Celestia's Angelic Working- Info, experiences and more

Hello everyone,
Celestia here.

I have been practicing since 2020, and after finishing the Qliphoth I’ve delved into angelic magick. The rhythm of my magic changes, it’s like a pendulum. I’m switching between my gatekeepers pathworking, and this one.

This Angelic pathworking is not by any book, I go as guided by Michael and Gabriel. Mainly Gabriel. I will be writing down, in individual posts about 1 (arch)angel, the information about them (not history or anything like that, only correspondences and stuff) which will include my own *upg and my personal experiences with them. I will also be sharing any spells that they give me to share with you all.

Other than that, I’ll mostly be writing about them once a chunk of work is done. That is, after I get an experience of at least a few weeks.

I welcome you all to add your own inputs and experiences as well, to make this even more enriching.



Archangel Michael

Planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Sphere: Tiphereth (I go with him being a solar spirit, and Raphael as mercurial, therefore making Michael the ruler of Tiphereth).

Colors: Red/Orange (solar colors)

Offerings: Red (or white candle), flowers, music, oranges (and orange stuff), cinnamon (and cinnamon stuff)

Incense*: sandalwood, dragon’s blood^

Dislikes: People who go against their personal principles

Offices: Protection, Healing, Courage, Health

Michael is the one archangel who’s closest to me. We work together often on a regular basis and he has been with me through thick and thin. He has called me out on my bullshit and has given me strength when I was at my lowest.

I have not seen him be against working with anyone except 2 people in my life. 1 is specifically someone he dislikes, and has warned me multiple times to cut contact with.

I have called him when I was sick, or when I needed money to buy something, and also when I was getting cooked under the sun during summer for transport. Each time, he answered quick and delivered.

I have done 2 baneful spells with him, both great successes (yes, you can call on angels for baneful).

My first target was plagued by nightmares, and my second target inherited a genetic disease which prevents him from leaving home often.

One of these spells is done with Gabriel as well.

I don’t need to say much about him being a protector, as I’m sure a lot of us already know it.

Archangel Michael is very versatile. He’s blunt, he’s straight to the point, and when it’s about business he’s not one to waste time on pleasantaries. He does not speak in riddles, and says it as it is.

His energy is warm/hot, depending on the intensity.

^ I have not offered him dragon’s blood since I don’t have it, I felt drawn to write it.


Interesting. Usually Dragon’s Blood is considered to be under Mars.

Also, massive Deja Vu of this post. I feel like I have seen a vision of a vision of seeing this post (strange, I know).


Michael’s origins can (culturaly) be traced back to Nergal, god of disease, war, and the underworld.

Looking forward to reading about your gnosis and experience :slight_smile:


Very interesting, I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for quite some time!

That’s so fucking cool, where can I read more about this?

Thank you :purple_heart:


I originally read about it in Geosophia by Jake Stratton-Kent. Apollo is said to have the same (cultural) origin. I highly recommend Geosophia. I’m not sure I agree with all of his conjecture, but it is an insightful and fascinating read that explores the ancient Greek origins of western grimoire magick and occultism.


Awesome, thank you so much!


Your library is a dream lol🖤


Archangel Gabriel

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Sphere: Yesod

Day: Monday

Colors*: Dark Blue, Blue(s), a hint of brown, Silver

Incense: I feel drawn to Jasmine and other cool scents

Offerings: Flowers, Apples, I haven’t really given any offerings to Gabriel.

Offices: Communication, protection, clairs.

Gabriel is the second archangel I’m close to, since his planet is the moon, and I’m ruled by the moon. He is fierce, and there have been many instances where I was intimidated to meet him alone without Michael by my side. (It’s all good now though).

I haven’t done a variety of spells with him yet. He’s practical and keeps me on check. He motivates me to study, and punishes me if I become indolent or passive by giving me a stomach ache or a headache which only goes away once I sit my ass down in class. Discipline is extremely important to him, he’s a lot less chill in this aspect compared to Michael.

I have done a baneful spell with him, which I have already mentioned in my post on Michael. I plan to do more baneful with him soon.

Spell wise, I have not done much with him. But shadow work wise, I’ve dealt with a lot of stress and past memories regarding my social life.

For me, my work with Gabriel has taught me the importance of having a balance between discipline and relaxation.

I do not have anything from him to share, when I do I will be sure to add them here. Please feel free to add your own inputs and experiences with Gabriel.

