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I have (almost) made up my mind to purchase a Louis Cyphre ring from Alex Streeter, the New York jeweller who designed the original jewellery used in Angel Heart (1987). That said, the original amber ring is too large and ostentatious, so I’m going for the baby version. However, amber is a soft ‘stone’ and is therefore subject to scratching, etc. I intend to wear it fulltime, not as a fashion piece.

He sells other rings – like the one I’m minded getting – but these are made from artificial stones. Therefore, I thought I’d ask the members of this forum whether they knew a jeweller who produces quality lhp jewellery before I purchase this one:

(The amber version is also shown.)

Also, if you haven’t seen Angel Heart, do yourself a big favour. Take note of the electric fans and mirrors.


Saw it. Interesting movie, not as good as the book, as a mate o’mine would say. Don’t like the lead actor, though. But it had a nice little plot twist that I enjoyed when I watched it as a kid.

May I ask why do you like this one ring?


It’s discreet and I like the colour. I’d rather the amber, but as I said, there are problems - the Mohrs scale. I also like the scattered red. Black stands out a bit. Given currency conversion it’ll cost over $600.00Aust.

Why he uses artificial stone is beyond me. He could use Jet (semi-precious) for example. I’m awaiting his response to my inquiries.


I’ve bought from this shop, and I’ve been very happy.

I bought a Lilith sigil ring with a garnet in December of 2020 and I still wear it. It’s sterling silver so hot water and vinegar make the perfect cleaner.

Idk about the one you linked. That’s above my general price range for trinkets lol.


Thankyou so much. Appreciated.


Just wanted to advise that Alex Streeter jewellers are fantastic, helpful people. That said, the American postal service leaves a lot to be desired. There is abundant material online concerning American postage issues.

One of my issues is insurance. The ring I’m buying costs over $600.00Aust., but to obtain insurance for this amount is expensive. Therefore, I have inquired about getting the ‘signed for’ option, which costs, but they’ll get back to me – hopefully tomorrow.

The ring sizes Alex Streeter sells are all full sizes, whereas the size I need is 12 ½ American (or Z in British/Australian), nonetheless, Alex Streeter will alter the size for me for free. That’s something.

It appears that Alex Streeter gets a lot of Japanese business. No accounting of taste, but the assistance I’ve received leaves nothing to be desired. Hopefully I’ll get it all sorted by tomorrow.


Well, I do hope they take care of you, but why the hell aren’t you using your big boy magician skills to ensure you get what you wanted and it doesn’t cost more?

Just asking. For a friend.


This seems right up Hermes’ alley!


Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.


Alex Streeter jewellers (New York) really know about customer service. I ordered Amber Baby Angel Heart ring today. Lily who works there has been nothing but absolutely fantastic as there were a number of issues. It’s great to find people who understand the importance of customer service and my experience with American businesses is that they more than generally do (unlike other places, like Australia).

That said, the current exchange rate leaves a lot to be desired.


Amber Baby Angel Heart ring arrived today. I posted on the Alex Streeter Jewellery Facebook page and meant it! Really great piece of finger art. I wear mine on my left middle finger for both the symbolism of the ring and the finger. So if you’re looking for something stylishly out-of-the-box, checkout Alex Streeter.


If anyone asks me, I’ll tell them that the ring’s (sterling) silver was from one of the thirty pieces paid to Judas Iscariot. That’s because I’m a nasty prick and it will get their attention.

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I’ve ordered The Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry. Not sure why. A spur of the moment purchase.

Anyone know if I did the right thing?


Yes, you did

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Thanks so much for your advice, but the honest truth is, I still haven’t learnt how to fully use Taro cards. I’m thinking of individually charging and using The Occult Tarot as talisman, but that rules out divination using that (some cards) charged deck.


I don’t use mine as tarot cards. For me they take on a magick all their own and I seem to just connect with them and work through what lessons each demon has to teach me, or there is some experience I need to have.

You check my work with the Occult tarot here

It’s still a work in progress though :smiley:

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