Azazel ~

Its often said that its good to go back to your first love. My first love and heart was Azazel. The very first demon/god/being I ever worked with. I wrote alot about my work with him in another place but Im not digging up the past on this, I’m looking ahead.

Azazel, has been by my side on numerous occasions and saved me more than once from more than one thing. I could never thank him enough. He is also the one who introduced the occult to me. I owe alot to Azazel.

I realized sitting in my bubble bath that it was time to go back to Azazel. To my first love.

He can help me with something very specific. I went through a series of trails once. And 12 magicians attacked me at once. But I persevered. And came out on top, albeit changed forever.

One experience I had was a gold chest coming down from heaven and into a wheat field. I walked into it. There was only the sacred flame inside, fire of god.

I was told this is yours and nothing can ever take it away from you. No matter what happens this is yours.

I have realized that it is an ark. And that I have found myself inside of it.

I have utilized a tiny fraction of its powers on a few occassions but I want to be able to harness it and have better control.

Azazel, can help me with this. I know from his history that he must have knowledge of it.

So, as I sat in my bubble bath, I played Azazel’s enn with my earbuds in.

I closed my eyes and called out to him. It was completely dark, in the middle of an open patch with woods circling.

I was wearing a black cloak and carrying a single lite white candle. Azazel, stood across on the other side of the opening. He appeared as if he had been waiting for me.

Between us was a black circle with red markings. Similar to the universal circle but I feel the markings were different.

Azazel took the candle from me and we entered the circle together. We sat criss cross applesause infront of each other with our hands held up infront of us palms out.

Our palms touched. Kind of like when your a kid playing those hand games with a friend.

He knew what I was seeking. He told me to close my eyes and feel my connection to it. To feel it and its energy flowing through myself. To connect with that current. And just be in that moment for now.

I could see it. And see this like electrical current flowing from it into me. I could feel myself merge with the object and its current.

Then my bath was growing cold so I ended the first session.

Im excited to work with Azazel again and be patient and learn everything he can teach me.

Hail Azazel! :sparkling_heart:

Azazel Enn Chanting - YouTube


A few hours before I read @DarkGodofQlippa post i had a dream

I was in second floor of my old house but the ceiling was different,It had many lights,like this

Suddenly, a black snake fell from the ceiling (fall from heaven?) but it stood still and didn’t look threatening, in fact it looked very warm and wise and fatherly, then I said out loud, “He doesn’t even have venom.”
Then I looked up at the ceiling and saw some cats,Some of them jumped to the ground, most of them with wings, and these cats (Plus the ones that were still on the ceiling) started to complaining loudly,They said to take him out of here.That snake remained maturely calm.Then someone came and carried the snake with two sticks and took it downstairs( hell?), while trying to keep the snake’s head still, even though it was not necessary and the snake was standing still.When they are passed by me, the snake stared at me and his eyes turned red like Superman,he was angry but maturely controlled himself. Then the cats went back in through the holes in the ceiling, The last one was a wingless kitten that fell to the ground when it tried to climb up,The sound of it falling to the ground was funny,But finally he went up And my room became completely silent and empty and sad.
I don’t know why but I think he was Azazel
@Vitriol @norse900 @Duchess and other brothers and sisters, what is your opinion?


I largely don’t put any real faith in dreams, so I wouldn’t be a good person to ask. @Arianna, I’ll delete this post in a day or so to keep your journal clean and with more substantial responses than this.


I have seen Azazel as a black snake with red eyes before. And I think others have.

Azazel, is wise and generally kind. If you feel it was Azazel, I would suggest doing an evocation to reach out to him and see if he has a message for you.


Anubanini rock relie in our country

Here king Anubanini erected a image of himself and an image of Goddess inanna (ishtar)follows a lengthy curse formula invoking deities anu,antum,enlili,ninlil,adad,inanna (ishtar),sin and shamash towards anyone who would damage the monument,I’ve been told that one of these names belongs to azazel and one for lilith,but i don’t remember which one,This is from five thousand years ago,He is really powerful and important
I didn’t know that is a journal so I’m stop here, i just love azazel so much


Yes, I love Azazel, very deeply. My heart.


I went back into my zone with Azazel. We are still sitting in the circle like before.

I can feel two angels at my back. Standing behind me wings stretched out.

Azazel, asks do I know who they are.

