Question to those that have had close experiences with parasites. Whats it like having one attached? How you got rid of it?


Don’t know how o fit rod of mine but I can say that the more intelligent ones do their damndest to keep you as a food/energy source to keep you interacting with them or letting them be on/in/around you feeding off you.

They give the sensation of you’re a lucky 1 a special 1 that they chose you they may provide emotional or physical sensations to make it so you don’t try get rid of them so you think your benefiting from them.

They start off sending you positive feelings like touched simulating hugs and stuff like that (probably the succubi/incubi types give orgasms). So unfortunately it feels good when it begins (good like say how at first getting buzzed may feel good UNTIL you’re like addicted then it goes bad like that does).

When it goes bad though…. It could kill you and even the weaker types can send negative feelings to try make you want to die if they want out of the parasitic connection with you.

It’s something you can hope you never experience and can do things to prevent (like banishing shielding etc) but it’s something dangerous potentially deadly and something you don’t want EVER.

If you survive it and it’s gone from you, you count yourself lucky because you KNOW it could have been worse could have killed you and it makes you wary of doing anything that could ever attract another one.

At least that was my experience (that it started good and pleasant and I thought it was a desirable position to be in and went south badly at the end (and almost resulted in my death).

Add: the experience was so bad at the end it took me almost 15 years to come back to magick afterwards. It was that bad at the end.


How long before you realised it was a parasite and did you try to do something to get rid of it?


Never had one (I didn’t want) attached to me. But they aren’t too hard to rid of after you spot them.

There’s the “burn it” response, but you can also scare them off, crush them, adopt them, send them to another person, and so much more.

Pretty much you find it, and then you handle it however you choose to. Getting them to show themselves or finding them, I’d say, is over half the work.

Most parasites are quite low level and easy to handle. Some of them, especially ones that are “adopted” by a magician or made by one though and those that are archons, might be a bit harder to handle.


Are there other methods if you cant see them?


Well for me I didn’t know it was a parasite til after I came back to magick before that I hadn’t even heard of parasites I’d heard of demons and ghosts like everyone has but not parasites.

So basically it took about 15+ years to hear about them and realize what I had.

As to doing something to get rid of it other than resisting it trying to get me to suicide? I did nothing cuz at the time I knew nothing about parasites and didn’t know of anything to do about it.

I think because it tried to make me die and broke some ground rules I gave I that something pulled it out of me when after it tried to kill me (have me kill myself). That was AFTER making my life hell and almost ruining it. I don’t know if it was a spirit guide a guardian angel or a deity what I know is I was damn lucky.

Now however I know more. I hope I don’t ever get 1 again but if I do I know what to do and who to call on if they doesn’t work (but since I now know they exist and what they are and basically do, I’m unlikely to let it get in let alone to the point it got to then. If I suspect ones around now, I’m likely to banish first ask questions later).

Add: I was a newbie then didn’t know nothing that I should have messed up using Hollywood as inspiration and tried to make a pact using Hollywood inspiration as the inspiration for my spell (with no ability to see spirits) and got myself into big ass trouble because of my own inexperience naivety stupidity and carelessness and had no idea what I was doing what was going on and like I said I got lucky (lucky that somehow it got pulled out or left me and I survived the ordeal).

In fact I think that was my first ever spell. So I was a dumb ass newbie and careless as fuck cuz I didn’t know better and got burned by that ignorance and also because of my own arrogance (not even a thought that there was a risk).


I didn’t have wards, or protections, I didn’t know about banishing, I didn’t use a circle, I didn’t call Angel names or anything, all I did was what I knew and all I knew was what teen fictions and Hollywood said/showed about magick.

So I was basically someone’s dinner ringing the lunch bell saying come and get it without realizing it. I basically did the dumb shit of trying to “sell my soul for rock and roll” via writing a blood pact to no specific being and accepting the first thing that came through the door.

Let me tell you people DO NOT DO THAT! DO NOT IMITATE HOLLYWOOD or a teen fiction novella. It can only go bad if you do. Very, very, very badly.

Even if you want to pact or sell your soul fir rock and roll don’t be a dumbass like I was. Learn to fucking banish and ward then learn the proper way to initiate a pact from real occult sources like this forum (or other forums) and for your own sake make sure it’s directed to a specific demon/angel/entity but not just hey anybody or anything that comes knocking cuz it sees you doing magick. Your life may depend on it!

Add: btw you can’t sell your soul. As to pacts, that stuff is serious business. Learn before you leap. Don’t be dumb. Stupidity or carelessness, either of those can kill you when it comes to doing magick. Magick is serious not a joke.

