So recently i had someone tell me how Bael is monogamous with them and never had anyone else which made me curious cause from my research i have always known they are poly so i wanted to know if there is anyone in here who is in a romantic relationship with Bael or do you know anyone like that? Or is she telling the truth?

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I’ve never been in relationship with Bael, but I have been in a relationship in the past with Azazel and Set, and am currently with Asmodeus and I haven’t know any of them to be monogamous. At least not the way our human brains see it.

They are however, very loyal, loving and kind. To this day I have a great relationship with Azazel , though it has changed over time to be great friends and not lovers.

You can have a beautiful relationship with them, but they perceive things very different from us. Especially, with relationships.

Perhaps, someone else will have more specific information on Bael.

This is my experience with the ones I know.


Yea i have read alot of posts you wrote about Azazel which only made me learn more about him and research more when i started getting into occult back then and i do agree with spirits mostly being poly which is why im concerned if my friend is being lied to or dealing with something else cause the Bael she works with says he only dates her and no one else. Talking about Set, is it ok if i may know your working experiences with him and his personality cause i have always been curious about Set. I understand if it’s private just let me know or you can dm me about it :smiley:

These spirits are older than us and our grandmas, the probability of them being monogamous in a human sense is quite unlikely.

Spirits have, do, and will have relationships with other humans.

Now, if she meant monogamous as in not in a relationship with anyone she knows then maybe? but if she means monogamous in a ‘im the only human’ way then she’s probably well, lying. it’s highly unlikely to occur.


It’s fine. But it will probably be tomorrow before I can write it out.

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Of course you can tell me tomorrow dw :slight_smile:

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I haven’t forgotten you!