Up next is Bael

What experiences you guys have that wouldnd mind sharing regarding the spirit of Bael. How did you invoke/evoke what system or source of operation.


I’ve only worked with Bael for protection or invisibility but he’s delivered every time.

He approached me in the dreamscape as a being that looked like a fantasy piece of art- we were in a cave then a canyon, and he showed me how to invoke his protection on the spot, by pulling this image into me and having it flash above me like it did in the dream.

Basically all of a sudden in the dream, my body for a split second took his form, which was that of a an Uber tall black robed figure, with three skull heads. They reminded me of bison or cattle heads. I heard his name boom out all around me as I saw it all, Bale.

I’ve used the technique in waking life ever since. Basically I pull his essence in and allow it to sort of flash through me- it’s bigger than my physical body, and I project his name to the universe.

There’s your crazy sauce for the day, hopefully someone will have the soup to mix it with. Mostly I don’t know how to describe it in words.


He’s the master of illusion, he can cast and reveal it.

Very useful if you wanna:

  • Go unnoticed (evading police, escaping, cheating on a test, etc.)

  • Make someone lose interest in you, or make a situation appear different than it is (clearing debts, street magic, changing the perception of the person marking an exam, telling convincing lies, etc.)

  • Change the weather (he brings rain and thunder)

  • Uncover a secret or illusion

and many more

I used him one time to make someone lose interest in wanting to fight me.

That app listing attributes is a good concept but the pronounciation seems to be anglicized. It should be bah-el (el as in eligible). Not saying “BAIL” doesn’t work, but whoever compiled the spirits of Lemegeton certainly wasn’t saying it that way.


Idk man, I remember reading Eva say Belial was real specific on to pronounce his name…

But the way he gave it to me is not the commonly accepted magically pronunciation and is more commonly used by Christian’s around where I am from.

Bael ended up being similar. My understanding at the time was it was not Bale, but he gave it to me like that anyways, so I ended up having to research it to even be sure I had the same entity, because it’s not the commonly accepted pronunciation.

I don’t have speech problems but due to a coma when I was 3, I do struggle with some words- but not either of those two.

It makes me inclined to believe that one, it will work with the wrong sound if the intent is correct (to call the names entity), and that they may give different pronunciation based on culture, and experiences.

I can try swear to that but like others I’ve had the experience of saying the wrong words or name and still gotten the correct entity’s answer.


I call him Bay Eel. That resonates for me.

I evoke him the same way I evoke any spirit. Eazy breezy.


I love his presence and enjoy working with him. I’ve mostly called him for rain and it always works. He has a very calm, loving energy ime. I enjoy spending time with him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


King Bael has an awesome energy to him! He likes coffee. I’ve worked with him on some rain issues and he delivered like a champ. Where I live we don’t have a decent water supply for the city, we mainly use a river as a source of water for the city. So we had a big drought river dried and the wells were drying also. So I asked King Bael for some rain for the rocker and wells to replenish, and damn he did it. It rained for approximately 2 weeks straight with no flooding (which is awesome) and the river and wells replenished. So king Bael is an excellent bringer of rain!


Bael has never failed to deliver for me. Not once. I began with petitioning him, then moved to evoking him, and also developed my own little specific ritual using him to bind others’ memories and remove suspicion from you.

Every so often I ask him to protect my home. I also keep his seal/sigil somewhere on my work desk at all times, so that my boss(es) leave me alone and never micromanage me.

Usually he asks for red wine. One time he asked me for dirt, like, soil or potting mix. :woman_shrugging:t3:

One time, I opened the curtains of my bedroom window and there was a dead toad, completely intact, belly side up, with its mouth stuffed full of dirt, sitting right on the other side of my windowsill. So uh, I guess sometimes he likes to give you signs that you’ve been heard.

I usually think of his name as “Bale”/“Bail”, but I’ve also used Bahl, Bah-ahl, or Bah-el, Bah-ale. In ritual it usually ends up being “Bah-el” when I’m chanting, but if I happen to address him as “Bale”, well, he’s never made an issue of it.


Never thought of that! I might implement that myself. I also get the toad sightings! Sometimes they leave their spot in the grass and make their selves be noticed when I’m smoking my midnight cigarette. Which is weird toads are usually not very social as in they usually run away when they see a person.
So yes King Bael has a way of making his presence known! Gotta Love King Bael!


King Bael seal at work is amazing. I used to do the least work and get the most praise. Probably not something to be proud of, but it is what it is. Shitty, stressful job that would only have been made worse by micromanagement.

Ave Bael :frog:


Ave Rex Bael Pater Herab Serapel


He’s helped me with not getting caught while trespassing in this cemetery I go to sometimes.
I also asked for/got “invisibility” from my boss/coworkers at my old job. I hated that job and everyone I worked with, especially my old high-maintenance micromanaging boss. So long as I was “invisible” at my job, he rarely contacted me and I got away with just sleeping through my working hours or doing something else during that time. They were pretty oblivious but I eventually quit anyways.


