Ari's Dream Journal

I seem to be having some wild dreams so I thought it may be a good idea :bulb: to have a separate dream journal. It would be easier to keep track of my dreams, make notes and refer back to them.


The dream I had last night was crazy. I drempt that I was in a desert trying to build a huge tower. Like the tallest tower ever. But then I got afraid of how I was going to finish building the tower. I was afraid that ladders would not be sturdy enough to climb that high. And I could not figure out what type of technology or building equipment I needed to get the tower to be as tall as I needed it to be.

I could see the long long ladders propped on each side of the tower and I was upset because I knew that would not work. I needed better equipement to go higher and higher.

I dont know if this is connected to the tower card in tarot or if its some type of symbology of the tower of Babel. Or if i just ate weird food and fell asleep. But it was intense when I was dreaming it. Like it felt so important that I build this tower. :tokyo_tower:


Fell asleep on the couch and was dreaming that someone was talking about paying respect to a spirit/demon god or something named Hougan or very similar I could see it spelled out for me and here him talking. But other than that I don’t know what this is about.

Monday Sept. 26th 2022


Thurs Oct. 6th 2022

I woke up from a dream around 4:30 am.

I was dreaming that I was sleeping in big king size bed by myself and I was all stretched out taking up the whole bed and I was snuggled with big black comforter with silver and gold dots or small designs on it. There was a huge fireplace with a roaring fire. It was dark other than the fire so everything was dark with shades of gray.

It was such a cozy and nice dream. I didnt want to wake up in my dream or in my life. I just wanted to stay snuggled in that bed and sleep.


Oct. 9, 2022

I woke from a dream that I had messaged E., on the other forum. I was trying to tell him about something I saw in his circle reading. But now that Im awake I cant remember what it was that I saw. It must have been important, if I was messaging him about it. Especially, there.

I do remember that he replied to my first message,but i woke up before I could tell him whatever it was I needed to say.

I do remember I could see him in like a public place. Like maybe a restaurant there seem to have been tables. Purpley colors around. But Im not sure if I was seeing where he was when I was trying to message him or if thats where he was when i read his circle.

It was a curious dream.

Not sure what to make of it.

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I woke up from dreaming that I was in Va, with my ex from up there and I was leaving to come back to Ga to tell all of my family and friends good bye because I was going to Singapore??

I’m not sure if I was in the military and going to Singapore or what. But I remember it was Singapore, and my ex was driving me to the airport to come home before going there.

That was a strange dream.

Before I woke up I could see a jungle.


Seems like me, Dreaming of other places and then realizing that I might have done soul-journey in the present, or past or future.


This morning I was asleep on my sisters couch, the twins were still asleep and it seemed real. But I guess I dreamed that a georgia state patrol came to my sisters house and was knocking on her door.

Which is odd there arent that many reasons why the state patrol would actually come to your house.

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I dreamed I saw a strange sigil. I’ve never seen before. It was black and gold and it has an oval shape instead of round. But I know it was a sigil even in my dream I said it was a sigil. It looked really fancy and whoever made it, made it with some type of metal and painted it those colors.

There was also a big old house in my dream. But I remember the sigil the most.


Last night I dreamed I was with a friend and this man was there. He kept trying to be inappropriate with me. But friend wanted him so she kept getting between us. And I escaped to the house we were suppose to be in. I locked all the doors and windows but the man was still watching from outside waiting for me to come out.

Then the phone rang, and friend said to keep the doors and windows locked that he was on his way to me. And to just hold on.

I dont know what happened to my friend that got left with the inappropriate man.

I do remember in the dream running and losing one flip flop so I only had one shoe.
Not sure what it means though. If anything.

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I had a black and white dream last night and the night before which is odd. I usually dream in color.

Last night all i remember about the dream was wait for the power of a certain number, but now I cant remember what number it was. I do remember it wasnt 3. It was some other number because remember it was strange the number wasnt 3, 6, or 7 the usual number see in phrases like that.

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When I read the first number that popped into my head was 12. Any chance it was 12? Just curious cuz I dunno why I’d think of 12 otherwise but it doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong I’m guessing in any case :person_shrugging: it’s your dream after all not mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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It could have been. But I just can’t remember.

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I dreamed about a mountain called Frog Mountain. And it was a very dangerous place. No one goes to Frog Mountain. :woman_shrugging:

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So there is a Frog mountain in Alabama.

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I dreamed last night my dad had bought a red helicopter a real helicopter.

I decided I wanted to fly it. I thought I remembered how. I took myself and a baby (who the baby was I dont know but I felt it was my baby) and we flew in the helicopter. Only i couldnt remember how to land it.

I finally did land it and left the baby with my oldest daughter who was close by. But when I looked around the helicopter was flying all willy nilly own its own and crashed by a pond.

I then had to go tell my dad that I had wrecked his helicopter. And of course he was upset , he seemed to have only been upset that it could have killed me and not upset at the loss of his brand new helicopter. I remember thinking he must have good insurance.

Anyway, it was very strange dream. My dad does not pilot anything and Ive never known him to ever fly. Maybe once when he went to Vegas and Im not even sure if flew then or took a bus.

I have flown several times and once in a helicopter but I have never flown one and would never take any type of vehicle of my dads wothout asking first. And certainly wouldnt fly a baby around and not even know how to land.

This is probably the strangest dream Ive had in a long time.

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Ok so whats creepy is in my dream there was a ga bulldog decal on the helicopter , and even in my dream I thought that wouldnt make sense my dad is an Alabama fan always has been.

And then I find this just happened

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Last night I dreamed my ex boss was trying to teach me how to use a tea set properly.

I felt like it was going to lead into an affair. Which is strange. Ive never been physically attracted to him. Though, he is for the most part a nice guy.

Then before I woke, I was dreaming of a huge ant hill with ants crawling in and out of it.

I feel like there is a deeper meaning to the ants but I havent dug into it yet.

I dreamed yesterday that I picked up a bag and a bunch of spiders bit my hand. But it only caused a mild reaction. Like a good dose of benadryl and the bites would be gone.