Beginner's guide: Parasites

What is a parasite?

By definition, a parasite is an organism that takes and gives nothing back. In occult vocabulary, is a spirit of any sort that steals your energy for its own ends and gives nothing back, usually damaging your life in the process.

The most common types of parasites we have seen over the years are sexual in nature. But there are others who thrive in fear, rage, sadness and deliriums of grandeur.

Is normal or relatively normal to to see people brainwashed by such spirits into believing they’re some sort of chosen ones.

How do I recognize a parasite?

If they’re A- taking all they can from you and B- never giving anything back, is a parasite. Or the most incompetent demon/angel/god out there. Most likely the former.

A spirit failing to manifest what’s asked from them is not automatically a parasite.

The worst case of a parasitic infestation I’ve ever seen was some 30 year old guy convinced he was chosen by demons to reign in hell with them after his death. He had to pay old ugly prostitutes to get laid, with all his alleged power. Please, don’t be that guy. If what you have been told doesn’t match your reality, then is not the truth.

How do I prevent becoming a parasite host?

With basic spiritual hygiene. Shield, cleanse and banish often. Use our tutorials if you don’t know how to do it yet.

How do I get rid of a parasite, if I’m already infected?

If banishing doesn’t work, or only works one time and the creeper returns, more measures should be taken.

The first option would be to study Bardon’s “Introduction to hermetics”, the author wrote very effective methods to deal with situations like this.

There are other old school methods that seem to work fine to this day, like crossing a body of water (the humblest creek will do, no need to go to the other side of the Atlantic) or sleeping with a bar of iron under the bed.

Failing that, our staff members have their methods, that range from negotiation to threatening parasites to outright annihilation.

If you suspect you’re a parasite’s host, don’t doubt it and post in our forum. Our members will help in whatever capacity they can.


I walked past a wedding at a fringe Christian church. All the older men had a parasite on the top of the head with tentacles into their brains.

I once saw an animated cartoon showing octopus-like entities on the top of human heads. Soft disclosure?

All the women had a parasite like a limpet on the front of their hearts.

How do you determine if a parasite is still actively affecting the host?

I have recently tried a few different banishing spells, chants, candle work…

But im not knowledgeable of any 100% “yup, its still there, affecting me” means to determine if the parasitic entity is still affecting me, ofcourse besides the general “hey, what’s that weird feeling? My crippling depression, or the entity affecting me?” Type thoughts

Any ideas?

Perform divination. It’s more or less the surest way to know.


Also, luckily, this form of evil spirit usually isn’t so difficult to remove, especially by the power of God, Gods, or Angels, since these evil spirits are very close to the Elemental World (Angels and those above them are far purer in spirit, and far greater in power and authority). Holiness itself also wards off evil spirits, as you will find by studying banishing rituals, so contact with these Beings acts to purify yourself.

I recommend saying this excellent prayer/call to God, the Almighty, every day or until you feel safe:

There’s nothing that can withstand the power of God, since They are cause of all things, and are above all things.

Here’s an article on the Hellenic Pagan/Platonist understanding of God (“God” has become an extremely loaded term):

You may wish to say this prayer to the Mighty and Holy God Thor every week or every few weeks (I say, one can’t go wrong with the Gods!):


I shall try to use this phrase in everyday conversation.
Great! Love it.

Ps. Did everybody memorise and rehearse their banishing ritual and bring their Golden Dawn Lotus wand?