Add: Oh and BTW…

And sorry for the capitalized words, but it touches a nerve just talking about it (cause it’s hard to admit to having been that naive that ignorant and that reckless) but at the same time, it sorta is part of Like if I can help others avoid it happening to them, then it was worth it to go through it (and I can only do that if I share my experience) but I f it can’t help others avoid my mistake then it was for nothing that I went through it (beyond a bad learning experience for me).


Where I ‘live’ the place is full of human parasites with machine tooled souls and often with the imploring eyes of a greeting card Jesus or trapped behind bottle-end thick spectacles, weaving like fish in an aquarium. They smell of old memories, their words mostly filtered through regret as their preserved, raw as cheap brandy expressions occasionally experiment with a smile or they exchange frowns. It’s like a trip through the sewer in a glass-bottom boat.

For mental health reasons I remain as polite as I can but have as little to do with them as possible.


I once knew a young bloke who contacted a spirit, and this spirit helped him significantly. Overtime it could communicate with him in his mind, because he invited the spirit to do so. The eventual upshot was that this spirit caused the guy to lose his job, marriage, kids and home. The bloke said it had a nature like a spider in a hole and when he’d lost everything the spirit laughed at him. Apparently, it was an expert in destroying its victims. Last time I saw him – more than a decade ago – he told me that the spirit sometimes tries to communicate with him and that’s it’s a truly horrid entity, very ingratiating but that it hid its true nature until it was too late.

This is merely one reason why I keep preaching the importance of a well-honed banishing ritual, but again, what would I know?


@UncleAl Well, unfortunately for me…

“That was back in the day and maybe you weren’t there it doesn’t matter anyways ” to quote a Megadeth song since it applies in my (and this) case. Not the whole song but that line definitely fits.

My parasite thing happened back in the day around the year 2000. Way before most of the forums (maybe before any of them) existed. So I jumped in head first not knowing better and got burned.

At least now if people want to learn they can learn from forums and stuff and get recommendations for learning banishing and stuff back then that wasn’t an option (and books were hard to find in my area anyway).

Edit correction note: my spell check changed forum to guns and I was like what the heck so changed it.

And to add the song link

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Had one when I was high school always felt the need to masterbate. great orgasms but always felt drained and my mind felt cloudy didn’t understand parasite at the time so wrote it off as my hormones but what tipped me off was the frequency of these urges to me it didn’t feel natural so I ignore them and I stopped masterbating. The the urges got so strong that it felt like lighting was move through my body 4 day of the this feeling untile it reached a a breaking point one night too much energy rushing through me so imagined myself cutting a wire too where the energy was coming from. It seem to do the trick but it effected some part of my mind for few day felt pretty sad like I losted something important but I never entertained thought as felt it was a trick. eventually that feeling went away and I believe a decease family member or spirit heal me over the course of a month. Tho I was healed I still have trust issues with spirit in general.


i’m having a problem with an entity right now, and LBRP doesn’t seem to work against it. are there any powerful rituals I can perform to get rid of it?

Use the Middle Pillar. Instead of a shaft of white light and balls of white light, try instead blue light with vertical random rays of white light through the blue.

If your stance is that “it” 's “interpretive,” then you should consider the fundamentals you’ve learned and craft your own way to handle the parasite issue.

If your current practice is confined to LBRP and you haven’t tried anything else, I’m not sure a “powerful ritual” handed to you will solve the problem. There’s a history of people winding up digging their own holes because they try out “powerful rituals” either without understanding them or without the basics required to cast them effectively and safely.

While rituals can certainly handle parasite issues, there are many simpler means. Commanding them to leave, becoming a meal they don’t want, and “burning” them are included in that.

Is there anything else that you have tried (aside from LBRP)?

Seeing as you’ve posted under “Parasites,” what kind of parasite is this? As in, what has it been doing to you? And then, how do you know it’s a parasite, have you seen it, has someone told you it’s there, what interactions have you had with it or it with you that leads you to knowing it’s a parasite?


WiFi parasites in my case. Some stay close to power outlets and had to use Orgone Energy or Orgonites, also Black Tourmaline also. I also used my own awareness, usually when you suspect or you turn around for no reason, means something is there.


when i said interpretive, i meant astrology, NOT the parasite issue.
“simpler” means don’t work against this thing. believe me, i have tried a bunch of things that people suggest on the internet, such as clearing the space, banging pots, etc
i don’t know much about entities, or parasites, but i came to this forum looking for solution. this being initially posed as my spirit guide, sometimes calls me names, reacts to my thoughts. it also sends me really depraved nightmares.

