[JOURNAL] become clairaudient with Prince orobas

After reading many books on the occult I have not been able to see or hear spirits,except for one or two seconds and this was mostly accidental, and I could not repeat it,Their training had poor results,I always felt that something was missing about how we should open our claires, Because none of the exercises I did worked, Until I read Mike’s book (@DarkGodofQlippa).
by his method after two weeks I was able to hear the voice of a spirit with good clarity,great success.
I think mike has revealed the main secret in his book,and that secret is that after you have charged your energy body with the good exercises of the book (middle pillar and more), you must summon the spirit and ask him/her questions, and what happens is this: by quieting your mind and trying to hear him/her, you do half the work and the spirit also makes changes in your energy body so that you can hear the sound of him/her (other dimensions),and that is the other half of the work and also the secret that i talking about.I say this with confidence because a famous spirit showed me this in a dream and later confirmed it with a sign.unfortunately, I stopped my training a few month ago because my neighbors and family was scared when they heard me do demonic middle pillar and evocation (muslim country,thin wall’s).
Today, the same spirit made me realize that I can do these practices in silence, or with a very low voice (I hope that I read his signs correctly), so I start the book exercises again and report my progress in this journal every month.and I mention @DarkGodofQlippa here whenever I have a question, but since many of you are experienced too, please aid me improve with your comments and suggestions.
p.s. Summons and exercises are more complicated than what I said above and you have to ask the spirit certain questions so you must read the whole book and this book was written with the full guidance of great Prince orobas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::horse: .


Hey, man, glad you’re making progress, but I’m having trouble seeing how this thread should be categorized, is it a book review or a working journal?


I’m not sure this falls in line with the rules on the subject. I had nothing to do with this nor did i ask for any reviews to be written on my work.

Of course I’m happy someone found something valuable here but this may not be appropriate for the forum.


@DarkGodofQlippa it’s okay, but I need to label it right.


what is your suggestion @DarkGodofQlippa and @ReyCuervo ? Become Clairvoyant with Prince orobas? My English is weak haha.and yes its a journal.

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Okay, I changed the title a little so everyone knows what is this for.


did some meditation and energy work for 2 hours today,and something interesting happened. My spirit guide given me this interesting idea That dark energy is very important to open the claires. Then I remembered two years ago that After two sessions of meditation on the connection with the black earth ( and dark energy), on the third day I was thinking about a spirit and then I said in my mind i love you spirit x, And then suddenly a voice said “i love you too”. Ok This was the first voice I heard from the other side and it really shook my eardrums too.What exactly is dark energy? I have never understood its nature.


Before going to sleep, I did the black earth meditation, when I woke up in the morning, there was a lot of blood inside my nose, dry and black. What the hell was that?


Ok guys, I would like to choose a spirit to continue my training as well as make a pact for protection etc…
now Last night, Prince orobas and another prince came to my dream,the other Prince was either vassago or valac, he’s like a 7 years old boy with black hair and he gave me two wonderful lessons,Honestly i think it was vassago. Does anyone have experience with him?what offering does he likes?


That was Vassago bro!

He’s really cool and if he’s willing to help I’d definitely take him up on the offer.

I can’t tell you alot about his likes and dislikes I’d ask @Heathen_Hermit or @Voice_of_the_Void


Tnx,you saw him like that before? I was a bit confused because Valac also sometimes takes the form of a young boy.

I don’t understand this word.


He’s never appeared to me that way, but he is good for revealing information about the past; so that could be one interpretation of his appearance. Spirits will often communicate by sending messages based on their appearances.

What was the nature of the advice, if I may ask? Did it have to do with past/future things, something that was lost, etc?


Tnx man,wow, his lessons was about two mistakes that i did in the past.


Sounds like him! Glad he was able to help, he’s one of my favorites. Haha

“Keyan Vefa, Jaden Tassa, Vassago” is the enn that I use to connect with him more deeply.


Hahaha fat finger and intoxication don’t mix on a mobile phone touch screen. It was supposed to be “offer”


Im currently doing the training from that book. I need ti do this daily religiously. Just did my clair session today.




The trouble is this. For the first 6 weeks you’re not going to probably see discernable progress. You must keep going and if you do you will begin to see the signs that they are opening up. Most don’t have the patience for 30 min of actual work and those people are not going to be able to succeed here.

I have assisted several forum magicians on this method and each had great success.

Keep up the hard work.


Tnx,well, I opened my third eye last week,I combined your methods and others with my own deep trance ability to invent a method for my own situation and was able to see spirits and my room behind closed eyelids with no problem.of course, as you know, I was attacked the next day while I was going to perform a ritual,They disguised themselves as aa Michael and Raphael, I’m still sick now from attack and I have to wait for a few weeks, but I have to say thank you, your method really works, the problem is that I didn’t have time to type in English and I didn’t update the journal ha ha.


I’m a little confused here @DarkGodofQlippa

For example, If a normal person reads about president valac on the internet and the next day asks you to perform a ritual with valac, will valac fulfill his request?

First of all I’m not authorized to speak for President Valac. I can tell you what I think based on experience…

The best answer is “maybe” but if I were a betting man I’d say no. Here’s why, Valac doesn’t know the guy, hasn’t been introduced, the guy can’t hear or see Valac to conduct an introduction properly or to negotiate for himself. Also no preparatory immersion was done prior so really no, this probably will bomb.

Is it possible that Valac still accepts and does the request, sure it’s possible if he thinks if further his agenda or give him more options later.

Hey king since you’re confused I’m gonna help you get unconfused with a research project. Go on that other forum, the one with and skanky moderator… just go ahead and read some newcomers accounts of their attempt at evocation and the results they get.

Last time I did this there was much weeping, gnashing of teeth, and angst that spirit didn’t do what they wanted. See if you discover the same pattern or trend.