Magickal Notes on various aspect

Take It or Leave It.

Don’t meddle in the affairs of Magicians, for they are subtle and quick to anger. The main danger of Magick is that it can very easily fuck you up. Right hand path Magick is still dangerous, but safer than using lhp techniques. Magick is about solve et coagula - destroying and reconstructing Yourself. This is inherently dangerous and on our path, often brutal. I post from my own experience and observation. Magick uses head zapping or mind-fuck techniques. These are of elemental importance in escaping the confines of the herd and freeing yourself. These are also dangerous. I’ve know and I’ve seen causalities. The reason why there are so many books on Magick and the reason why I’ve been addicted since I was far too young is because Magick is all a big con game, just bullshit. Make sense? I’m so full if it you can usually smell me from a couple of hundred metres, depending on wind.

Magick actually works! Over and over again. But you have to practice until you ‘get into the groove’, until the recognition and appreciation that you are part of the Magick you are performing. That’s when barriers breakdown and your whole life becomes dedicated to Magick, one way or another. There’s no secret except determination and always keeping your Magick fun, because if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right! (It took me too many years before I learnt that truth.) I also strive for doing Magick effectively, but on the cheap. (Metal talisman are great, but coloured cardboard and pen are easier. The art is in the consecration.) I stress the singular importance of learning and practising a banishing ritual and when you know that you’re getting results, then an evoking ritual. These twin rituals form the basis of all other rituals and their importance to a Magician cannot be over emphasised for any number of reasons. So why not find or create your own banishing ritual, start learning, practising and keep us all informed – or me at least? I’ll know if you’re telling fibs because certain classes of things happen when you start banishing, but you let us know.

Here’s a little something that’s bargain basement easy to learn and very quick acting. After you can deliver it with undoubting passion to the four directions the results will come. When you feel the need or have the opportunity evoke this powerful energy, the more often the more profound the effects. Years ago I used the banishing pentagram then just evoked. I know what the effects will be, but you tell me. O! And have fun!

The Lesser Headless Evocation

I am the Headless daemon with sight in my feet; I am the Mighty One who possesseth the immortal fire; I am the Truth who hateth the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world; I am the One that maketh the lightning flash and the thunder roll; I am the One whose sweat is the heavy rain, which falleth upon the earth that it might be inseminated (or for women, fruitful); I am the One whose mouth is utterly aflame; I am the One who begeteth and destroyeth; I am a God(dess) of the Aeon; my name is [Your Magickal name]; Come forth And follow. Me…

Naamah Evocation


Naamah, daughter of the heart of darkness, come forth from the womb of the night. Come in Your flaming robes and open our eyes to what is hidden. Open Your night and bring forth the shadows that lurk in the unknown. May Your black fires flow over the border, and may we taste Your power and beauty.


In the splendour of Your shimmering power, the spirit of the world is reflected. Let us pass through the mirror and become united with Your abundance. O Naamah, let the pillars of existence fall apart and make way for the darkness that You breed.


Naamah, bring back again the primordial and let the wilderness come alive. You are the clear wind that can cleanse our soul from lies. Through You the true power can flow freely. O Naamah awaken the Dragon that rests in Your womb so that the world may be reborn by its power.



Naamah is just great. Learn Her evocation. Practice. Deliver with emotion - like for a film. Deliver it to impress. Her direction is north-west (same direction as King Paimon). Naamah is the most physical entity I’ve worked with. And quick! Used for sexual attraction and currency. Used in a sticky situation to inspire me with a wickedly effective solution - and very quick again.

The Naamah Invocation has been tried and tested by me. It works. No worries. Keep at it. The more you rehearse, then deliver, the swifter the results. When you’re having a quiet moment, scream it silently to the multiverse. At the four cardinal directions is traditional and for some reason, but let technicalities top you - just get it out there, so to speak. After the evocation, state your need and what you’re prepared to give to receive that need answered. Don’t want the world and offer piss-weak things. Naamah is beautifully seductive and powerful. Treat Her with respect!

