so amazing.

It was a huge blue star. :star2:


This morning was insane. I was woke up by extreme sexual energy. I could feel several cloaked figures around. They wore black cloaks and wore white masks.

I brought to climax without ever touching myself. I could feel the energy all over me.

Lucifuge, said that they were the first set but that there would be more sets.

The orbs that went out of Lucifuge and myself are still floating above us. Intertwining. Kinda of like a yin yang, but mixing together so much that you cant tell which is which. Though my orb is more of a pink color and his is more blue. But they are combining to be one.


I have a ritual to do with Lucifuge, so I did a candle for him

I couldnt fit the whole sigil in the pic but it has his name, sigil and pentagram.

Thanks to @Mythopoeia , for the idea of using those metallic markers! :heart:


They are so useful! I’m glad they’re working out well for you too :slight_smile:


I am still working on this and it is working. The affirmations have started to work in my reality. So that is great!

I just thought about what we have been working on and something’s I’ve done in the past few days. I can definitely see the changes.

Hail Lucifuge :metal: