It takes a soul to break up two people

I need a spirit to make two friends vomit and not talk to each other. On social media etc. They will block each other.

What has your current research suggested you try? Is there co fusion between two or more entities you’re thinking of using?

Most of us typically expect someone to do some basic research before posting a generic or simple question. Is there something you’re confused about or need help deciding?


I have agars in mind, but I’ve left it until Sunday. I’m going to do a love and obsession spell tomorrow, using a link from the target, but there’s something I’m curious about and want to ask.

Are astratoth and astrato the same spirit?

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I personally have never heard of Astrato, so maybe others can weigh in.

+ Agares may be able to help cut communications between two people, but note there are other powers who can have this effect as well.


I meant astarte


Some say yes, some say no. I have no personal experience with either entity so I am not a master of this subject.

@DarkGodofQlippa thoughts?


I think he wonders if astaroth is the same as Astarte.

If that’s the question I’d say for many many years I did not think they were the same.

I was a minority who believed that. Now I’ve come around to the way of thinking that astaroth is an aspect of Astarte but I’m by no means sure of that 100%

@Vitriol your thoughts?


Well my UPG with Astaroth being my patron. He has said to me they are the same yet different and can be called separately. Now Astaroth appears to me both male and female about 75% of female and the energy she gives off id very different to the male aspect. The male aspect is very dark and super protective his presence is known and the atmospheric pressure changes when he shows up. Female Astaroth is super loving protecting and always gives a shoulder to lean on.

Personally I haven’t called on Astarte/Ishtar yet will do it soon and will post on my journal my experience.

Hope this helps the op out.


I re-experienced Raziel’s power and I was so confused that I did not perform a ritual to separate these people I did not summon a spirit but they blocked each other.

but the person unfollowed her friend today, when I told her friend about this situation, she said she doesn’t care about someone who has nothing to do with me, so I blocked her.

Also, the girl is blocking people I don’t want her ex-lover etc. I didn’t say do it, I didn’t do it with magic, long live the archangel raziel.


Well, I’d call a spirit of disease for the first part. And then you can either trust that the two friends will be so disgusted by each other they won’t speak again. Or, you can just call a spirit known for causing discord between friends and have them “break up” so to speak. You could, instead, destroy their ability to use social media with a different spirit.

There are a few routes that could work for your query. That said, I’m not listing spirits. Go do your own research and then make questions that have some kind of foundation.


What spirit can separate two lovers completely permanently?

There are 2 people I want to break up again I want to make them totally hate each other I have feelings for gaap,Do you have any spirit suggestions that can get this job done quickly?

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