Keep going or giving up?

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.

Sometimes in magic you have to keep going and cast magic over a period of time to get what you want.

But at which point do you say its enough ? How long do u give time for your spells to manifest before marking it as failure ?

Has it ever happened to you where everything was going opposite to your spells but then it ended up manifesting ?


@Dreamy you’ve really hit on a good topic here. One very relevant to a situation I’m dealing with also. Alot of magicians seem to think one or two rituals is going to manifest their wish almost immediately.

That isn’t the case in real reality. In Magick we are using concentration, imagination and willpower to shape the fluid astral world to manifest changes in our material world. This is why the Persian magi carried a mirror in their robes, to remind themselves of the truth of the world of spirit beyond the veil.

Changing the astral can take several applications of the same rites or a combination cocktail of rites repeatedly to effect the change here. Like when your sick and the doctor prescribes antibiotics. You don’t expect to get well after taking one capsule. You need several at certain intervals to effect change.

This is very much like that.

Where do you draw the line? Look I’ve been Hammering on a situation for 8 weeks and had no signs of progress until the dam burst today and the power finally flooded through. I can’t tell you where to draw the line but sometimes, sometimes you gotta go balls out to make your will manifest.

Also, were not always gonna get our way. And that sucks. When I’m defeated and concede defeat on a project I ask myself what a magician who could have done this what would he or she have done differently? Only way to grow.

Great topic dreamy.



One of my earliest rituals took about a year to fully play out, and in the meanwhile, I had to deal with this situation I didn’t want & was actively trying to end. I got through it by being calm and constantly reminding myself that it wasn’t my problem and it was going to end. I was confident that my work would win out in the end, and it did.

Long story short, I was forced to work with this really annoying needy client at work and I asked Belial to fix it so I never had to deal with them again. They ended up completely backing out of their contract and severing all ties. It took one year.

The key is confidence. You can do one or two rituals, trust the work, be confident, and focus on the end goal while maintaining a confident mindset, or you can throw everything and the kitchen sink at the problem in a really short period of time and then be dismayed that it doesn’t fix itself in like two weeks. I’ve tried both and honestly, believing in the outcome is the most effective for me. Me having results in almost a year to the day, involving companies and contracts and legalese and whatever, that’s nice… I’ve also had results in 2 weeks, 10 days, two days, five hours, and literally five minutes.


Yeah it’s hard telling sometimes what kind of case or situation your dealing with. One that resolves quickly or over time… confidence is the key. Desperation is poison. @Veil excellent point excellent :ok_hand:


If it’s something I’m (still) wanting, why would I give up? I might seek guidance on a better approach or do some supporting rituals if they seem to be needed, but if it’s wanted/needed, I will continue.

Some of my lifestyle workings have supporting workings that need done, too, before they will (likely) be in the spot I want. This can take years for some of these, in my opinion. That’s fine with me. I could likely make it happen with money by then, so I’m not as concerned.

In general, I won’t think twice about needing to recast something, just in case more energy was needed than when I cast (for whatever reason). I usually deal with complex problems (many are, under the surface), so I don’t go in with a one and done mentality (I’ve cast a dozen times before to keep momentum and build in that type of working). I don’t take it personally, but sometimes get discouraged. But if I give up on it, while still wanting it, I can’t expect anyone else to do the work for me. Unless they’re a good friend with some extra time :rofl:

I’ve been working one project for a year now. Super complex and things are outside my direct influence daily. I simply reevaluate, adjust my approach, and continue.

Another project is showing promise after … months of making small changes and letting it trickle down. Quite please, nice start. It’ll need to be maintained until the end goal is met.

Some of the people on this forum have seen things work in hours, days, and weeks. All depends.

But if you really want it, seek guidance on the approach from an appropriate spirit and continue. Also nothing wrong with asking others for help. It’s promotion season at work again and I reached out to someone that offered help for it in the past. I may reach out to others, too. I’m not too proud go that route, so I would use it f it may help.


multiple spells were done . its been a little over a year .
but everything is going total opposite to what the spells were suppose to achieve. Throughout the year , we have reinforced.

I am not finding the strength to keep going and being patient after all this time that has passed . I still want it yes but I have been crushed completely.

Reading show positivity but then whats happening in the mundane world is total opposite. some spirits say its working slowly but what I am seeing with my eyes in front of me doesnt match what they say .


…that’s the thing with magick, what you see in front of your eyes doesn’t have to match what the spirits say. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel defeated though, I totally understand that.

It took me from Aug 2020 to Oct 2021 to break up a couple. Let them tell it, they were made for each other, they were going to spend their whole lives together, candy coated pics posted on social media, etc. what I SAW with my own eyes was a couple that was never going to break the hell up. What the SPIRITS said though, was behind the scenes, these two fought like cats and dogs, loving pics were posted as a front to fool everyone, cheating and abuse was going on, etc. out of nowhere my target called me, told me they broke up and things went back to normal with us.

If you really want this desire to manifest, then trust the person (or yourself if self casted) and go about life like nothing happened. Let go completely.

If you’ve decided to hang in there and continue, I suggest reading this thread:

Good luck and stay in the fight.


They says the spells are working to bring back someone … yet this person hasnt talked to me in 1 month and has left me on read … this is what I get after a year of wait and multiple spells.

So when they say its working … I am like where … he aint talking to me or seeing me and I am not with him…

How ? How do you let go of being hurt? @NavyBeans


I understand you’re hurt. Trust me, I have a small child with my target, so imagine masking your pain while trying to deal with your child’s pain of being treated like shit by their parent because he found a new bed warmer to play with. I gave the best advice I could, it worked for me, and I left a great link on how to let go. I’ll defer this to someone else who could give a better answer.

Good luck.