Occult Shenanigans & Findings

In my occult Journey there’s been many encounters and findings I’ve uncovered, and experiences of all types. Here is the thread where I’ll be sharing some of them, as well as materials I’ve acquired in the world that have helped me. (and maybe you)


Bariel (4th Pentacle of Jupiter)
First entry is a spirit I think many would enjoy working with. It is the angel Bariel, who is mentioned as ruler of the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter in the Greater Keys of Solomon. He’s known for bestowing wealth, riches, and honors on the magician.

He has shown as primarily female to me. The presence is shadowy and mysterious, appearing and multiple eyes in an amorphous, interwoven shadow figure with wings. Emotional tranquility and clairvoyance are strong traits of hers, as well as a strong sexual radiance. Really attentive and likes to bring a sedative vibe to the home and workplace.

He actually has brought me sums of money and also makes people kindly generous towards the magician. One of my favorite spirits, if a bit hard to read. But no downsides to her at all, really. :heart:


I actually wear this pentacle right now. If consecrated properly it’s some real heavy duty stuff.


Yes, and Bariel is one of those spirits that clearly feels present when you summon her through a talisman or evocation medium. As displayed in my second image above, that sigil was painted in white onto a black table linen I took from a restaurant I worked at a while ago. Every time I used it, I felt specks on my hands, like beads of mist.

The Jupiter pentacle is instructed to be made “while Jupiter is in Cancer”. But Bariel is not a Jupiter angel. She is straight up Moon in Cancer. This means she can ground energy exceptionally well into your material items and home. (Cancer is very material and natural) I even made a video for her on my social media profile and instant results manifested. A powerful but lesser known angel. Lovely too. :purple_heart:

Here is the video for a fuller explanation.


I really like your interest in Solomonic magick. I’ve always had excellent results with it. Seems like these days people are more interested in tool free Magick that requires, no study or disciple or real effort ( subsequently this usually yields zero results bug oh well right? :man_shrugging:t3: ). The solomonic approach does seem clunky if you’ve been at this awhile but I appreciate the drama and processes this goes through and I don’t find it taxing or whatever.

Way cool you’re into this man, we could totally rap on a solonic thread.


Unfortunately, modern pagan witches/magicians often downplay the concept of tradition, calling it doctrine that limits spiritual evolution, which is far from truth. There is immense spiritual power in tradition and virtue. But nowadays, many downplay devotion in favor of simple gain.

Since my first introduction to the occult I’ve always loved the book, “Book of Solomon’s Magick” by Carroll ‘Poke’ Runyon. Honestly, I find it the perfect reconstruction of traditional Solomonic magick without the religious nutcase antics. (His order’s patrons are Baal and Ashtoreth, as well) :fire:


That alone gives me the impression that they have only briefly looked at some traditional texts (And probably felt the ritual structure to be distasteful, without real understanding of it).

But, personally, I don’t like speaking ill of other magicians or their ways unless it’s causing harm. And, when they insist that these traditional sources are worthless without any real understanding or good criticism, I believe that is harmful and limiting on other magicians.

Traditional texts have a far more full view of the cosmos as a whole than most modern practitioners, and that view is a very beautiful thing and something seen at work in practice, and that guides traditional practice in general.

The philosphy of Chaos Magick, which is rooted in outdated ideas from the early days of Psychology, as well as popular things like the “Law of Attraction” have also done a lot of harm, considering the world-view it encourages.


I so wanna write my own full grimoire one day that is original and unique. That would be my ultimate work for an entity. I just haven’t found someone to be my life long patron that’s totally suitable for me yet. Still looking. :grin:


Yes all of the above is very true. Poke Runyon is one of my favorite authors actually. I like using some of his techniques for trance work too.

One of my two patrons is also Ba’al.

There are entities, thought forms, and egregores that swim within traditional currents and traditions which are usually more than happy to assist a Magician if they are called in a proper way that they want. ( Ritual or ceremony) I put these beings way ahead of most egregores or artificially created spirits of modern magicians.


Don’t rush it, I always tell people work 10 to 12 times with an entity successfully and satisfactorily before considering upgrading ties to even temporary, utility pacts, a blood bound lifetime pact is a BIG deal and one of the most important factors of that relationship working and advancing the magician is this: do their personalities mesh? Can they name music? Can they tolerate eachothers weirdness and flaws, and shortcomings and focus on and accentuate the positive in the relationship.

It should be an 80/20 or at min 70/30 good times to irritations ratio.

Just my view anyway.


Here is an experience I had with King Balaam from the Ars Goetia. It was back when I first met him in May of 2020. Thought it would be of interest to people here. He’s a master of helping to see through the lies of people (no matter who), and always seeing the truth, whether for personal advantage or wisdom.


@Acuna Nice channel! We could use more like it…

With all the very capable occultists who could document things in this fashion, very few of them do it, which is odd. I’ve always found this frustrating, the lack of straightforward information on spirits. So I’m doing it myself.

One thing I’ve learned in the occult is “if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.” (Most of the time)

Same thing with life in general. Humans are unreliable. Spirits have have far greater powers and ideals. They can be much more loyal and capable. Even possibly as partners. :grin:

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Although, it should also be kept in mind that Spirits (Especially those that aren’t very high in the Chain of Being) often have their own opinions about things, their own biases, and so aren’t necessarily correct.


