The One Ring of Necromancy

I’m working on making my ring, a necromancy black mirror. I just received my ring and so I needed some graveyard dirt.

I plant cover my ring in graveyard dirt until the dark moon.

To obtain this, my daughter and I went to a local graveyard. It was night and very dark at this location. My family are all afraid of this graveyard. They see orbs and strange shadows and things moving.

While in the past it has given an uneasy feeling, I knew this was graveyard I needed the dirt from. And it was confirmed when we were going to a different graveyard the next town over but before I could get there I got a call that I had to come back to my town. Due to some one I work with locking their keys in the office and so I had to go unlock the office for them.

After that we went to the right graveyard in my town. As soon as we get there the paranormal activity kicked in. We had just stopped the car and it started rolling backwards.

I get out get a container from the back to put my dirt in and walk to almost mid way through the graveyard. I look up at the clear sky and beautiful stars, then close my eyes and asked to be shown the best place to get the dirt from. I’m then guided close to a grave where the dirt was very loose and easy to get.

I let the spirits of the graveyard know that I have a gold coin to trade for the dirt. I get my dirt easy and leave a coin resting at the foot of the nearest grave where I retrieved the dirt.

I then got back in the car with my daughter, who informs me of all the orbs she saw while I was getting the dirt.

As we were leaving the gas needle on the car jumped from between full and 3 quarters of a tank to a full tank. Freaked my daughter. But, knew it was just the spirits showing their presence and support. I never once felt scared or afraid. But empowered as I was leaving.

Here is the ring

This ring was just meant for me. It stayed in the shop I ordered it from for at least 2 years with no one buying it. But I always felt that it belonged with me.

It was on mark down and I purchased it. The minute I opened it I knew it was suppose to be. It vibed with me so well.

Im so glad I went ahead and got it.

The black stone makes a perfect black mirror on its own. This will be a fun work for me.

I will make notes of what all I do to create this ring of necromancy.


That’s absolutely awesome Ari

Last year when I studied Necromancy under Duke Murmur for 6 months he gave me a pattern of stones for a necklace to keep me safe from death energy and most negative energy attacks.

This is matte onyx with skull charms.

I love this…it’s heavy like a chain around my neck and shoulders, it reminds me of the heaviness, density and weight of death energy.


Oh, I like that!! :star_struck: :skull:


My ring will work as a black mirror to pull death through and direct onto a target.


Love it!!!

You Rock Gurl!!!



Just covered my ring in graveyard dirt on wed, in the hour of Saturn.

I’ve been doing this as I’ve been lead to so the hour of Saturn made obvious sense. I had to figure out the Wednesday, wed is the day for mercury and mercury is the roman Hermes. Hermes like Hekate was a psychopomp, escorting the dead. So his ties to death and the underworld make perfect sense.

It will stay in the dirt until the next dark moon. :new_moon:


I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way but I feel so powerful doing this working. I felt powerful in the graveyard, I felt powerful covering the ring, I feel powerful calling upon death. Like I’ve tapped into some old ability I had forgotten about.

Sort of like finding a new element that flows with you and not against you.


I see a portal appearing before death, it’s shaped like the black stone of my ring. Death is on one side and I am on the other. Death waits for my call to step through. And I’m not even half way done with this work.


I love how you broke down all your correlations and reasons for each specific. This needs to be a more common thing and I think it can often get skipped when creating your own workings. Weekdays, time of day, day of the month, moon phase, colors used, metals/materials, colors of candles, planetary alignment and so so so much more.


Thank you!


I should also point out that I collected the dirt on a Tuesday which is Mars and thus war and since I will be directing death through the ring to targets it’s perfect.


That ring is so beautiful! (I just had to comment on it) I shall be back with better input later.


Tonight I was instructed to put silver coins into the dirt with my ring.

On thursday (jupiter) hour of jupiter as well.

I wasnt sure why silver coins. But the Egyptians associated silver with the moon, ritual purity and the bones of the gods. (Heilbrunn timeline of art history)

Silver is also used as mirrors. So makes sense Im creating a black mirror, of necromancy. So, mirrors, moon, bones of the gods, ritual purity. Of course I need some silver.

Silver is also a symbol of power and authority, especially coins. All rulers put their images on coins. Therefore, Jupiter, power. Authority.

Mirrors are portals. My ring will be a black mirror and portal. Silver huge connection with mirrors.

Bones of the gods… necromancy… perfect.

I’m moving right along with this.


After adding the silver coins last night a huge storm rolled in. There were tornadoes in some of the southern states. Lightening , thunder and heavy rain is what came my way. Not sure if it relates, but I thought I would document it never the less.

I enjoyed the storm. Just raw energy doing what it does best.

I do hope the places that recieved tornadoes are ok and quickly recover.


Henbane is a necromantic plant that was used by German witches to summon storms and bring rain. Maybe there is a connection with necromancy and storms :woman_shrugging:

I annointed the fox bones you’re housed in with henbane oil.


About one and a half more days and this will be ready !!

So excited for it!


Tonight I will be doing a ritual at midnight with the ring.

I can see the portal with death on the other side. It is shaped like my ring. But the gateway looks like an amber colored glass.

An army of the dead are on the other side. They are waiting for me to open the gateway for them.


When you first see triple H in this with the skull face thats how death is appearing to me right now and there is an army right behind.


It has been created.


I actually did the ritual for this ring early so that it would be in the hour of mars.

I was able to look up at the stars and had a perfect view of the night sky!

Everything came together wonderfully. By the end all of the neighborhood dogs were barking.