What is Naamah’s nature? Make a pact based upon Her nature. She’s sexual so you may wish to hand out condoms or lubricate to school kids. That said, all spiritual entities want to be recognised so you may wish to pledge to spread Her name and fame. You will know when spiritual entities accept your pledge. And don’t fuck yourself by not honouring that pledge. Obviously if you want a million dollars you’ll need to offer more than handing out a few condoms to school kids, etc. *Second, with practice you’ll learn how control your breathing. After that you’ll start to vibrate the sounds. And be careful, because obviously there are other achievements from chanting I leave for you to discover in your own short time, as these come quickly. You let me know. For reasons which escape me, chant as a Magickal tool has sadly gone out of fashion on both paths of the western tradition, but particularly the lhp. If you can’t get hold of beads, use knots in string. They did in the Middle Ages. Same with Banishing, Invoking or Evoking rituals. By daily practice and actually doing - the results come, again quickly. By way of merely two examples of the supreme importance of mastering these essentials, a death ritual is an elaborate banishing; whereas a wealth ritual has its groundwork in both invoking and evoking. And what I’m outlining not only works and quickly - it’s inexpensive. I know what results you’ll get, should anyone care to report their’s.

The 4 Laws of the Sphinx

The Wand represents the first Law of the Sphinx and is the only weapon a Magician needs – for To Know is the first initiation. The Wand is a weapon of Fire and Your indomitable Will – its mysteries are of the Spirit. The wand is a powerful prop. Treat it that way! Find a piece of wood. This may happen when you find a tree branch while walking home or take to re-fashioning the leg of an old chair. Most of the consecration of a Wand is in your creation and a Wand is an act of your creation. It is recommended that your Wand be no longer than your left forearm by measuring from your elbow to the middle of your palm. Wands can be painted bright red, stained or waxed to a gloss. These are matters of empowering your talisman - for you alone. Your wand should ideally be stored in a red bag of natural fibre (for example, silk or cotton). You can make this yourself or have it made by someone you know. If you provide the material, tailors can be inexpensive for such a small job. It is best to buy the cheapest nature fibre material and dye it yourself. To Will is the second law and first task.

The Cup is a weapon of Water and Emotion and many men have been destroyed with it and by its glamorous Mysteries, while most women are imprisoned by its formula. The Cup should be of Silver. Few people are ever initiated. The knowledge is beyond them and their prosaic conformity. Fewer have the will than have the knowledge, but the 4 laws bind all. Quality Cups are available and can be decorated according to taste – the mysteries of the Cup are oral. Its colour is blue and red!

To Dare is the third law and correct attitude. The Sword is a weapon of Air and Your sharp Intellect, which can be purchased and customised, as can the sheath which conceals it – for many a sharp mind has hidden beneath a shabby hat. One of the Sword’s colours is yellow - the mysteries of the Sword are initially verbal. By Knowing and Willing the Magician is compelled to Daring, although there is no guarantee. To Remain Silent is not as hard as many imagine. The secrets will continue to guard themselves. Try as you may, few will understand! The final law is actually advice given for the benefit of those who do. The fourth law is almost impossible to break.

The Disc is a weapon of Earth and Flesh and most people are captive to it. Wood, wax or Copper are appropriate materials. Bread can also be used and often is by another tradition. The Coin’s mysteries are material and its colour is green and black. And although the Wand creates, the Cup nourishes, the Sword destroys and the Coin redeems it is the Magician who is transformed. Eventually, you outgrow props - the weapons having been internalised.


The Other. Beyond that Attracting, Transforming, Forbidden Essence. Contradictory Defiance: challenging in its purest, answering, archetypal, shape-shifting form. The fascination that creates, nourishes, destroys and redeems. The Prince of the Earth, the Lord of the Air, the Darkness of the Deep, and the God of Fire! The majestic potency, force, presence, power; Magick of the Name of one known by many. Intoxicating. Subversive. Eternal.

The Other. That arrogant, inspirational quest and elegant undercurrent to a superior life of overcoming – Everything you have never dreamed of and more than your deepest nightmares. The alarming, awful, sinister, dispossessed delight of the Empowerment of Knowing – The Triumph of Ecstasy reflected in Your Imagination, Honour, Genius and Terror! Rebellion! Liberty!

The Other. That banished suspicion and apprehensive silence - trespassing in disguise. A Question and An Accusation - The Fear and Celebration. The Shadow and horror unknown of Life and Death - Of Aeons passed and Potentiality. Of Willing and Becoming and Exalting in this life… Hail Myself that I Seek to Be HAIL SATAN It is revealed individually To those who can bear it

Sic Luceat Lux The nobility that separation often confers The Anti-hero’s awe engendering majesty: Wonderful, terrifying – numinous. The grandeur and romance of honour and culture Insurgent and intricately subversive: An illusion within a glamorous mirage Of unrivalled vigour Weaving, penetrating and suffusing The obsession of spectral desires As forbidden as guilt. The charmingly mysterious As unpredictable as our anxieties And as enchanting as the unknown. Inspired, alarming And reflected in the unimaginable.


