The Olympic Spirits from the Arbatel

If you’ve worked with any of the Olympic spirits of the Arbatel, I would like to hear your experiences.

I have seen there are also an additional 7 spirits added by a later grimoire.


This is related to the first book you recomended me, years ago, Dank.

I have to say that working with one of them (Phul) over a period of three with the purpose of busting my own personal power worked quite well. The effect took a few months to manifest, though.


I am very glad to hear that book helped you! I think it is a nice work, and can even serve as a helpful reminder to more advanced magicians regarding the operations of magick of and the wonder of it. I like how the book also points out the serious logical issues in the philosophy of a lot of Chaos Magicians.
The book is called The Master Work of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne, for anyone else interested. My personal philosophy and practice has diverged very greatly from chaos magick, but I still consider it as a very nice work and it has influenced part of my practice.
The work is also not so much based on the philosohy in chaos magick, and makes a nice point regarding that, but you can see that chaos magick had an influence on the GoM, which they have stated before.

This is also a nice reminder that magick can take months before a petition or spell is completed. I’m glad that Phul helped you nicely! I have been rather interested in the Olympic Spirits for a long time, and have worked with perhaps 2 or 3 of the Spirits before, but don’t have much experience with them. It’s nice to hear about any experiences others have had, included feelings and personality that has been observed from them.


I worked on Chaos Magick Adam Blackthorne yesterday and wanted the girl I love to show more interest in ophiel than she does now, and the results were exactly what I wanted in a very short time.

The interesting thing is that he wants to see you on Wednesday. Wednesday is ophiel’s day, the results are truly amazing.

i called phul tonight and tonight i want her to dream about me while my target is sleeping i’m going to find out what’s going on today.

I called ARATHRON this evening, I fell asleep when I felt it, and after an hour I got up and asked her to bind me more faithfully.

first i started with ophiel the target was hard but she talked to me all day these spirits do their job so fast.


Seems like you really connect with these spirits, Martinez. Excellent work :metal:t4:

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thanks, they help me achieve great results, i will call the other 4 spirits later this week,On the other hand, I feel a very strong attraction to azazel but I have fears :neutral_face:

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i keep working with ophiel she is really helpful,I asked lord rosier for help right after, ophiel was interested and rosier arranged a meeting but i didn’t go.

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My UPG is that Olympic spirits have two aspects and both of them can be evoked for different purposes. The lighter aspects are written bout most often.

I am intrigued as to how duality fits into your world-view.

The polarity in my worldview is order which seeks to preserve things into stability and the chaos that seeks to destroy and change everything.