General Blessings & Rituals

I’ve come to ask for suggestions/recommendations.

I usually do magick for specific goals, which means I want something and magick helps me attain it. I’ve done positive, helpful workings in the past for others, but those have been for people I’ve known or been able to tell what might benefit them.

Today, someone helped me. An incredible human whose skills I treated disrespectfully—not blatantly but sometimes I do actually feel bad lying to people that I respect a lot and view as truly good people. We spoke a few minutes and she was above and beyond an amazing person. I’d like to do something to compensate for my behavior, even if it’s just to make me feel better. The thing is…I don’t do this much and I’m not sure where to start really.

Blessings and giving strangers magick because I genuinely want to isn’t something I’m very accustomed to. I’m looking for help and ideas. What does one do for a non-practitioner just as a ‘thank you’ or something similar? Don’t care if you have a simple or super elaborate ritual, I’m interested in them all.


In my life, when I want to thank someone I’d do a road opener/good luck/abundance working for them. Also, if they’re looking for a romantic partner, you can do a love working for them.

We do magic differently so I’m not giving you my rites.

Have a great weekend @Laurel_Spider


Cool ideas! Have anything specific you want to share?

I think a road opener would be something fun, I’ll consider it more deeply for sure.


Are you open to visionary magic @Laurel_Spider ?


This is to be done on Thursday at the hour of Jupiter
For four weeks.

Now this is the vocal part:

A great bounty free of charge is given to X

A plethora of wealth, coins and silver
At his feet all the Money in all the worlds

X gets money in buckets.
As the rain falls down from the skies without effort,
X gets business/works easily for great profit

This is the visualization part:
Big fat yellow white gold coins raining from the sky turning to great gold silver diamond and black coins
Growing from the ground.


I have more if you like. This is mostly how I do Magic.

If you’re interested I can post a road opener a romance one…


If you are in doubt about what to do or how to “gift” this person, let someone else connected with her choose for you.

I would light a white candle and offer to her guardian angel.

And I would leave up to her angel to choose how to use this energy to protect and care for this person.

A simple candle with few words but full of good intentions


Great question! Most of my practice involves pretty general petitions.

I might simply ask a God to bless them, to be really general. Then they are blessed in general with the powers under that God, or with what that God decides is best (and well, they probably know better than anyone else).

Otherwise, I might ask a God (Especially a Solar Deity) that they may recieve the light of the Gods. This purifies them and brings a divine joy, along with various other blessings. That is probably the best that can be asked for in general.

I also really like @Infernus.Rofocalus’ suggestion!


There are a few ways I go about things like this. The easiest is to make an offering to a spirit you work with to ask them to benefit the person in either some area or in general and let the spirit choose how to manifest that appropriately.

Another is to push some generalized visualizations of that topic into a candle or similar and also that these are generic.

The final way I’ve done this is to petition “The Universe” and make an offering to it.


I agree with @norse900 . Making an offering to a spirit you work with and letting them decide if you have no idea works well.

Another option you can use is divination. See if that can give you an idea of something they may need and work backwards from that.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Some are more practical for me than others and some more within usual tendencies.

I’m thinking I’ll do a road opener and ask a jinn to drop a wish of hers in her lap. Since she’s a complete stranger I won’t have something to point to as “results” but that’s okay with me, I know myself and my work enough to trust it. Since I’m away from my temple right now (no worries, I left someone more than capable in charge) I’ll hold these in the upcoming week.

Even though I’ve settled on what I’m going to do, it’d be fun if people want to post more ideas!


I keep a blessing jar; I put physical links, charms, herbs, petitions, sigils, etc related to friends and loved ones in it. The outside is decorated with blessing sigils, and the lid is a candle holder.

On full moons, I anoint a while candle with blessing oil and ask Hekate and the Graces to rain good fortune, peace, and prosperity upon them.


@Mythopoeia you’ve given me an amazing suggestion!! I’m not going to put a stranger in a blessings jar, but this is definitely something I want to do for people I’m closer with.

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Ah, I’m glad! I enjoy working a blessing jar; I’ve had one friend in particular have a big dose of luck :slight_smile:

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