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So @anon75849095 the chemical properties purity or lack thereof make it easier or harder to “program” the salt or any other substance to do a task such as being a ward? But intent is the more important element in the magick? In the case of less pure substances (let’s say sea salt) you need more effort more will more intent to get it to function in the manner of a purer form of salt? Am I getting you right?


For the same reason Halal meat is. It was harvested using certain methods involving religious oversight. That’s it.


@Kish it’s like this

Yes I’m not gonna debate about intention being THE most important factor here, but if we said that is the ONLY factor here it would be a dangerous ignorance and willful indolence, mental laziness.

Connecting, cleansing, programing, charging, awakening, all of these steps can all be accomplished in a few minutes.

Now you can totally grab a lunch of salt and throw it with intention. That’s probably gonna be the end of it for 90 percent of people.

I’m gonna keep it real with you, you know what I do for a living, no I can’t go into it openly on the forum because I respect the rules laid out and those who set them. But, we all pretty much know what I do anyway.

I have different needs than most practicioners. I need solutions to heavy duty, really serious shit, serious serious like problems with stubborn parasitic infestations, possessions, I mean I see shit and have to find solutions kish that alot of others don’t. So for me what am I supposed to do when the technique for 90% of mages just isn’t gonna cut it?

I have to learn new philosophy, practice and technique to cope with what I’m dealing with.

If that means I choose a salt like kosher, or Himalayan because it’s properties are stronger than just table salt and intention, then I’m gonna have to get what I need and stand and deliver.

It is what it is…

You asked a good question about properties, concentrations of energy, etc.

Look, you can make a talisman on a piece of paper with intent right? It’ll work. Yes? Ok we all pretty much agree there.

Let’s keep it real though normal foolscap bond paper holds a Magickal intention charge about as well as toilet paper and physically lasts as long typically.

Now you make that same talisman out of clay, wood or god forbid you try…just try is all I’m saying…the appropriate corresponding metal ( before we piss on the wisdom of masters whose greatness in antiquity far exceeds that of our own …) Let’s put it to the test before we dismiss it as “merely this or merely that”

If you did actually try this and experiment as I do and I know @Dankquanicus is known to do, you’ll likely find these things carry a charge much longer at a bare assed minimum than the paper we used. What you’re really gonna see though is that astrological tides and placements, the material your using, your ability to connect with the energy in question, your ability through force of will, concentration and imagination ( the 3 pillars of basically all Magick) AND your intent will make a synergy of resonating energy that hums to the touch and produces real, and satisfying results, that can be reproduced time and time and time again.

Certain materials, plants, minerals, etc have base properties, different grades of material have different max rates of absorption for psychic energy.

Kish you ever wonder why magicians like me, Norse, baal kadmon and pretty everyone who does this for example anoints a candle or object with blood or a specific oil during consecration? It’s be a use that blood or oil acts like a SUPER CONDUCTOR for the energy we are putting into it.

So if you have the appropriate material, it will likely hold a charge longer and stronger and more concentrated than just using whatever.

You can always just use whatever ok we know that too. You’re baking a cake and you don’t have 2 eggs for the batter, well it’s an emergency, you gotta have cake and you gotta have it now, so you improvise, and use one egg and some extra water.

Yourself still gonna have a pretty much cake when you’re done baking…might be a tad bit dry yeah but still resembles what you “intended”

So yes Himalayan salt in my experience holds a disruptive, get the fuck outta here charge better than table salt just one example there.

Now what would even be cooler than everything I just said kish would be for us to actually understand the effect salt has on low level spirits like spirit animals, alot of nature spirits, low life infernal parasites and bottom feeding, lurking no good entities has on them.

If you were to ask me…Mike …what effect does this have them, using salt on them…well I’d say kish, it weakens their energy and dries them up and drains them until they are like a withered, desiccated, dehydrated and starved for life force husk of their former self. In fact I’d even say they will sense this energy immediately and avoid contact with that field of energy on site on contact.

That plus our Intentions and the concentration and purity and appropriateness of the materials and out skill and basic strength of the magician all have a factor on the end goal of what we’re doing.

If we really want to go hard with Magick and really flex our muscles we need to never stop learning and never imagine our own thoughts and beliefs are the sole dictators how reality unfolds around us.

