Taking help from another magician

Hello to all
I am in a confusing situation and I want to request a ritual from my friend who is more adept and skilled! Is it a good idea, I mean doesn’t it show me a weak person in the eyes of spirits? Cause I’ve worked with them a lot !


I would say do not worry about it! Now, it does depend on the spirits of course. Spirits are often like us. They have their own opinions on things (and they are not necessarily the truth), their own thoughts. That perhaps depends on the spirit, and perhaps how high and powerful they are. Now, if the spirits in question are Angels, or Celestial Spirits, or The Gods, then I would say do not worry about it! With other spirits, I may not have experience with them so I can’t comment on them personally.


I think I’ve lost count of the times I’ve asked my friends for help! Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends if they are offering assistance. :slight_smile: No spirit has ever made me feel “lesser” because of it, and it certainly hasn’t affected my own results/outcomes. If anything, I have my friends to thank for helping me to make some very important workings of mine much stronger.

Oh, and there is also no reason to think a spirit would try and make you feel lesser for it. Remember, you’re the one in control. So simply do not question it or allow it.


Yeah I agree, there’s a time to walk alone and manifest your wishes with your might. There is also a time to leverage the power of other magicians to manifest the change also.

This is a perfect time for me harp on this particular point “We are stronger together on the LHP”

There is no shame in asking for help. It’s intelligent, you gain strength in numbers and synergy of power with alliances.

Word of advice: treat your allies carefully. Remember too they may need you someday.


I’m not skilled in the Tarot and similar, but the spirits haven’t cared or looked down on me for it. Some people are further along in some areas than others. Just part of the process.

The smarter part is where you ask for their assistance because you realize you need it. I’d get involved if you can, to help your growth, too.


Ive asked for help from others before and accepted it where offered. One of the best parts about having friends who are into the occult and do magick is the information sharing I think and the general (not always, but usually) lack of judgement. I’ve asked for help with my craft and I’ve asked for help with getting results. I’ve also benefitted from these when I haven’t explicitly asked. Both have a time and place.

Magick can be isolating and solitary, but it’s also a lot more than that. There’s no shame in asking for help. Let me give an example, I can drive, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t asked for rides before or accepted them where offered. Sometimes you figure it out alone, sometimes you ask for help, sometimes you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Everything has its time and place.