I reply that they are my angels. I know that they protect to me. And somehow follow my commands when I directly give them commands.

Azazel, nods.

I can still feel the electric current flowing through me. It gives a feeling of excitement.

I can see Belial, Abaddon, Amaymon at each point, like south, east , west. With Azazel, still in front of me. North?

There have swords that they some how move so fast it looks like they are spinning.

Except , Azazel. Is still sitting infront of me like before.

I feel safe and very well guarded.

Azazel, asks if Im always aware of the angels.

Its odd. Sometimes I see them clear as day. Right behind me and sometimes I just know they are there. And other times I dont seem to have notice, but its like something on a subconscious level I know something is there.

I feel a burning through my veins. And it feels like I could explode with energy.

Azazel, tells me to allow it to evenly circulate through my body. To let the fill my veins to the point that it feels as though I have fire pumping my veins.

Its such a strong surge its hard to keep in and not loose the focus.

I have to break from it.

We will try again, later.


Worked with Azazel, and this again last night. Was about concentrate the energy into a line of power kinda like a lightening bolt.

I focused on the line and Azazel said I needed to push that power into something. I pushed it through a specific portal I had created earlier for something else… Pushed it through and into the other side. The electrical like current fried what was on the other side of the portal.

It’s interesting how three things I’ve been working on intertwined to create a huge vortex for raw power to surge through and hit.

The portal

I set up another side to the portal in a very specific place. When the current went through the portal it was a very precise and focused spot.

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I drew Azazel’s sigil on the seven day candle and burned some incense for him.

I sat cross legged and put on some sounds to help me block out unwanted noise.

Then i started for my call for Azazel,

Eya on ca Azazel akin,

Zazel rataka anaka fildka blamatu Zazel.
(Not a curse. My personal incantation for calling Azazel)

I repeated this over and over. Went into trance.

I was back in the same place with Azazel as the mediations before. I held my arms up and my wrists were cut and blood was running down my arms and Azazel licked the blood off my arms and off my wounds. And then the bleeding was gone.

This time he sat behind me. He put his arms around me and drew a circle around my heart then he drew his sigil in the circle and it was gold.

Then i looked up and what I had thought was just darkness or trees in the night were cloaked figures.

Azazel, spoke and said Its time to raise your armies. They are a part of your armies. Tell them to rise up. They wait for you to say it.

I stretched out my hands and raised them and said , rise.

Azazel, and I are working on something bigger than I first thought.

There is a reason he put his sigil over my heart. ( the sigil Azazel used was the one that is also the sigil of Saturn)

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Azazel, taught me a trick last night, how link up with anothers mind. I guess it would, or could be a form of mind control.


Thank you, Azazel! Ride or die :metal:

Every time I think no ones there for me , I can look back and see Azazel. Standing strong right beside me. Ever faithful.


Hello, I wanted to comment when I saw the azazel topic. I am not a new magician, I have had success with a few spirits before. I am currently doing compulsory military service and I cannot use candles and incense because it is forbidden to bring them into my area. I tried to reach Azazel for a few days in a row, I called him many times and made dedications to him again and again, but there was no success, I didn’t feel his presence, and I don’t think he ever came. Does anyone have any advice?

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Sometimes we don’t feel anything when we do the magickal working. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t there or didn’t hear you. It may take a few weeks and then you notice the signs.

If you don’t feel it was successful after a few weeks you can always repeat the working. Azazel, is a pretty amazing guy! I’m sure he will do something.

My dearest Azazel,

Im so sorry I havent been around too much,
Our bond is something I value above everything,.

Eya on ca Azazel akin

Zazel Retaka anaka fildka blamatu Zazel,

You know my heart better than anyone. And I know I can count on you to be there for me!

Este nost flambatu nos est novenete re est blotomu nen destivo

You know I ride with you always…

Evente bentu fina veno constume ventale
Matcha vinte lo nostivue

Est nostra blentu vintique , bevene des atra
Bevene des atra. Bevene des atra

Matavache redlika nostra vemort a lateque

Matavache redilka nostra vemort a lateque

Fiina es bledu fina es bledu

My darling Azazel,

My heartaches for you. To be beside me to ride again like we once did.

(The language is between myself and Azazel, the personal words of love and the sacrifices we make for our deep love, sometimes its easier said in another tongue) our bond is forever.