Yes our expectations and beliefs do to a large degree shape reality for us but there are again many factors at work such and past life issues, relationships, planetary tides and placement of stars and such.( Most of us seem to go through hell for example during a mercury in retrograde cycle).
I’ll close with the bit about salt being from Robert Bruce’s, psychic self defense,love that book, love that dude.

Hope I answered the question kish…I know I used PLENTY of words to try to do it…



No I’m sorry Norse, I have to disagree here. The reason it’s better is because to be selected for the process of religious ritual and it’s subsequent oversight it must begin as an especially pure grade of salt. Free of most contaminants

Ironically if you’ve ever had a kosher hotdog with kosher salt. It actually tastes damn good. Idk :sunglasses:

The remark about halal is like apples and oranges are the same…
They both require oversight from religious authority…

Well yeah but an apple isn’t an orange it’s an apple, both get eaten and taste pretty good though.

Both are fruits

However they are not in fact the same


Everything in this world has Spirit. Everything in this world is constantly created by God, the Gods, and are subject to the state and movement of the Stars and Planets, who are the Celestial Gods:

“Timaeus: … To describe the dancing movements of these gods, their juxtapositions and the back-circlings and advances of their circular courses on themselves; to tell which of the gods come into line with one another at their conjunctions and how many of them are in opposition, and in what order and at which times they pass in front of or behind one another, so that some are occluded from our view to reappear once again, thereby bringing terrors and portents of things to come to those who cannot reason—to tell all this without the use of visible models would be labor spent in vain. We will make do with this account, and so let this be the conclusion of our discussion of the nature of the visible and generated gods.”

–Edited by Brian M. Cooper, Plato, Plato: The Complete Works, “Timaeus”, Page 1996, Kindle Edition

“[1] God is the glory of all things, as also are the divine and the divine nature. God, as well as mind and nature and matter, is the beginning of all things that are since he is wisdom meant to show them forth. The divine is also a beginning, and it is nature and energy and necessity and completion and renewal.
In the deep there was boundless darkness and water and fine intelligent spirit, all existing by divine power in chaos. Then a holy light was sent forth, and elements solidified out of liquid essence. And all the gods {divide the parts} of germinal nature.
[2] While all was unlimited and unformed, light elements were set apart to the heights and the heavy were grounded in the moist sand, the whole of them delimited by fire and raised aloft, to be carried by spirit. The heavens appeared in seven circles, the gods became visible in the shapes of the stars and all their constellations, and the arrangement of (this lighter substance) corresponded to the gods contained in it. The periphery rotated (in) the air, carried in a circular course by divine spirit.
[3] Through his own power, each god sent forth what was assigned to him. And the beasts came to be — four-footed, crawling, water-dwelling, winged — and every germinating seed and grass and every flowering plant; {within them they had the seed of rebirth. The gods sowed} the generations of humans to know the works of god; to be a working witness to nature; to increase the number of mankind; to master all things under heaven; to discern the things that are good; to increase by increasing and multiply by multiplying. And through the wonder-working course of the cycling gods they created every soul incarnate to contemplate heaven, the course of the heavenly gods, the works of god and the working of nature; to examine things that are good; to know divine power; to know the whirling changes of fair and foul; and to discover every means of working skillfully with things that are good.
[4] For them this is the beginning of the virtuous life and of wise thinking as far as the course of the cycling gods destines it, and it is also the beginning of their release to what will remain of them after they have left great monuments on earth in works of industry. {In the fame of seasons they will become dim, and, from every birth of ensouled flesh, from the sowing of crops and from every work of industry,} what is diminished will be renewed by necessity and by the renewal that comes from the gods and by the course of nature’s measured cycle.
For the divine is the entire combination of cosmic influence renewed by nature, and nature has been established in the divine.”

–Translated by Brian P. Copenhaver, Hermes Trismegistus, Corpus Hermetica, Book III

Everything in the cosmos has spiritual power and quality, so, there are minerals, herbs, and even elements that banish evil spirits and overturn curses.

Traditionally, the Herbs of the Sun and Saturn are seen to banish evil spirits, and Agrippa says that even Fire weakens evil spirits and strengthens good spirits (See, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book I Chapter 5). We see then a link between The Sun and Fire and their power to banish evil spirits, and so, in many folk tales, it is even said that the Light of the Sun weakens or destroy evil spirits (When they come into contact with it).

Now, as I said elsewhere recently, if you study a lot of Banishing Rituals, you will discover this from them: Evil spirits are repelled by holiness. The Fire is the purest and highest of the classical elements, and the Sun is the Celestial Demiurgos, he is considered traditionally to be as an image of God.