Harken unto me.

Soon there’ll be so much low vibrational, almost physical energy around that you’ll be smothered in it. These phantastically useful energies are generated by hunger, fear, sadness, grieving and death. I’m not responsible, but I’m not going to waste!

At least initially, be barefoot and on earth, grass or if needs be, concrete connected to earth/grass. Adopt the runic posture of Elhaz and call in the energy/energies you need. You’ll feel these building up just above (or about) your solar plexus.

Always keeping your arms straight, direct the energy through your palms at your target. You’ll know when all the energy has been released because your palms will more than probably itch – mine do. This is great for consecration, amongst a whole heap of other things! I’m begging you to start practicing now so that you’re proficient enough to harness the extraordinary benefits – coming to a place near you!


Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an industrial bleach, but diluted and taken it’s a life saver. I saved a young Sister (of Sicilian extraction in New York) on another forum (from which I was later banned) from Stage 4A cervical cancer. Complete remission in three months. Her specialists said it was impossible but never asked her what she did. Mexican private hospitals have been curing AIDS patients with it for years.

As Magicians it’s always handy to have something like this - that you have used and therefore know how to use - up your sleeve. I recommend getting and using it whilst your healthy so if you need it you’ll know how to use it. Cures all infections and cancers. All of 'em. That said, please read the Wikipedia (God’s encyclopaedia) page as all the lies are conveniently collected there.

That stated, I’m not a medical doctor who makes money from useless treatments, so please feel free not to take any notice.


Amen :pray:

…Naymen. I’m assuming this is good old UncleAl satire, but I feel like this is gonna come to the attention of the law very swiftly :joy:



The Occult Mirror doesn’t necessarily agree with everything @UncleAl says. We’re assuming he is talking of “kids” ages 18 and above. We’re all kids for him, after all.


I oppose the notion that taking industrial bleach is a good thing. Is not, please don’t do this.


Agreed, I assume with Al that his writing style is designed to provoke thought, research and an out of the box point of view.

As well as to make himself roll hilariously on the floor as he sprinkles little golden seeds all around, in hopes one day they may sprout.


There are numerous resources online - including pictures. There’s even a church - the Genesis II Church of people taking chlorine dioxide, so it’s not just me that’s deluded. And I did state that the chlorine dioxide used to cure diseases is highly diluted. For one thing, it’s impossible to drink industrial strength bleach.

Nonetheless, as most people adhere to Wikipedia this cheap and quick cure won’t be used until it’s the right time and currently people prefer cut, burn and poison cancer therapies followed by slow painful death.

That stated, the private hospitals in Mexico are doing a roaring trade with a therapy which Wikipedia states doesn’t work. I converted a cynical medical doctor after his brother cured a skin cancer in approx. a week. Now this doctor and his family use it, but he can’t suggest it to clients as he’d lose his medical certificate to practice.

Anyhow, I’ve been using it since 2006 - when required. Kills influenza in a few hours. And there is a sister in America who called me a living God (on another forum) because it cured her of stage 4A cervical cancer in three months for about $20.00US.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t bother me whether people use it or not. This sister stated that I’d saved her life and wanted to know what she owed me. I stated, there are two groups of people in this world. The large group don’t deserve this cure, but a small group does. I asked her to use her discretion and promise to celebrate just as much when she let them die as when she saved them. She agreed.


Well, Al, nobody is stopping you from saying what you want. So I’m entitled to do exactly the same.

I’ve heard that the difference between poison and cure is, oftentimes, in the doses. “Highly diluted” is not a doses, but an explanatory notion. I would be really irresponsible of us to not say anything about it.

That being said, you’ve cataloged this thread as a notes and not tutorials, so is fine for you to explain your idea. How that can relate to magick is anyone’s guess, I suppose.


Sorry for putting my two cents in. I am a doctor and I was in the COVID unit if my hospital in 2020/21 (I’m from Mexico). The only experience I have chlorine dioxide is a negative one. I had a patient that came in to the ER with a GI bleed from chlorine dioxide, she was breathing fine so COVID didn’t kill her, the GI bleed did. So I’m a bit of a skeptic concerning that substance. Other than that I am all for experimental studies regarding alternative treatment for diseases.

Again sorry for the reply just wanted to comment on my experience with is.

