[EXPERIENCE] Working Against Another's Baneful Work (and not even knowing it)

Generic PSA for all of my posts:

As you should with all posts on the internet, take my posts with a grain of salt. There is always a possibility of personal or confirmation bias, misinterpretations, or the like that could taint the way I experience a situation or perceive an event.

I refuse the tik-tok: “Take what applies, leave what doesn’t” because confirmation bias, so I like my posts with a nice rim of salt (and maybe two shots of tequila).

Well–didn’t expect that to happen.

With a shaky hand, I write this post, now believing what I previously did not. Admittedly, it seems contradictory, being someone who has demonstrated success with baneful jar spells. Still, I never thought of “I can use magic against magic” as a thing because that’s pretty LARP-Y when I say it out loud.

Yet, that’s precisely what happened, and I’m still pretty shook about it.

K called this morning, speaking of a dream where an old, decrepit woman shouted at her in her hotel room: “YOU ARE GONNA PAY. YOU WILL PAY.”

She then listed many things that happened today, from her stolen car keys to her double-charged transactions on her account. The woman was hysterical. She suspected someone “hexed” her, though I thought it was more a string of bad luck.

I assembled my usual suspects: a white candle, special oil, and my intention papers, I realized I had a single white candle left, which I had to find with much effort. I carelessly forgot to replenish the candle count, I supposed. I felt weird going into this one, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I intended to send some good luck her way but added a protection intention to the work for good measure.


I should’ve known something was wrong when I felt a strange energy in the space, but I disregarded it and kept moving with my work. Once the candle was lit, it unwound the binds of good luck I put on it. So I used a second candle to seal the bonds and keep those messages attached to the chime candle.


It immediately falls over, even when using a fellow’s method to bind the candle to the plate it sat on. I extinguished immediately, experiencing a sudden feeling of dread. For the briefest moment, I felt that maybe there was something I was working against, though it had never crossed my mind as something even possible until now.

I saw it previously like a “dial,” and where a curse or baneful work would push the dial into a bad place, my work would push it into a good place. So it’s a balancing act. I never even thought about the possibility of something basically pressing on the gas into “bad territory,” but that seems to be what happened. So my baby candle trick was my attempt to slam on the breaks and stop this hurt train (though before starting, I didn’t realize it).

After modifying the candle again, bolstering it with my wax from a second candle, it was pretty stable. I couldn’t even move it with my hands under pressure. Solid.

The candle is lit again, and all hell breaks loose.

The beginning was fine. It was a slow burn, and even the first bind–“bring good luck to K”–burned successfully. The second bind, “protect K from those that wish to harm her,” BURST into flame and fell from the candle. It lit the next bind, then fell to the plate.

Now, I anticipated that there would be some burning of oil from the candle and the ingredients. However, I did not expect what did happen.

The ingredients went up their usual way, as I’ve experienced before. The plate holding the candle seemed to light up right around itself shortly after. Then, without warning and without the presence of smoke, the fire alarm went off, and I needed to tend to it (expected when dealing with paper).

The fire sputtered and then seemed to implode on itself, with a jet of flame shooting up from the plate. I tried to capture it on video, but–fire alarm . I watched from the corner of my office as this happened, then moved to open a window. Instantly the flame went out, and I was left sitting here, wondering what had just happened.

Of course, there is likely some scientific explanation for why things combusted in the way they did, and my misunderstanding of what sort of alarm we have in my office. But nevertheless, I found the reaction symbolic, not necessarily caused by forces beyond ours.

Despite being shaken, I feel like it worked. It was just a weird experience. Based on the challenges K faced today and my strange candle experience, I believe someone was working against K. We can’t figure out why, but I leave that to her to evaluate and understand.

I just had to share the experience–as I thought it was a weird one. Also, PSA, when working with candles, it’s very important to have your tools around to prevent fires. It is moments like this I am thankful that I have obsessive worries.

If anything else comes of this, I’ll be sure to update here.


Is everything okay? If you need help, hit the bat phone.



It seems like everything was alright, she hasn’t called to say her tires shred or the car broke down, so I’m hoping it was just a nice little nudge of good vibes to finish out her Friday!