Circle Ripping (baneful magick test)

It hasnt been a secret for a long time that I can see and get inside any magicians circle that I choose. And some of them just draw me to them without any effort on my part.

Ive always played nice. Yea, sometimes curiousity would get me, and I might go snooping but I left the magician alone. Unless, they wanted to know about their circle and their defenses.

All except one , one magician, that I made a handy dandy psi ball for and slammed into his third eye after I entered his circle. And why, did I do that? Because, Azazel, asked me too. And you know me and Azazel, ride or die. I watched that magician get very sick. But he recovered. That was fine. I wasn’t particularly out to get him. More like I was testing my own abilities.

But it taught me that I can cause effects by what I do when I go inside a circle. And its why I stick to just reading them. Just saying what is there. Maybe, give good tips to boost defenses. Or suggest a path. But Ive never let myself be mean or cruel just for the heck of it or the sport of it. Ive always treated every circle like it was mine to protect and help to grow.

Ive even been able to see magicians doing magick and fought on the outside of those circle to keep parasites and other unwanted nasties out. Ive had all out battles protecting ones circle.

So, now we come to this, Ive never even been half the bitch I could be. Its not much effort to destroy ones circle. And why do you care, because the circle is everything. Whether one is physically cast or not. Every magician has one. Its always there. And I can see it, feel it and get inside it.

There are a couple of ways to destroy one. Either I can feed off the magick until there is nothing left. Or I can rip it. Ripping will allow every nightmare a magician has ever had to enter that circle.

If just getting in another magicians circle and delivering a psi ball messed them up for weeks, what do you think feeding off one will do? Ripping one??

Or how about ripping that circle open and sending armies in … armies that hate the magician.

Ive never taken it that far before. But someone just made the mistake of hitting my last damn nerve. So, Im curious what will happen, when I rip it open.


So I stepped into mt targets circle fully prepared to destroy it. To rip it apart. However, when I entered the circle, of course it automatic to see whats there.

This person is already sick, extremely sick and this is how I know. The floor of the circle was dirt but it wasnt regular soil. It was dirt that was full of death and decay. He feet were sinking into the dirt. This wasnt a circle of someone doing Necromany work. This was death taking over the person until there is nothing. I say that because out of the soil came these vines. But they were not green and healthy vines. They were dark and angry vines. The vines were wrapping around his legs moving up his body and pulling his body farther into the decaying dirt.

The whole circle had a smell of death.

I was about to wake up my two angels that stay on the left and right of me. I was going to move as a unit into the circle with Azazel, Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial forming a larger circle around me. I was going to deliver something fierce. But, I didnt have to.

It seems death was ahead of me this time. Or perhaps it was my design. (There is the One Ring of Necromancy)

Ive never seen full on death in a circle before. Ive seen ones that could use healing. But not this.

Id say about 3 months. And the conditions will show. If not be completed.

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