Succubus & Incubus Sigils

Succubus & Incubus Sigils

Hi everyone,

I am re-sharing a post I made on a different forum, out of respect for Lilith and two of her children (thank you @anon75849095 , you know why). This post includes two sigils; one for an incubus and one for a succubus. These sigils have not been channeled but constructed. @norse900 scanned them years ago and used them to evoke both entities; he has confirmed that they are ubi’s and not thoughtforms.

Note: Ubi’s are demons, and they are more or less vampiric in nature. These two ubi’s have helped me, but they are not just “love and light”. If you summon them and obsess over them, I imagine they would enjoy the free meal and they might even exploit it.


I simply think of him as “Son of Lilith”. He is the first ubi I asked Lilith to guide to me. I asked to be connected with an incubus who could help me develop my clairs and prepare my energy body for soul travel. She delivered. If he has other specialties, I am not aware of them.


  • clair development
  • subtle body work
  • OBE companion

Personal Experience

Son of Lilith came to me immediately after I burned the letter of intent to Lilith. He was very physical in the way of touching my face, lightly tugging on my energy body at night, and attaching to my crown chakra. He helped me prepare for my first OBE’s, and was gentle about it.

Once I started actually having OBE’s, he was around. The first time I fell into the underworld and couldn’t see anything but shadows and panicked, he picked me up and put me back in my body. He has also dropped onto my stomach as a big black spider in the middle of sleep paralysis. But not in a scary way.




I refer to her as “Daughter of Lilith”. She is the second ubi I asked Lilith to guide to me. I asked specifically to be put in contact with a succubus who could assist me in contacting her and travelling to her realm, with ritual work in general, with dream magick and OBE’s (including shapeshifting), and necromancy. Daughter of Lilith has ticked about half of these boxes, for me personally.


  • assistance with ritual work, esp. with Lilith
  • dream magick
  • dream visits
  • lucid dream evocation
  • shadow work (as in unfucking your psyche, not some form of shadow magick)

Personal experiences

Daughter of Lilith has not been so physical with me. There has been no face touching, etc. She has been much more present in dreams, including lucid. She has helped me with evocations of humans in lucid dreams for therapeutic reasons, has warned me about many things in dream, has accompanied me in dream, and has visited three other people in dream at my request (one to bring nightmares). The nightmare bringing I have only confirmed via divination, as I do not speak with this person.

I have seen her twice in sleep paralysis; both of these also involved applying flying ointment and taking CBD before bed. This has not been the case when I have seen Son of Lilith (as in, no drugs were involved). The first time I saw her as a human male and could physically feel her. The second time I saw her as a demoness hovering above me; she would change shape into fire, then into wood, and then back into a demoness, over and over.

I have felt her hovering over me and sending strong energy currents through my body; one time she did this in a lucid dream. We were both “kicked out” of somewhere in a dream once (something about dead people); when I woke up I had the brief feeling of her sitting on my chest.

OBE wise, I have not really seen her, despite several attempts. I think I saw her the first time I shapeshifted via OBE. I am not sure it was her, and am not sure if she was involved with the shapeshifting.



Hail Lilith :rose: :rose: :rose:


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