Public praising of the spirits

Dionysus, I honor and praise you. :grapes: :wine_glass:


Thank you Queen Beleth for your guidance, assistance and superpowering my working.

You have my Respect and Gratitude.

Hail Queen Beleth :orange_heart::tangerine::honeybee::princess:t2:


Thank you for this synchronicity Viné, directly after I started calling you :heart_eyes: I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll help me achieve my goals!


Hail Hekate!
Hail Helios!
Hail Hesperethusa!
Hail Eretheia!
Hail Aegle!
Hail Medea!
Hail to the Lampads!


I’d like to thank my ancestors. They’ve always been with me and each one of them is a part of me.


Hail asmodeus may our relationship be fruitful :fire::fire::fire:


Hail Hekate! :fire:
Hail the Weavers! :sewing_needle:
Hail the Alchemists! :seedling:
Hail the Dancers! :lotus:
Hail K of Keys! :old_key:

Bind my crossed conditions, transmute them to fuel my spell, manifest my petition, and open the ways!


You’ve been crossed?


Not actively; I’m not cursed or anything. I’m just taking negative conditions and attachments and using that to fuel a spell. Personal frustrations, inconveniences, obstacles, that sort of thing. But thank you for the concern!


Id like to praise my pantheon

Hail Astaroth Patron of the Temple of the Backwards Tree

Hail Prince Orobas
Hail King Bael
Hail King Azazel
Hail Prince Sitri
Hail AA Heylel

Thanks today and yesterday go to
Queen Beleth
Duchess Gremory
Earl Furfur

Special thanks to King Asmoday - Ya playa!

Gratitude and Respect

Mike Bee


Thank you for your help!
Hail Agares
Hail Alloces
Hail Forcalor
Hail Forneus
Hail Marbas
Hail Murmur
Hail Valac

Hail to Hecate, Samael, and Lilith

Thanks for coming through


Endless thanks to Dantalion and Yeretel for helping me write and defend my undergraduate thesis. During the presentation, I had a great command of the subject. I prepared the presentation so well that the instructors could not find my flaws unlike the other students. Good luck to you…


Hail to my pantheon

Hail to Lepaca

Hail to rainman

Gratitude and Respect

Mike Bee


I don’t know the names of the spirits that helped me healing me from the head injuries that came to help because of Norse’s concern. He works with them is all I know but…

Thanks to the spirits who healed me at Norse’s request (if you spirits read posts or know about them, this is a thank you for you).

Thanks for your healing help (help it did and I felt better immediately and feel and am better because of what you did).


Thank you to King Belial for your assistance and how you’ve handled my request for the delay of a trip. I expected a fight out of her but didn’t get a resistance whatsoever and no one was hurt.

Andras, I’m trying. I really am. You have to start from somewhere and this is my starting point. You’ve taught me discipline, to be quiet and strong, so while it should be easy to apply those principles in this situation…it’s not. Thank you for your patience though, and hanging in there with me.


Thank you in behalf of my friend for the following spirits:

To Lord Lucifer, Queen Lilith and King Asmodeus.

Roughly a year ago, you asked her what she wants done to her ex boyfriend who wasted ten years of her life and abused her emotionally. She said to Lord Lucifer and King Asmodeus that they can decide what’s best. Queen Lilith came into the picture after we got our cat named after her.

As punishment, they took the lives of both parents of this horrible man. In a gap of less than 5 months. Truly this is testament of the powers of the dark side, that justice is served and the pain is returned ten fold.

Hail Lord Lucifer, Queen Lilith and King Asmodeus.


King Zagan does it again!

Thank you for completing the target revenue in 45 days(again),it fascinates me always that the target is completed right on time, thank you so much, lots of love, gratitude and immense respect.May our relationship prosper over time🍻.

I recommend everyone to give it a try for wealth magic with King Zagan👑

Hail King Zagan​:crown::black_heart:

  • Thanks Vehuiah Vaveliel Hoel Vnael and Bael to conceal mistakes and weaknesses of my university projects

  • Thanks Harachel Harchivael Rakchiel Chachmiel and Orias to help me get the best possible grades in courses

  • Thanks Lucifer and Belial for hearing my request about getting grade for a course (although it failed but I understood that magick is not a substitution for my laziness)

  • Thanks Hahael Hakmiel Hatzaftziel Hoshaiel and Forcalor I wanted to you cause failure in projects of my 2 relatives (although it wasn’t successful and the projects didn’t failed but I tried to find the reason and that gave me great lessons about the quality of my ritual and my preparation process)

I used

  • The magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer
  • Lucifer and Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose

Hail to glorious Helios! Thank you for today’s profound experience and teachings in solar radiance! :sun_with_face:


Hail Dantalion!

Who has shown me the truth of a person, who has shown me the truth and power of magick and of ritual!