@ReyCuervo I’ve heard that the difference between poison and cure is, oftentimes, in the doses.

Yes that was Paracelsus father of pharmacology.


Dang, Uncle Al. Knocking it out straight off!

We’ve both been civil, along the path. Hail to you.

Again, thanks for coming.


Every year people kill themselves from water toxicity.
There is material online. I’ve used chlorine dioxide to cure cancers (not mine), influenza (takes about one hour before you feel the influenza getting better and a couple of doses), boils (takes about 45 minutes before you feel the bastards dying - you can feel it), skin infections (apply topically). I strongly recommend research, purchase and use whilst you are in good health so you have some knowledge of dosages and side effects (mainly diarrhea). Take on an empty stomach. If you feel like you’re going to vomit, eat something as this gives a lining to your stomach. If you’re going to projectile vomit, take Vit. C as these two cancel each other.

The patient you came across obviously didn’t know much. This is why I don’t give this cure to everyone, because most people are stupid and it’s the stupid ones who’ll bring you to the notice of the authorities and thereby prevent you from helping those who deserve the cure. Admittedly, in Mexican private hospitals they tend to use an intravenous formula, but I’m not that good so I take it orally. Tastes wretched!

AIDS patients are not considered cured because they still have AIDS antibodies (I thought that’s how vaccines work) but their Kaposi’s sarcoma disappear (fall off), they gain weight and can’t pass AIDS to anyone else - but they’re not cured because they possess antibodies. More people live off of cancer and AIDS than die from it!

I’ve been using successfully for sixteen years. I don’t post stuff I haven’t used myself.


The best book of Magick I ever found was Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll, however I discovered it after I knew years worth of stuff I’d never been able to successfully use. Liber Null & Psychonaut allowed me to use what up until then was wasted knowledge.

Lords of The Left Hand Path by Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D. (aka Edred Thorsson) really spells out the lhp. Generally, so called lhp practitioners are just right-hand path practitioners who enjoy shocking plebs by wearing cheap, inverted pentagrams and Church of Satan T-shirts. I could mention examples of such groups, but I don’t think I have to do so.

Basically, if everyone is going one way, it behoves a lhp practitioner not to do so or go the direct opposite. This is tantra, essentially. Whereas both paths are powerful and can lead to Godhead, the rhp offers you dissolution into God, whereas the lhp offers you individual, isolated divinity.

There’s a certain avowedly National Socialist lhp group, but they have stated that if they lived in such a society they would adopt communism, because they’re antinomian (rejecting standard morality)!

Finally, the most important book a Magician can own is their own Magickal Journal. I recommend using codes in case your journal falls into the wrong hands. Tell ‘em these are records of psychological exercises, etc.


This is a good book. I’ve read it. I’m reading some of his rune stuff, at present.

I haven’t gone Socialist at this point, tbh.

Yes, having show exterior learning, this is key.


Yes I agree with that. It was her son who was medicating her and not a doctor. So I guess you may have a point. The bad part she was still rather young at 70.


I strongly recommend use whilst you are in good health. I strongly recommend trying to use more and more so you’ll know your limits. Also research - there’s a lot on line. Because if you’re sick or have received the dreaded diagnosis you won’t really know what you’re doing and/or you don’t have the knowledge to help others. Moreover, when they get it wrong and it doesn’t work for them they all have a manic desire to advise the authorities and thereby prevent you from helping others who could benefit. This is why I have no compunction in just letting them die - it’s for the greater good.

That said, only one lhp practitioner that I’m aware of actually used it to cure themselves (of stage 4A cervical cancer) which goes to show where their heads and attitudes really are - back with the herd reading Wikipedia (God’s encyclopaedia).

The sister in New York actually posted (on another group’s website) that I was a living God - but I already knew that! Others gave her information she wasn’t of the grade to use, but she did what I told her and cured herself. When you consider how much money the international cancer industry makes annually it should come as no surprise that there’s no cancer cure, ditto AIDS.

It kills Covid-19/influenza in a few short hours and you can feel yourself getting better, but the therapy was stopped, as was intravenous Vit. C usage because big pharma couldn’t make any money from it.

All that stated, I don’t care if people (including occultists) use it or not, because their suffering and deaths don’t affect me.


Long ago, in a country far away a Magician turned up in a marketplace to purchase supplies. A young aspirant approached him and asked to become his disciple. The Magician agreed and said, ‘You have one hour to get your important items packed and ready and if you’re back here I’ll become your teacher.’

