Help interpreting this situation

I didnt know under which category to put this topic on and figured this is the closest thing related to it… this is something that happened to me a couple of months ago and never really shared it cause it sounds crazy just thinking about how that conversation would go and honestly dont have anything that would truly be able to say anything regardless so figured maybe some you guys here might have some insight…

This is in regard to an acquaintance where the relationship grew to be soley of a sexual nature which is just how i intended it to be. Now one day of the many encounters something very strange happened. ThAt to this days still has me perplexed and wanting to have an answer for it. lights are off, foreplay is over and show is about to begin when out of nowhere she asks “do you believe in magick?!” I was stunned as thats a very awkward question to ask in that particular moment. Now thats not even the freaky part which happens right before i can even reply with a “wtf?!” Her eyes turned yellow for a moment. Which freaked me out even more as i simply cant understand what i just witnessed. Ive come with all kinds of reason as to why i saw what i saw but never really get anything out of it. Other thsn i know what i saw lol. Has anyone ever encountered anything similar or heard of something like this before.

P.s for the mods Idk if this post is appropiate if not, will remove immediately.


It is fine, but other than perhaps invoking a spirit I have no idea what the explanation might be, so I have nothing beneficial to add.


Maybe she had a parasite and it took over and asked that for a moment?

Add: Could be it sensed/knew you have had something to do with magick and was trying to suss out if you could be a threat (be capable of expelling it from her and her life), especially IF it’s been expelled from someone sometime by an occultist.


Thats a very interesting take… parasite never occurred then again idk how they operste. If it took over, would she have been aware of her action as an involuntary one or would have no recollection?!
I never mentioned the eyes thing but after the fact i asked about why would she ask me that question and was just dismissive as “oh just forget it its nothing”
Nothing is never nothing.


I doubt she’d be aware (if one’s in the stages of being possessed by a parasite and it overtake that persons consciousness and they won’t be aware of anything although depending on the situation it happens in they may realize something happened or they may not). If they remember it might be a bad sign.

From my own experience being possessed by one a long time ago I doubt she’d remember or know what happened. I got shoved into a dark place and when I got out of it and became aware there was a lady screaming at me that I was evil and I was kind of “wtf???” And had no idea why she was screaming like a crazy person at me.


Nasty bugger… approximately how long were you out?


Don’t know. Guess? 5-30 minutes? I don’t know but it was less then the length of my work shift but long enough to make that lady go off her rocker.There’s no time in the dark and if you are in the situation I was with a crazy person yelling at you that you are evil you don’t think to look at a watch or phone or anything.

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Got to add that if it’s able to take over your pretty far into possession (at least in that moment in time). I was just lucky I got out of it. Dunno how. All I know is when it left came out of me the closest description to the feeling was a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle. Maybe cuz I resisted suiciding is why it left? Maybe it got bored? Maybe cuz it broke a rule I set a higher level entity pulled it out of me. All I know is I was lucky to survive it and get free.

Add; But don’t be fearful there’s more then 1 type of parasite so having one doesn’t mean hers is like mine was. For all I know, hers could be the incubus type. Something that sucks energy but doesn’t do anything else to harm it’s host. They are bad to have but not all of them try to harm their host or make them harm themselves. Some are just energy drainers (drinking your energy the way us humans drink milkshakes) like the incubus/sucubus kind as I understand it. It’s probably 1 of those she has. Especially if she said it was nothing. But hopefully she’ll get rid of it anyways. To cop and alter a line from Dracula …the energy is the life mr. Renfield. A smarter parasite won’t try and kill It’s meal off. Mine was obviously a stupid one.


It seems more like a partial possession in that person combined with a vision you had.

Voices and facial expressions change radically in possessions but I have never seen eyes changing color.

Have you tried summoning this yellow-eyed entity and asking directly? Or ask any Demon or spirit you have contact with?

I think it would be more prudent to decide your actions after knowing what it is about.

It could be something favorable for you.