Human Possession

I’m not sure this is always baneful, but posseting another human seems like it fits into baneful pretty well.

So, I’ve not yet possessed a person. But I do know it can be done. And I’m interested in trying to get a handle on it soon.

I’m wondering if anyone wants to share tips & tricks or stories & theories?


Well, I remember it is what Bardon called consciousness projection (or something like that), but sounds like a more extreme form of any influence-related magick. More invasive. I wouldn’t know how to do it, but then again, I really don’t see too many benefits on it.


Fun. For fun. I mean, at least for now that’s the aim. And spying too perhaps although there are some drastically less intense ways to do that.

Edit: Although I guess there are much more valid reasons out there too.


Now we’re talking. Yes, I can see some benefits to it, potentially.


Like, if you can get a handle on human possession, what can’t be done in the realm of interpersonal magick?

There’s a person I want to try it with, just to see because they have no wards and are really pretty good at being a test subject in general. I think I’d want to try with someone who agreed just to get both perspectives before doing it for real with real intentions. My view is that trial periods are important with high stakes magick.

It seems a few steps up from scrying and tarot, and it fits hand in hand with something I have in the works related to mental magick. So I wanna play around with the idea and see if it’s something I can get a handle on.


I think it is important with any sort of magick.

I’m very interested in the topic now :smiley:


What is your mode of entrance going to be? How are you going to get inside their head?

Your also going to need to push their consciousness back so you can take over. Some people are a lot stronger than others.

Generally, when demons possess it’s done because of something like an invocation. It’s much easier to do if you are already welcomed inside. But there are other ways to still do it.

The times I’ve been able to best do it was when I was invited. It takes less energy and makes it easier to do your will.

You can still do it. Without the invite. You will just have to use more energy because you are going to take over by force. And it maybe more difficult to hold the possession for longer periods of time.


People have natural defenses. A friend astral projected into my room once and tried to enter my dreamscape through my body. They ran into “a wall of green and gold fractals” that burned the shit out of them. They did not sleep for three days, despite drinking heavily to try and knock themselves out. Keep that in mind!


@Mythopoeia this is a great story! Thanks for sharing it.


You may have luck pulling someone out while they are sleeping and then entering. Perhaps a spirit would cooperate with you. But I have never tried this. I have struggled to pull out my partner out for non-baneful reasons, with his cooperation. I have never managed to get him all the way out. But, perhaps you could manage it, especially the with the help of a spirit. Spellwork in advance would probably help.


Yes. When Lilith / ubis try to come in during lovemaking, I can always push them back if I’m not up for it. Granted we have a good relationship and they are gentle with me, and never resist when I push back, but it doesn’t “feel” difficult to push them out.


That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I’ve not tried it but I’ve theorized on it.

I accidentally pulled someone out of sleep when I put them in a triangle… so if you can pull someone out of their body, I don’t know why you couldn’t enter theirs.

I’m not talking about pulling them out while your astral and their asleep- I was physical and he was in the bed and I could see him, for real. I assume the connection had between the two of us was what allowed it, I wouldn’t think you could just do it to anyone because of defenses but.

It brought up a lot of questions about things I’d been told by experienced magicians that were impossible.

Like I remember being a kid, maybe five years old and thinking if I died I had a small window to find someone weak enough to take over. Thinking I’d have to fly over hospitals if there was no one close- to find someone and I hoped I could find my family again…

Where do thoughts like that even come from, and do experiences like the above verify that they could be foundationaly real? Not understanding how something is possible doesn’t make it impossible- imop. It makes incomprehensible. Unlikely. unprovable or improbable but not impossible.

Obviously I don’t have the answers, but it’s not for lack of looking, it’s for the lack of sharing.


Curiosity: would them having a guardian spirit or relations with a demon/angel make it harder to do this? Would the spirit be likely to fight to stop you or remove you if they had one? Or would it be the same as if they didn’t UNLESS you did something malicious or harmful (meaning them just standing by doing nothing unless you did something untoward first)?


When my friend projected into my room and tried to enter my dreamscape, I had some sort of guardian spirit around that absolutely bailed on me, lol. My friend had to “rip through” an angelic shield I had put up. I saw her and did not mention it to them; they mentioned her to me independently. My natural defenses were far more useful.


Well. A guide or guardian might be inclined to take the stance that they only intervene if it’s going to interrupt your path, or kill you.

They might not of course, but it seems like a good guide/guardian would be like a good parent- and let you make mistakes and learn and grow.

My personal collection of asshats with the exception of my personal minion, fail to alert me to anything dangerous, seemingly thinking I should be able to handle the shit I get myself into…

Or that if I’m going to do this maybe I should know how to recognize an attack :rofl:


@Keteriya That makes sense, especially given my experience with whatever it was that possessed me (parasite most likely, human ghost possibly but unlikely).

Nothing intervened for me until it did some very shit stuff and after it did, it felt like it was ‘pulled out’ with the sensation being only what I can describe as like a cork pulled from a wine bottle (or champagne bottle) strong impression of suction then a sensation of pop then it was gone.

I definitely learned a lesson from that experience. So if my guardian wanted me to learn a lesson… lesson learned (unpleasantly).


Yeah, this is why I talked about using a specific human as a test subject. I think it’s best to learn that way.

Woah! I wonder where you picked that idea up from or if it was totally from you. That’s intense for a kid.

I agree completely. That’s why I think it’s so important to raise the topics even if we censor ourselves when sharing. We can learn so much from each other and have such amazing conversations, sharing personal experience/theories can really make a difference.

I have a spirit that regularly gets into things with humans and spirits alike that step a little to close. It does not matter what their intentions are at all. I’ve had a couple friends even contact me and say something about it and I have to say…were you too close without warning me? Unless you’re really very close with the person, and have an arrangement with them, I’d say you should always expect to be attacked (not pushed away, attacked) for meddling.

Awesome job! They do go a long way.

I think we’ve all been left to handle things ourselves, usually not the most fun experience.


I have no idea. I’ve wondered many times if there was a movie or something else that could have spawned the idea, or where the hell you might conjure it up from.


This is such an interesting thread, I’m still trying to figures out my bit, but I relate to this.


If you read some of the texts from some of the older groups (not forums) that I won’t name, they theorize that it’s a battle of Wills when a “Master” of their order dies and decides to take over someone else’s existence. Not a lot of proof to go around there.

I’ve been looking into softer means for a while. Why fight (and continue to have to), when you can slip in?

Once you get to a certain level, things like defenses, wards, guardians… I suppose I’ll just say it. It you think there’s an undercurrent that attached us all, then there’s opportunity. The mechanics are debatable and will be, but this also…suggests…that I’m already inside and all I have to do is tap into that link…

Most people love to spout this sort of connection, but they fall short in the “using it” department. I can, and may, use it every time someone rears their head and decides to take a whack at me.

I would rather watch things around them crumble for full effect, to be honest, but I have thought about using it to…self-castrate…certain groups. The problem being that it may not be reported. I used to work in a Biotechnology lab, so observing results has a high value to me, even if I felt it worked.