Neph’s Visions (lots of UPG)

This journal will be for me to put down all of my daily visions. I may have 5 or 6 on a bad day. they may range from seconds to until someone shakes me out of it. It all depends on when my awareness catches up.

If UPG is not your thing. I suggest you set this journal to ignore. It won’t be your taste.

Anyone else. Maybe you’ll gain a glint of insight from these ramblings.


Following! :metal:t4:


You’ll have to bare with me today. I’m under the weather.

Today I’ve been visited by a spectral wolf. He is large in size for a wolf but not dire wolf sized. He is comprised of light blue, green and yellow energy. He has been extremely friendly. Followed me around the house panting and wagging his tail. He has some spiked furs on his neck that make it look similar to lightning but also at the same time not lol, you can figure that meaning out yourself lol.

Seems to respond to me pretty well so I’ve allowed him to hang around to watch guard.


I imagine for the amount of energy we’ve all expended this week, that it’s rather normal to feel a bit unwell, without even adding in the mundane factors :slight_smile:

Just get rested up so I can keep harassing you with every little tech thing I can’t figure out :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, seriously worry about you and your family first and let this place be a close second.


The two most powerful emotions on both sides of the spectrum are love and pain.


You are more than your physical body. You have lived and are currently living thousands of lives. You are one piece of a greater whole. I too am a piece of this same whole. I am you just as you are me when connected to the whole. This is what allows for the easy communication. Our pieces are closer to each other when placed in the whole. Think of a giant puzzle with thousands of pictures depicting people. You and I would be the two of the thousands of pieces used to create one of the singular individuals within the millions of people in this puzzle.

We are one in the same but also different. You. Can count on me as I should count on you.


Im In a round life raft riding the waves in the ocean. The waves are rather large swells but the I feel nothing but calm. Im enjoying the rhythmic up and down of the boat. I feel a tightness behind to swell inside my chest. I move my awareness from the boat and ocean and look inside myself to see what this is. I realize I have stopped breathing after an exhale. Even after I realized my breathing had stopped it did not start up again. I had to force myself to take a breath in. Exhale would come on it’s own but inhaling I would have to manually think about it to start it. This brought an uneasy feeling and slight distress.

I clicked back out to myself back in the boat. The water is now as dark as ink and sticky like sludge. I wipe my fingers on my shirt and have to now grip on to the boat to hang on. In my uneasy feeling I call out for help from my spirituals guides to assist me In this new situation that is developing. My guides do not show up but everyone of my current classmates do ( currently at the Monroe Institute doing the guidelines retreat).

When they all show up I immediately know this means that me and everyone in my class are all in the same boat currently. If I need help or have questions I should ask them. They all help to right the boat and the chaos of the waves stop. The water is now smooth with no signs of Motion. I enter the void of focus on 15 and am now floating on top of the ink in complete comfort. An orange orb now hovers over me. I can tell it is supposed to represent some kind of consciousness as it seems to be looking around and taking in the situation. It spins quickly and shoots off.

I feel something gently stroke my physical right hand. I moved my awareness to my right hand to find the energy wolf i mentioned earlier licking my hand and happily wagging his tail. I gave him snuggles, pats and scratches. He seemed to revel in it.


For this exercise I went to focus 21 then back down to 15. Back up to 21. Then all the way back down to c01.

Nothing out of the ordinary happend while bringing myself to 15. At 14 I walked through a blue door to enter focus15. In 15 in floating again in black ink. This time my companion is sitting on my chest to keep himself out of the ink. He’s happy and wagging his tail directly in my face. Playfully slapping my nose over and over with it. I’m rdy to move to 16.

I see two large red 16’s on the back of my eyelids as I inhale. On exhale I push out red colored energy. Now a red door with a black 16 is in front of me. Still laying in the inky waters I reach forward and grab the golden door nob to open the door. I walk out of the water and into the air and through the door way.

I emerged out of the door way and into a endless field of red red roses. V follows me through the doorway. I think he was ready to get out of the black ink. He’s more solid now and has white furs with the blue, green and yellow energy swirling around and through him. My guess is he didn’t want to get any ink on his pretty white fur.

The smells are absolutely sweet, the breeze is absolutely calming. I feel emboldened here, like I can take on the world all by myself. V is running through the fields and playing like a maniac. It’s time to move on to 17

I see large yellow 17’s on my eyelids as I inhale. As I exhale I blow out calming yellow energy. I now see a yellow door with a black 17 on it. I turn the golden nob and step through. I’m in a large field of sunflowers (lots of flowers in this theme). The sun is huuuge in the sky, like take 10 of our suns at their largest while setting or rising. That’s how big this sun ways. You could feel the heat radiating off it. Very energizing. V is in the sunflower field barking and running. He’s also jumping like he is trying to catch something out of the air. I cannot make out what it is. It’s time to move on to 18.