Hey @Veil I just remembered you wrote a badass spell of forgetting that operates under the agency of King Bael. Did you transfer that rite to this forum? If not maybe you ought to, I’ve personally used it three times ( no excuses it should have gone in my book of shadows but I was lazy).


Hell yeah I did :smiley: you brought yours over too, yeah? The tealight one? Thought that was genius, actually might come in handy for me quite soon


Haven’t confirmed, but he seems invested over protection from advertisements. I literally haven’t proved this at all, so you know, discern.


Additional info: King Bael holds the passages between the layers of hell. So if we accept the world we live in as a hell. We can get help from this spirit to jump social class. Bael transmutes your soul. After this change, he programs your soul, which was programmed to be poor, into wealth. Even the vibration you emit changes. That’s the class distinction. Statistics show that 70% of African rich footballers go bankrupt within 10 years of resigning. But on the other hand, even if the upper class spend as much money as they want, they do not go bankrupt, on the contrary, they rise.
Another example is the poor, who won millions of dollars from the New Year’s Eve lottery, This is the reason why the bankruptcy period changes to the amount of money, but it definitely returns to its original state.


From my experience, he’s actually not so much fire. He’s very much Air. Air and Earth are for his ability in shifting the minds and perceptions of people (also magician) to gain advantages. This is also to aid in communication with other spirits. He’s excellent at channeling and divination methods which utilize thoughts, like Tarot and bones. These are all Air-like abilities.

I got very regal and shadowy nobleman vibes from him. He’s seemingly the more civilized of the Baal entities. Beelzebub was very aggressive and “in your face” with me, an abusive vibe. And Belial is a notorious shapeshifter with severe tendencies. But Bael deals more with his subjects and perceptive changes of the world. (people therein) He does have a warrior side (being a Baal god), but he tends to take the more reckonable approach to life’s matters.

More calculated. He’d rather build strong foundations in life for progress instead of throwing a wrench in the gears just to see you scramble. (unlike others)


I’ve been blood pacted with him 2 going on 3 years now and he is an underrated powerhouse. I agree with alot of what you say about him. The nobleman with some darkness around him, how I see him really depends on which faced he shows me. As King in Manform I often see him in reddish dun colored tower overlooking a city scape, staring into the city below. I always get the impression he is VERY Machiavellian and playing the long game or games with his pieces across several boards.

As The King Cat he speaks of wrath, he meows and howls with rage but his eyes are like big plastic buttons that glow but never move. This is how he comes on to “inform” me of moves that threaten my interest and the best way to handle them. The communication is purely telepathic in that I answer in my spoken language and he answers in meows but somehow I get what he’s saying.

Now King Toad is all about governance, he likes to give advice on administration, in what order to sort matters, what should be entertained and what should be ignored and why.

There are other forms too but I have a feeling he’d rather I not share those. :man_shrugging:t3:

My life got tremendously better since being pacted with him. Really for the first time in life I feel like I have my shit together and I am no longer a city without walls or not am I a city divided against it’sself and I am no longer a city state without a more than credible defense force, to defend my interests and then by extension to enable me to compete with the other city states for the best prizes in this life.

Btw if you want to shine King Bael on… try this this and do it with a booming voice like you are a herald going ahead of him announcing his immanent arrival ( he loves this ). “Welcome King of Kings, the first and Prime amongst 72, The Kingpin of the clique, Ave Rex Bael Invictus!!!”

He comes on like a freight train. Try it…




I wrote about my experience with him during the Goetia Pathworking experiment in my post on the topic. (Shameless self-plug.)

By far the most interesting experience I had with an entity not in my usual list of contacts. When I first met him, he wound up messing up a whole bunch of things in an effort to “test my mettle” for the rest of the Goetia pathworking experience. I like to think I passed, since the annoying side effects went away.


Hmmm that’s really interesting I’ve never had him do that for me. I don’t really tolerate “lessons” from spirits usually though. Life has enough challenges as it is I don’t need spirits adding to it…

The worst he does to me is he will hide some thing I need. It’s like a cue that he wants to talk or wants a laugh.

This is part of his classic invisibility stunts. The object hour looking for is invariably in front of you in plain sight.

If you’d like to do something to bring him on strongly or make a good friend of him us present him with any kind of weapon, a replica of weapon, bladed preferably, he likes military memorabilia, things like plaques, medals, citations these really please him.

Now if you plan to work closely for a period take a mobile phone box and create a little “home” for him and keep it on or near the altar and you can put his things in the box.

Idk he doesn’t tell me anything else. Personality wise he reminds me of a kind of perverted old uncle who always has a crude joke or some sexually inappropriate innuendo. :man_shrugging:t3:.

He always approaches from behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders and whispers things in my ear. Advice, warnings, schemes, etc…

He’s awesome, something he told me once, everyone is the ruler of their kingdom but most cannot handle the responsibility and abdicate control if it to another ( JCI god, spouse, alcohol, drugs, other addictions)…

He makes a good point.