Your favorite type of magick (and why)

This is an open question to the community:

What’s your favorite type of magick and why?


Manipulative and light baneful. I just think these are the most fun for me and most of the time I like what they achieve. There are lots of ways to go about it and so much to be learned. I’d hazard to guess they also match well with my personality.

I like certain astral stuff too though, but that’s more astral and less result-geared.


And what would be your go-to method for manipulation, @Laurel_Spider?


Depends on the other human (target) and what I want. But it depends an incredible amount on my mood as well. People who catch me on a good day vs a bad one get a very different treatment.

Let’s remember I’m including things like gentle temporary insanity under the manipulative umbrella. With people I care about if I want something, I ask Dantalion to handle it without disrupting them too much. Just pull the right strings so they do what I want and then they can feel some cognitive dissonance over it. With some other humans I don’t care much for, they’re lucky if I’m in a uncaring mood and just want what I want. Otherwise, if I’m in a worse mood, I might want to pull all the strings and if they’re mean to me I want them to fuck around with their mind and feelings for a chunk of time.

If you’re wondering about methods, I mentioned one. But other than that, honestly I like to try new things out. So sometimes spirits, sometimes candles and enchantments, sometimes energy work and visualization. The details change pretty frequently though.

Add: Complete transparency, I try to be careful what I share on magick manipulation tactics. I’m still not comfortable as others handing certain types of magick & specifically things that could be classed as baneful out.


I’d have to say anything towards bringing Justice and Protection. I’m not into Baneful just to try to feel powerful or cast for petty insults. I could be, if I wanted to, but what does that really get me?

Most of my baneful work usually involves bringing Justice to victims, typically dead, who I then help move on, if they’re ready. If not, they now know where to come when they are. I keep an open portal to Hel’s realm in support of this.

On the protection side, I find that I get called on to help people that need someone to jump in, give them some breathing space, and then prepare to fight back (if desired). Certainly not above going baneful to support this and discourage the aggressor from continuing.

As an aside, I’m wanting to work out the best method for doing Pele’s Fiery dome remotely and could use some volunteers. The wards for Hi’iaka and Kamohoali’i are also going to be used.


Elaborate, please, my friend. What it is? What it does?


Wealth and dignities Magick. I seem to have a real knack or aptitude for this area of Magick. I enjoy doing it too. Prince Orobas has guided and taught me alot of this.


It’s a ward where I tap into the magma inside the Earth and pull it upwards into a protective shield for a location. I combine it with other elements pulled in a similar way.


My favorite type of magic is a mixture of energy work and folk magic. I apply what I know about energy and directing it to pretty much everything, especially the things I make for ritual use, like banishing papers, candle dressings etc.

I’m pretty fond of creating servitors and other things with energy as well, so I guess it’s the act of empowering items and things I like the best.


Ive thought on this alot. But i cant seem to pin point a favorite. I have things i seem to be more successful at. My magick is usually either some experiment or something one of the goetia want to do or I see something happening and decide to lend a hand.

I think i have the most fun working with my black mirror. I do enjoy working with it and seeing what all i can do. You can do manifestation work, baneful work, send energy, take energy. Its pretty limitless.

Its just fun to me. Maybe thats my favorite. But i have no idea if its its own type of magick. Just my tool to use.

The magick I seem to be best at is baneful and healing. Talk about bipolar issues :rofl:


Well. I think it’s possible that since we often take the mindset we don’t need tools, that we forget how fun they can be to just use anyways.

You can do all those things you listed without a black mirror, but how many people know beyond scrying and communicating through one is even possible?

I think it’s fine to have tools you just like to use even if you don’t really need them and to develop your own way to use things to. I don’t know that if the magic mirror is generally considered a type of magic all own it’s own, but it meets all the criteria to be a system on its own imop.

Just knowing how you do other types of magic then using mirrors instead and how’d you do it, then doing it= bam mirror magic!

:rofl::rofl:Not exactly, but kinda lol.