John Michael Greer says this regarding salt:

“Many American children still learn to toss some over their left shoulder whenever salt is spilled; this custom was once meant to drive off the evil spirit who threatened whenever the holy substance was wasted or profaned.”

–John Michael Greer, Encylopedia of Natural Magick, "Salt’

So, the banishing power of Salt is seen to be related to its holiness. It should be noted here then, that salt is unlikely to banish Holy Daimons of Vengeance or Punishment.

It should also be noted that all things in the Material World recieve their spiritual power from their Celestial Gods. So, Amethyst, which has the power to bind demons and banish evil spirits, is much much stronger when it is polished while the Moon is with the Fixed Star Antares, the Celestial God in the Sphere of the Fixed Stars who rules over the it and who is the source of it (Among the Spheres of the Planets, the stone is ruled by Jupiter and Mars).

Among Animals, the Crocodile is traditionally ruled by the Sun (See, William Lilly’s ‘Christian Astrology’ list of things ruled by the Sun), and Sobek, the God who was depicted to have the form of a Crocodile by the Egyptians, was called upon to banish evil spirits, so no doubt the Crocodile has the same power, as the Crocodile is a manifestation of Sobek (In the Chain of Being, I believe God and the Gods who are beyond the Celestial World affect the world through the Celestial Gods. So, the Crocodile recieves its power from the Sun and Sobek, and everything ultimately recieves its power from The One/The Good/God).

So, yes, I believe salt itself banishes evil spirits and purifies what it touches or what is around it!

Sea salt isn’t necessarily less pure. Sea salt is more “Watery” while Rock Salt is more “Earthy”, so Rock Salt may be better on its own for banishing spirits and purifying places, but Sea Salt is more powerful for the creation of Holy Water than Rock Salt is, because it has relation to Water.

And I agree with @DarkGodofQlippa that intent is secondary to the power of the material. Our intent drives our spirit to further perfect works, but it does not give the material its power, it already has its power within it.

Yes, when making an astrological talisman, using a material that is appropriate to the Celestial God or Spirit called upon is better.

However, Thabit Ibn Qurra says this (I have added square brackets for clarification):

“When you have done this according to the conditions I have explained to you, you will by this working cause whomever you wish to agree if God wills; and the images [talismans] may be of lead or tin or copper or gold or silver or wax or clay or anything else convenient to you. The perfection of this magistery lies in the accuracy of the ascendant, and in supporting it with the fortunes and removing the infortunes from it, in the accuracy of the receptions and aspects and all the preceding conditions, if God wills.”

–Translated by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock, Thabit Ibn Qurra, De Imaginibus Chapter 7

So, Thabit Ibn Qurra didn’t worry too much about the material itself, but rather on the election. My sense is that when making an astrological talisman under a limited and weak astrological election, an appropriate material is especially helpful. But, when under a full astrological election, it doesn’t really matter what material you use.

Generally, I like to use a material that is appropriate, but since I always use full elections, when I can’t obtain or use an appropriate material, I just use stainless steel plates, and this has worked very well for me.

I’ll say, regarding “charges”, various traditional authors do indeed say that paper is weaker for a talisman. Marsilio Ficino and Albertus Magnus (According to Camillo Leonardi) say the effects of talismans don’t last permanently, and Marsilio Ficino says the effects from a paper talisman especially don’t last long. However, Camillo Leonardi in his ‘Speculum Lapidum’ says that the power of a talisman lasts as long as its form remains.

There is a paper talisman I haven’t consecrated again in months, and when I hold it, the power feels a little “weaker”, but it’s definitely still there.

So, there is some variation among traditional sources, as they didn’t necessarily see astrological talismans as being similar to batteries, but often times being more like living beings (and indeed, they are living).

As I said, the power of everything in the Material World comes from its Celestial God, but all of the Planets are within everything at the same time (Just, usually one or two Planets are much stronger within any particular thing than the other Planets). As the Light allows us to differentiate between between objects we see because of its different shades and qualities, it is all still One Light.

I have been inspired to add a long message of my own! Haha.


Kish, one of the things I had hoped this discussion would show was a difference in perception based on different practices. I feel it has done this handily. Those with a practice more reliant upon physical items in their practice rate the necessity of similar items more highly than those without.