An hour later the young man was back with his backpack. The two walked into the desert. As night approached the Magician stopped and both set up their tents, cooked food, ate and went to sleep.

In the morning they arose, ate, packed up and continued walking. Towards midday they stopped, drank and sought shade – then continued walking. As night approached, they stopped, set up their tents, cooked food, ate and went to sleep.

This continued for two days. Eventually the young aspirant had, had enough and said, ‘I only left my family and came with you because you said you’d teach me Magick and so far you haven’t said a word and haven’t taught me anything!’

The old Magician smiled and said, ‘I’m trying.’


The Holy and Mystical Doctrine
Or How to Achieve Divinity in the Bathroom.
Regurgitation upon Toilet Training

If you are a heterosexual male – using the right hand, extend the first two fingers, retract the third finger and extend the little finger. The Thumb is sticking up. When you know how to use this Magickal tool you will be holding one of the mysteries of the Multiverse in your hand!
I know that I hung on the wind tossed tree all of nights nine!
The Eye of Hoor is one of the gates and leads to the dark path of enlightenment.
The Snake can be awakened, the Rood being bedaubed.

None offered me bread
Caviar stains the teeth. Mandarin-meals are best.

Or handed me wine!
Of the Golden wine much has been written. Few drink long, deep and full of the nectar from this nourishing Rose wherein dwells blood and iron.
Spittle can avail, if hard sucked from the nose and deposited in another’s throat.

Wounded by spear, bespoken myself to Myself!
Cruel fingers lacquered in lust bring forth the tears that lead to understanding as wet-look lips and tongue sup the watery, lukewarm, fish porridge.

I looked below me, aloud I cried, caught the runes; caught them up wailing!
Inscrutable eyes, misperceived mercies, whips, zips, alligator-clips and desperate pleas arise as invocations.

Let him drink of the sacrament and let him communicate the same. This is the Holy Hexagram.
Thence to the earth fell again!

And in as much as I meet the blood-engorged challenge
I believe in the resurrection!
Hail Myself That I Seek To Be


Only with the advent of the World Wide Web did extreme hardcore Bathroom Sex come into its own as a sub-genre to be taken seriously. Today such stars as Alexia Cage (and Her growing number of Friends) are enjoying careers that would have been inconceivable but a few short years ago.

Concomitantly, Restroom Magick continues to develop its own left hand path techniques in which the convenience serves as a representation of and chalice unto the Goddess.

The Regurgitations are a delicate reminder that the Temple of Our Faecal Dreams is tiled.

The Hávamál (verses 137-144) also gives instruction on left hand path initiation.


One of the members here that frankly I can’t stand is Old Uncle Al. This post is just filth. I mean, what are “mandarin meals”? Is he referring to chapter 87 of Crowley’s Book of Lies? This guy just gets his cheap thrills by leading practitioners astray. And he’s done that on every forum in which he’s been involved. I personally believe he’s got sexual hang-ups.

I hope this doesn’t get me banned, but really! Nothing more than pure filth! Who the fuck does he think he is?


I can also attest to CD/MMS’s efficacy in curing nigh-incurable diseases and afflictions as well as the current plague. Some people just refuse to appreciate gems that are hidden in plain sight.


Years ago on another forum I helped a young American woman in New York cure her Stage 4A cervical cancer. Other posters gave information that she couldn’t have effectively used, but I gave the good oil, so to speak. After she had a “spontaneous remission” she asked me what she owed me because I’d saved her life for less than $20.00US. I told here there were two groups of people in this sad. old world. The larger group don’t deserve the cure, but she should celebrate just as much when she let them die as when she saved the other group. Told her to use her discretion. She agreed. She didn’t post on the other forum as the members were big Wikipedia readers.

Glad you’ve experienced the impossible miracles of chlorine dioxide. I tell people who are healthy to start researching and using it whilst they’re healthy so they’ll know what is too much and how to deal with vomiting and projectile vomiting. as that way they’ll have the knowledge in case they need to use it for themselves or others. But no one listens! If people I’ve advised come to me asking for help I don’t give it, because if they couldn’t follow my simple instructions when I first told them, odds on they’ll fuck it up when they need it and then approach the authorities when it doesn’t work and I don’t need the hassles.

I’ve been trying for years to catch cold, influenza or Covid so as to keep my immune system fighting fit - but I can’t. I’ve never worn a muzzle either. Still can’t catch anything. Life sucks. Thanks for posting!