Do limpias work?

My fiance has the flu and I am wondering if anyone has had first-hand success with limpias, or any sort of “sickness transference” magick?

Thank you!


Sickness transference yes, but it’s human to human transference and I’m not sure that’s what you’re in the market for. I’m also disinclined from speaking much on it given, I think, the obvious implications.

Here’s something I’ve just begun learning about — not from humans— have you tried a dream catcher or a similar thing? I haven’t, but I will the next time something comes up that it seems useful for in an energy or ailment catching/sifting/trapping type thing.

Please forgive my horrible grammar skills, hopefully I’m understandable at a minimum.


I started keeping spirit traps above my bed and in my house, and they have really made a huge difference. I used to have frequent nightmares and nasty bouts of the “haunty” kind of sleep paralysis; that has really cleared up!


Understandable, but still a pity; I would love to hear more.


I mean, the first time I dabbled (which is a horrible way to say fucked up by playing around with things above my experience level), I wanted to know what was going on in another person’s life. But then I realized, if I can move pain, why can’t I just make it go away, so I changed my target a bit and I ended up basically mirroring him to an extent which was fascinating, but really, really fucking awful to handle when I decided I no longer wanted that person in my life. So I bound us in a way that had me feeling his more intense physical and emotions states. It was…something.

And then, in a curse? baneful? rite I used really the purer of what I’d initially spoken about. Maybe we’ll leave that one there.


I’ve been able to lift illnesses off myself with objects, yes.


Very cool! Would you mind sharing a bit how you do this?


Yeah! So at the time I did this I was about 15/16 and just starting out on my path. I had no clue what a limpia was or that such a thing existed.

The idea to try this came to me in meditation where I was searching for new techniques for cleansing and healing. I did have a bit of a head cold at the time.

I was instructed to take an egg and get into a meditative state. Starting at the feet, move the egg over your body. See its auric field begin to take on and take in the negative, heavy energy. I like to visualize it as a black, nasty smoke. See the smoke being trapped in the egg. Move upwards as you go.

This movement represents obstacles being removed and negative energy being released back into the universe. I was instructed to never start with the head, always from the feet and up. Pay especial attention to your feet, your feet are energy centers that accumulate a good portion of the energy you carry and can be encumbered with negative energy that’s often missed in cleansing. Your feet is what is in constant connection with the earth and those energy centers must be taken good care of, if you have feet that have accumulated too much negative energy it can almost be like having closed roads. You’re literally walking around with energetic cinder blocks at that point.

Take your time with the egg. Once you’re done, IMMEDIATELY take the egg to a crossroads or community dumpster and break it. The breaking of the egg represents overcoming difficulties, obstacles and malevolence. Don’t leave the egg to sit anywhere in your house for very long, do not drop it or break it anywhere too close or on your property. This will cause the energy to overtake your home and enter the earth surrounding your home.

Walk away and do not look back at where you broke the egg. I have a personal rule of not returning to the location used to destroy the egg for at least 14 days at a minimum.


Oh and it’s also a good idea to cleanse your home after that.

In fact, in a lot of ATR type and Hodoo/folk magick traditions they actually tell you that’s the way to go, to cleanse yourself first then your home.

When you cleanse your home immediately after you’re ensuring it doesn’t linger or come back or that something else that shouldn’t be there takes its place. I like to throw ina. Floor wash or prosperity candle so something good can fill that spot.


Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to explain @itsnathanm7 :slight_smile: