Dark Entities

Last night I felt that I needed some added protection around me. I started doing my chant that I do to bring Azazel to me.

But while I was doing that these dark shadow like being sprung out of me and the first ones ran off in all directions. They are very tall. After them more came out but they were even taller and surrounded my house gaurding it.

I say they were shadow like beings, though not exactly they were more solid and had more defined features than shadow people.

But what are they and how did I manage to just spring them out of me?

I know they understand their assignment, I can still see them and what they are doing.

My emotions again seem to play apart in the way and types of magick that I do.

Will I need to pull these beings back into me? Or keep them on specific tasks?

Basically, WTF did I just do?


Ah, couple of things could be at play here.

The simplest is that your links to spirits might me the most efficient route to get help to your location. When I embedded parts of Tiamat and Leviathan, it’s a direct connection I ccan call on for both energies and they will.come from inside of me, to be shaped and used as I see fit.

Another is that you called him into you and that link was used to send them.

The third is that thet were waiting there for a while.

A fourth is that you birthed them of your own energy.

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Maybe it was like a Zeus and Athena thing? :sweat_smile:

These might possibly go hand in hand. Since I call him alot and we have a long history.

But these could also go together and just needed the right amount/level of a certain kind of energy of mine to be birthed.

The way they just jumped right out of me and straight to running to their task, I think they had been waiting for a while. They were prepared and ready to go.

Maybe using my chant for Azazel, gave me the right amount of focus to direct my energy and emotions to completing this birthing.

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Right as I pulled in, I saw a dark entity walking out of my ritual space and I thought of your thread :joy:

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Awww… :grin:

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I think Im going to change the direction of some of them.

A new task has been brought to my attention.

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Not terribly descriptive…so we’ll assume help or understanding is needed/wanted.

Edit.-ISN’T my bad

Ive just had enough of something. And I want to see if I can do it. A challenge I guess.

Im not in distress at least not right now. Im just done with certain things. And when Im done , Im done.