I see a large rose colored 18’s on my eye lids. As I exhale I push out rose colored energy. I see a rose colored door with a black 18 on it. I reach out and grab the golden nob and turn it before opening the door and walking through.

The sky is purple here. The land is made up of rolling hills that are covered in flowers. Except these flowers were little hearts instead of flowers growing on top of the stems. I giggle thinking of legends of Zelda. Also in this area mixed in within the heart flowers are these green pipes that look just like the warp pipes in Mario. I instantly understand that these pipes will warp me to different focus levels as well as different locations within the astral. It is my understanding that 18 is extra special because it is the heart line of this cosmology. It touches all levels. It is the only to do this. Pink/rose levels are amazing.

I pick a heart flower and plop it into my mouth. It desolved like cotton candy and turned into a pink energy. I understood I could direct this to any part of my body for minimal healing. Just like Zelda lol.

It’s time to move to 19.


I vision green 19’s on my eye lids then breath out green expanding energy. I see a green door with a black 19 on it. I grab the golden handle, open the door and step through. I’m in an earth like plane. Rolling green shamrock fields. Birds chirping, bees buzzing. It smells of freshly cut grass. V is laying on his back doing that dog wiggle thing they do when they are itching themselves. I walk over and pat his belly telling him he’s a good boy. I can almost see a smile on his muzzle. Clearly happy.

I pull a stick out of the grass and toss it. V chases it down and brings it back a few times. I’ve spent enough time on this floor, time to move on to 20.

I vision purple 20’s on my eyelids and breath out that royal purple into the ether. I see the purple door and I walk through it. Here I come into a castle. There are maids and workers buissily working in preparation for some big event. Everyone is rushing around trying to complete their tasks while trying to get everyone else out of their way. It’s simi organized chaos. Nobody notices or responds to me. I could explore the castle unbothered but I’m on a task so it’s time to move to 21.

Same thing again. White 21’s on the eyelids and powerful white energy expanding out on exhale. The door appears. White with a black 21. I grab the golden nob and I walk through.


I’m standing before and endless open space. All that can be seen before me is a marble bridge. If you’ve ever played Mario kart and raced rainbow road. The structure of this bridge is similar to rainbow road. It’s made out of hovering marble squares . It’s maybe 10-12 squares wide. Each square about a square foot cube. The way the bridge flows is remenicent of snake way in dragon ball z. It’s just and endless bridge of ups downs twists and loops. This bridge is what connections the consciousness levels of 1-21 to 22-infinity. It is the demarcation line between humanity and what lies beyond. Today I’m not crossing this bridge. Instead I laid down my personal identification code with the number 21 next to it so I can easily travel back.

Instead I brought my astral island into level 21. I found myself standing in my usual entry spot next to Karla my miqo’te who guards/operates my energy conversion box. I bid her a good day and thank her for all of her work. She responds with some cute little uwu maneuver. I walk into my jungle. I walk down the normal path. This time there is tree fall hanging over the path. As I maneuver myself under the hanging tree I notice as I touch it that it’s wet and slimy. I wipe it on my shirt and move on. The path splits in its normal spot. Left world tree and world tree cave. Right to my ziggurat. I have plans at the ziggurat so I go right. I find myself starting to come out of the jungle into my desert clearing with the ziggurat in the middle.


I’ve seen those too.




I took a pipe today during one of my meditations and heard the warp pipe jingle that was in Mario. I almost pissed myself laughing.

Womp womp womp.


I have a shit load more to add on to this. I’m just busy with my retreat so I’ll continue on this weekend with it.


That’s a nice stone :slight_smile: very big.
Did you notice it kinda resembles a horses head from that angle? To make it easy to see i drew it on for ya :slight_smile:

I’ll admit I’m not that good at using draw on with my finger on the meme generator webpage, but I think you can tell it’s a horse :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see it but only cuz you drew it :rofl::rofl:

Get scrying eyes. I thought it look like a hoof off much bigger statue lol.


Well I guess it is a chip off the old block. I wonder where they put the rest of the horse? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In their stomachs? Ate a really nice horse lasagna one time in Germany. Once they told me what it was, I had seconds, just to experience it again.