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We might claim smashing pots together is a banishing technique, but that’s about energy lol. I’m not sure who told you to bang things around for a parasite, but that’s not good advice from them, I’d be careful going forward about listening to them with ideas that sound far-fetched.

You should begin by reading up on parasites and how they work. Both the literal real-world kinds and the spiritual ones.

I’m clearly not a book, but I’ll give you a little bit of information from what I’ve gleaned on them. Parasites are looking for a meal that will let them stay for the long haul, they are looking for someone who needs something or has a “hole” or sorts for them to burrow into. This can be something like loneliness, a need to feel loved, feelings of not belonging, etc. They want someone who is not going to fight them or someone not capable of it. Sometimes they make mistakes and they pay dearly, most of the time they catch a ride with someone and stay a long time. Parasites sink into the things that people “lack,” and fill it with themselves. Sometimes they will make you feel like you have what you are lacking, other times they will make it feel as though that thing will always be out of reach. This is the common type of parasite.

There are others including ones that tamper with magick skills/ambition. There are some that are magician-created and engineered for specific purposes. There are some that act as “imposters.” And there are more. But that the root, parasites are looking for something a person has that they want. Usually, some kind of negative emotion/feeling.

The reason I looked at your introduction was to see what kind of experience you had. Usually, that helps people/us determine which means are suitable to suggest. However, your into doesn’t say much of anything about your practical magick experience. As I said before, a “powerful ritual,” is probably not the right route. That’s my view.

Instead, I suggest you figure out what it wants. That’s where you can severe the attachment, from what it is finding in you that you are feeding it. Fear is a really big one. I also suggest you AP or even just meditate until you’re in the right state of mind/place and just take it off of you. Be careful not to yank if off because that might feel unpleasant for you though.

When you can see it, it’s yours to command. So pull it out of your space and set up some protection. Or pull it out of your space, kill it, and then set up protection.

I don’t know if you mean the literal room, or your energy but I want to touch on cleansing for a moment.

Clean(s)ing physical spaces is great, fun, and helpful in many ways. However, one of the ways they are not helpful is cleaning out your own personal energy. Parasites, in the way you mean it, are not going to hang out under the couch. It’s on you, not chilling in the house.

So when you cleanse yourself, you can’t just shower and expect that to remove all your energetic attachments unless you’re doing a ritual-type shower. Similarly, you can’t smash pots together and proclaim you are cleansed without actually cleansing. Pots are lovely, screaming is great too, but handling personal parasites is not the place for either. Nor is it the place for sweeping the floor or spraying rose water on yourself.

If you want to cleanse yourself, that takes actual energetic and/or mental work. This is a large part of “shadow work” whose goal is often integration and lessening fear of certain aspects of the self. If you want a parasite to leave you alone by using cleansing, you’ll need to look deep within yourself and feel for where the parasite is attached. Then, in a way that probably is not fun and might substantially suck, you’ll need to handle (energetically and/or mentally) that aspect of yourself that the parasite is feeding on.


Robert Bruce psychic self defense all you need.


i just want to get rid of this thing, i’m honestly so fucking exhausted. i think it does something to my third eye/solar plexus, and i’m by no means an expert, but this is just my intuition. it plays music in my head 24/7, reacts to everything i do, uses my weaknesses against me and calls me names. i literally had to take 2 weeks off work because i can’t even concentrate on things. it’s even harder to do any sort of magick rituals, because it fucks with my attention span.

there are moments when I feel more or less centered, after I do the whole round of middle pillar + qabbalistic cross + lbrp. but like today, for instance, it was really bad, i can’t even do anything productive at this point because it’s a whole ass mental game with this thing. i’m ranting at this point, but i’m just really tired and idk what to do about it. if there is a specific book or resource you could recommend me on parasites, I would really appreaciate it.

There is a technique or two that can be used.
Flame in the Heart from Roma off WF:
Open heart chakra, see a flame in it that is golden-white. Send energy up to the top of the head, imagine yourself glowing like a light bulb. Send it down your arms in a counter-clockwise pattern and traveling back up clockwise. Go down the legs clockwise and coming back up counter clockwise.
Alternatively, visualize yourself in a bath stall/shower, filled with light blue light and random frequency shafted of white light falling through the blue light.
Alternatively, use blue light with vertical white streaks in the middle pillar rather than white.

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