That’s all for now


Sephiroth, Mikhael, Uriel, and Raziel

I have been meaning to do a sephirothic pathworking to balance myself. I have not been putting it off, just waiting till the time is right. And the time is near. I will either initiate in a few days, or in 2-3 weeks.

Last night, I sat down with Michael, and wrote a complete ritual for self initiation through the tree and the spheres. Wrote a draft, discussed with Michael, then we wrote a second draft together.

Something felt off, so we brainstormed a little, and wrote a final third draft.

Just before writing this post here, I went and got it revised by


The rising sun, I see him in a loose white robe, like that of the angel in the Temperance card on a RWS deck.

He suggested another edit, and then after discussing it with him, rewrote the initiation adjusted to his suggestions. Now this felt complete. I shared this matter with a friend, when I felt that I should get the final stamp of approval from Raziel.

M: I need to go to Raziel
U: Then go
M: I haven’t met him before, I need you to take me to him

And Uriel guided me to a separate path to take, from where we went to

Raziel- The Scribe

Upon reaching Raziel’s “place”, I saw humongous white curtains, starting from the ceiling and draping down to the white marble tiles (with specks of dark red and gold-brown flakes), which looked it was flowing like a waterfall in a slight breeze.

The corridor, lined with bookshelves against the wall. Dark brown bookshelves, filled with books of various colors.

On the extreme ends of the sides of the room, was a long scroll which converged at his deck.

I could not see his face, I only saw pale white hands, one holding an ink pot, and the other holding a quill. He wore a white silk cassock like this:


buttoned at the wrist.

He wore a cape, or were they his wings? I’m not too sure. I thought it to be a cape, covering his wings. They were expansive. The cape, of the colors in the tile. Dark red or brownish, between those two shades, with specks of gold.

I showed him the ritual I wrote, from beginning to end. He gave his suggestion on the opening, offering an alternate method that didn’t take away from the core intention of the ritual. I got the final stamp of approval, after 5 revisions and hours of work. I thanked him, and left with Uriel. I will try it out myself, and if I find it works, I may or may not post it here.

I will write more on Uriel once I have gathered enough experience with him. For now, my experience with him has been neutral. He will grant information and wisdom, provided you can ask the right questions.

He is not as severe as Gabriel, he is a little stern but he does answer, be it a positive answer or a negative one.

That is all for this entry. Till next time


Wow @Celestia this is awesome :sunglasses:


Thank you bro! :muscle::purple_heart:


Archangel Raphael

Planet: Mercury (or Sun, some people consider both ime but in my practice I go by mercury)

Element: Air (can also be, at times, water)

Sphere: Hod

Day: Wednesday

Colors*: Greens, Blues, Browns, mostly earthy/nature colors

Incense*: I’m being drawn to Champa, and citrusy fragrances

Offerings*: Fruits, flowers (I saw orange and yellow ones), I also see a glass of water but I’m pretty sure it’s vodka, so I believe you can offer both as libation

Offices: Sciences and Healing, can help with astral senses as well

do not call along with Azazel and vice versa, they have beef

Raphael and I had a rocky start, but we eventually came to a middle ground after much discussion and can work together when required. I have mostly worked with him for healing and he is excellent at it. He also taught me a few things about it and also taught me some techniques.

I often see him on a river bank, which (river) starts by a waterfall.

That being said, I haven’t explored other offices of his as I work with other spirits for that but I am sure he is good when it comes to helping with sciences, especially when it comes to training clairs with him, which I feel could be due to his mercurial nature.

He responds soon, is very direct and patient in my experience with him so far. He has given me accurate information regarding medical conditions of a few people.

Although not a guide who is too close to me for now, he is a good and cooperative spirit to work with, if you work it out. He will not hesitate to not work with you if he disagrees with something about you, but then again, he would be willing to work it out depending on the case imo.

His healings are not aggressive, they are gentle and go the full course. He heals deeply as much as can be magickally done depending upon the person’s cooperation and actions taken in the mundane.

Raphael goes beyond surface level, he looks at the root of it all. The issue at hand, as well as you.

The message that I receive is, he looks at who you are at a soul level. If he does not like you or does not resonate with your nature, then chances are less he will work with you. Do not take it to heart, it does not mean he hates you. He simply disagrees and is fine keeping peace.

A message for someone specific out here: don’t take things personal and seek revenge, you are master of your own world, not everyone else’s. he is watching you.

I hope this post was helpful, if you have any questions, please feel free to write them. I welcome open discussion and believe we can learn from each other.

That’s all for now.