While it seems like a no-brainer, stating it up front wouldn’t have had the same effect as pointing it out afterwards.



You bastard! I almost had an orgasm reading your post!
Great stuff and from both the heart and experience.
Shit! I feel enlivened and it takes a lot to get me that way!
Wonderful material, wonderfully delivered.
Thanks so much!



I do have a question that I thought of today.

If someone is obsessed with finding a job, and you cast a spell or do some kind of working to help them find a job, will their obsession get in the way of the spell? Because I know that lust for results is what screws up a lot of magick but is that solely for the practitioner, or will their mindset mess with it as well?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers my question :slight_smile:

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I’d say (and that’s all it is, me saying so) that it wouldn’t be as much of a problem for the individual for which the working was performed, although obviously it could be.
Can’t see the wood for the trees syndrome.

For the Magician, every time you think about your Magick (after you’ve performed it) give yourself a good, hard slap across the face. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you overcome lust of result. Works for me!



I agree with that and everything else in your post.

There is a reason and logic for everything used by a mage.
When, how and why to use.

You described everything very well and must have answered many people’s doubts. Good work!


Thx man, yeah I haven’t made a post with this much substance or technical information or oomph in awhile, maybe even since the days of old forum were around.

I’ve got plenty more 23 years now actually of experience, technique and knowledge to share.

I guess it got to the point on the other place I felt to give these kinds of posts was just simply casting my pearls before swine.

Like if I’d have written this on the other place atleast 2 or 3 people would have said in reply

“But Mike how do I get my ex back,” or “did spirit x hear my petition”

It does get old hearing the same exact question 1000 times.

Anyway it’s nice people appreciated my contribution.



Offtopic question but i need a demon/ angel to help me learn Lots of Info in short amount of time Concept regarding difficult airthmetic and geometry problems. Like i want to master these topics I’m already puttin in da work i just need extra spiritual push😅

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The perfect spirit for you:


And she’s mercurial in nature​:grin::grin:



What I really loved about your post was its take no prisoners - this is how it is (at least for me) approach. I love passion, and your post was passionate. The lhp needs more passionate devotees. Really invigorating stuff and again, thanks so much. I’m older than my years, but I really appreciated your contribution so much.

I love you - and I mean that in a real man, heterosexual, death-on-the-battlefield way.
All the very best - brother.



I totally got it man :love_you_gesture:

Coming from you @UncleAl that actually means alot. I’m glad I posted something that you found of value. The overall reception to these posts was very good I’ll probably work more at posting high quality posts like the above more frequently. Especially now that I see my peers finding value it.

Passion I agree is very important, to people like this isn’t just a hobby or something we get into to look cool or make friends, this is a “vocation”. Literally a calling.

Look guys if this shit was easy, everyone would be doing it.

I’ll close with this I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. None of us will be remembered for what we took from this, the only thing that make us truly immortal in this community and in this path is what we could give to it. That and do not ever forget my friends, we are Stronger together in the LHP.


From the book of Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer:
" You can take your time, and read bits here and there, but read through it all before you use any of the magick"
Also in another chapter:
" Before performing any of this magick for the first time, you should read through all seventy-two angel and demon combinations, pondering the powers, reading the names, and looking at the sigils. Enjoy this time and let your anticipation for magick grow."

My question is that: shall I read all combinations for every ritual or just for the first time? I have been reading all combinations before each ritual for 2 years !!! Somewhere he says any of magick, another part says for first time.
My English understanding confused me


Looks like he meant only for the first time! But, it’s probably good to at least periodically read through everything every now and then. So, I wouldn’t say your time has been wasted. It likely helped build up a stronger connection to the spirits, in fact!


While I don’t necessarily use Archers method, I think what he means about reading all the 72 combinations and ponder the powers that be, is because you may find a connection to a set of spirits that may be telling you hey I can help but it is not in that spirit description.

But yes, you should read all the rituals before you do anything, it makes the ritual smoother if you know what is coming next. Kind of like a master of ceremonies, that position is the most
Important one in any event, they always know the schedule and who speaks next and when the dance starts etc.

Good luck!


It seems the answer lies in the second quote which says:
“you should read through all seventy-two angel and demon combinations, pondering the powers

Meaning the reader should make a choice that is not preempted.

Thus to make a valid choice one therefore needs to do a bit of thinkering on what to choose, for which a complete overview of the content (in the head) is a logical precondition, which you can gain only by reading the entire book.