Metatron in Life and Magick

I have a hard time finding many posts about Metatron and any details about the way he works in a magician’s life. I’m looking to possibly work with him and want to know what his energy is like, for my own reference as well as others.

How does he work in daily life with magician?
What kind of things does he cause to happen?

Greatly appreciated if anyone works closely with him. :+1:


Well, Qabalistically speaking, he is the archangel of Kether. This “sphere” relates to the highest aspirations of the great work and the principle of unity.

Each working I’ve done with them has led me to a greater sense of purpose, and allowing me to the the “higher” purpose behind things.

Another perspective is that the patron Enoch became Metatron once he ascended to heaven, and that they are the one who tought Qabalah to humans.

So, overall, you can expect a sense of a more “grand perpsective” and the condition of unity between all things.


I’m aware of his correspondences and general associations with spiritual wisdom. But the workings of physical life are not always highly philosophical. Archangels can do many things. They are very broad in nature. And as patrons, they are nearly unstoppable at the things they do.

I’m more looking for accounts of physical things he tends to make happen for his followers. I’ve heard from a YouTube magician named Morino Ravenberg that because of Metatron’s associations with both Uranus and Saturn, he’s extremely versatile, somewhat like Michael. (But without the full on warrior vibes)


Here is the thing. You are describing UPG. If a few factors were arranged differently, you would say the opposite. Example: death as the common root of all sentient physical life. Philosophical in the sense of known to many across time.

Sounds like you know were to start! Know these, and you’ll likely answer your own questions.

Edit: I have a language barrier, so if I sound rude it may be my translating. Thought this worth adding.


No, I’m not describing UPG. You know what I mean. This is not a “perspective” kind of question. I asked for accounts on what Metatron has done for them physically. As in things that actually happened directly because of ritual work with him.