Agreed. That’s why I started my own page. Haha

It started as a private video journal for shadow work and the Qliphoth, but now it’s just a general magickal page. Haha

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Honestly, all infernal beings have their own agendas. (Including the higher ones) They can be liable to cast people aside if they don’t like them enough. Not to say I distrust all the infernal, but it’s really the Angels who truly embody the ideals of their nature, without much compromise.


I do agree, although I understand many coming from Christian backgrounds distrust Angels (With this word being used a lot there especially), which is understandable in that context, as when we have a bad experience of a group, we tend to think everything associated with that group must be bad.
I’ll say, in my view, Angels - “Messengers” are the beings who bring down the influences of the Gods into the material world. So one can say that they have an agenda, which is to complete or communicate the influences of the Gods.

Although, with the Gods, I’m not sure if one can say they have an agenda.

The Gods are the beings who constantly create everything in the world. A lot of modern magicians are unconciously materialist-inspired, so they see everything as separate from the Gods. So, some would say that the Gods’ agenda is to draw more worshippers to them, thinking that this gives them greater power and influence in the world, as often times they just see them as some other Spirit that is finite.

However, the worship of many Gods have faded throughout history, and this has occured without much resistance from them, rather simply gently fading, and they did not actively and desperately try to gain worshippers. So, this cannot really be said.

Good contemplation!

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I do believe with certainty that angels are not “messengers” of the pagan gods, but rather of source itself in hermetic tradition. Which is why they have the type of authority/power that they do. I’ve seen angels force both infernals and pagan gods alike into compliance. (Or even banish them) Angels are the very binding intelligences that string together the planes of manifestation.

Pagan gods are envisionments of natural forces that govern man. Angels operate on a much more transcendent level. (On the soul level, which encompasses everything)

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Okay, so personally I also believe some Angels are directly under God the Highest (That is, God spoken of in the Hermetic tradition), but I also believe some Angels are beneath particular Gods.

Alright, since you mention Hermeticism, it’s clear from Book III of the Corpus Hermeticum that the Gods are the beings who create everything in the world:

Then Holy Light arose; and there collected ’neath Dry Space from out Moist Essence Elements; and all the Gods do separate things out from fecund Nature.

All things being undefined and yet unwrought, the light things were assigned unto the height, the heavy ones had their foundations laid down underneath the moist part of Dry Space, the universal things being bounded off by Fire and hanged in Breath to keep them up.

And Heaven was seen in seven circles; its Gods were visible in forms of stars with all their signs; while Nature had her members made articulate together with the Gods in her. And [Heaven’s] periphery revolved in cyclic course, borne on by Breath of God.

And every God by his own proper power brought forth what was appointed him. Thus there arose four-footed beasts, and creeping things, and those that in the water dwell, and things with wings, and everything that beareth seed, and grass, and shoot of every flower, all having in themselves seed of again-becoming.

And they selected out the births of men for gnosis of the works of God and attestation of the energy of Nature; the multitude of men for
lordship over all beneath the Heaven and gnosis of its blessings, that they might increase in increasing and multiply in multitude, and every soul infleshed by revolution of the Cyclic Gods, for observation of the marvels of the Heaven and Heaven’s Gods’ revolution, and of the works of God and energy of Nature, for tokens of its blessings, for gnosis of the power of God, that they might know the fates that follow good and evil [deeds] and learn the cunning work of all good arts.

[Thus] there begins their living and their growing wise, according to the fate appointed by the revolution of the Cyclic Gods, and their deceasing for this end.

And there shall be memorials mighty of their handiworks upon the earth, leaving dim trace behind when cycles are renewed.

For every birth of flesh ensouled, and of the fruit of seed, and every handiwork, though it decay, shall of necessity renew itself, both by the renovation of the Gods and by the turning-round of Nature’s rhythmic wheel.

For that whereas the Godhead is Nature’s ever-making-new-again the cosmic mixture, Nature herself is also co-established in that Godhead.

—Translated by G.R.S. Mead, Thrice Greatest Hermes Volume 2, Corpus Hermeticum III (IV) - Source

So, it seems the Gods are above nature, not quite simply envisionments of natural forces.

As for Angels and the Gods, here is an article on one Platonist heirarchy of Divine Beings:

To comment on this with another Hermetic source:

Providence and Necessity (are), in the mortal, birth and death, and in God, unbegotten (essence). The immortal (beings) agree with one another and the mortal envy one another with jealousy, because evil envy arises due to knowing death in advance. The immortal does what he always does, but the mortal does what he has never done. Death, if understood, is immortality; if not understood (it is) death. They assume that the mortal (beings) of this (world) have fallen under (the dominion) of the immortal, but (in reality) the immortal are servants of the mortal of this (world).

—Hermes Trismegistus, Definitions of Hermes to Asclepius, Aphorism 10, Definition 6

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The concept of “gods” in hermetic tradition are thought to be of the one universe. But not of source. Theres a difference in how those two things act. One is a product of conceptualization and desire (pagan gods), and the other is at the core of everything and operates with absolute power through such. (Angels)

The rings of power have been clear in my own practice. Pagan gods fear angels.