Lessons of the Deck - Angelic Edition

I have done this with the Occult Tarot, also by Travis McHenry and am doing it again in another thread. Having felt that was quite beneficial, I bought his Angel Tarot deck to.do the same

This is the text I use when asking:

Spirit _____

I ask you to teach me a lesson and/or grant me wisdom appropriate to your purview and abilities.

This should take no longer than two weeks, unless you acknowledge that I will call upon another at that time or I am told the lesson is complete or the knowledge gained before that.

If these conditions mean it is at an impasse or unacceptable, please let me know immediately amd I will choose another, saving your experience for later.

-Lessons of the Deck - Infernal Edition - #2 by norse900


First up:

I hadn’t even heard of this angel (not a surprise, will happen a lot). He came looking similarly to his card, his face like a blank mask that didn’t show anything. He agreed and then his mouth turned at the edges towards a smile as he said, “You will get a lesson.”

He picked out a cone of patchouli incense and seemed grateful for the gesture. I also knew it wouldn’t change the lesson, even though that wasn’t the point of offering it.


I’ve had my eyes on this deck (as well as the occult tarot) ever since I saw a youtuber use it. I look forward to this.


Never know how things will turn out. I’ve been feeling Vasariah closer for days now (entities seem to feel closer as their ‘lessons’ get closer).

Wasn’t expecting this.

As soon as it was safe to breathe the air in my space, I felt his call.

V: “I trust you found the lesson useful?”

M: “And rewarding. Thank you.” (He nodded).

V: "Not all demons are (typical Christian demons). I trust you found this partnership favorable (all the way around)?

M: “I did. Thank you, Vasariah.”

(He nodded and indicated the lesson was complete).

Hail Vasariah.


Up next:

Lehahiah accepted and chose a Yuzu joss stick from my incense. I bought this at the Buddhist temple on Oahu, but it was not blessed by those specific spirits.


Lehahiah came to me after my rededication ceremony with my Hecate idol. I know why.

I had put out a call to a specific entity to assist with helping someone. That spirit came, then dozens of others came, willing to intervene. I was taken aback, thankful, and humbled. I didn’t really work much with most of them before, to any significant degree.

Hail Lehahiah.

Up next:

Imamiah seemed dark, almost brooding. He said nothing, but nodded to accept the agreement. Afterwards, he raised a fist clenched hard enough to show his strength. A fist to fight with. But not with me.


Imamiah came and showed me a weakness of a current arget of mine and then suggested the safest way to check for it.

He then created an “I” column in my ritual space and indicated he was done.

Hail Imamiah.

Up next:

Haziel came and accepted the task. He offered that the book I bought last night wasn’t by accident and that I should make a journey through it. I haven’t received or read the book yet, so I’m witholding the name for now.

He chose stick Dragon’s Blood incense.


Haziel came immediately after I had an encounter where my sovereignty was stepped on by a well-meaning member not aware of what my effects were towards a target.

As we go through our journeys, there are those that we give blanket permissions to help in one area or another (like blessings or health). Those are earned with time. Between me and those I have them with mutually, we use them sparringly.

Back to the current situation. This meant reaults from my experimental workings weren’t “pure”. While the likelihood of interference is low, it casts a shadow.

Yet, I didn’t want to block or mute this person. I would normally be much more upset. This wasn’t a tarot reading or similar.

I am upset and some more subdued words were exchanged. My advice was to earn back trust ovwr time and not do it again. Divine forgiveness indeed.

Hail Haziel.

Up next:

We had an easy going arrangement, a comfort hard to put a finger on. Apparently, we’ve worked together in another place, in another time.

I kmow I’ve largely been military or priests, but I’ve not felt this comfortable with any othwr cold call angel I’ve met.

He chose stick dragon’s blood. I was out of the stick frankincense.


Daniel came and explained more if the situation in another thread with Belial. I already knew he was part of the reason Belial came to begin with. Truth was revealed and my work with him.in this thread is done.

Hail Daniel

Up next:

He was a little reserved, but polite, and said it would take about 2 weeks. He chose a Myhhr incense cone.


I’m sick, so Melahel asked me to save his card and draw another. I can’t travel this weekend, as planned.

Since he was here, I asked him to look after someone who’s also planning on traveling soon, but it’s a much longer journey and I’m a little unsure about the reliability of their means of transportation.

Instead of accepting anything, like incense, he asked me for a “favor” for myself(?). He asked for a filled, blooded candle, chose the color, “to help someone with another matter related to you (me)”. I tried to intuit any details, but nothing was coming back and he knew I knew he was the reason. It was amicable and after getting assurances it wouldn’t result in negative bindings or similar to me, I agreed.

Up next:

Rochel greeting me in familiar, friendly fashion of sorts. I can only chalk these things up to potentially previous lives, because I don’t recall meeting them in this one.


I was having a conversation with @Mythopoeia about a 3 card pull she did for clarity with the Murmur situation that happened last week. Some of the things were made clearer and one of the situations in the cards was about someone being owed something (to keep it brief). It wasn’t long after that Rochel came to me to say he was done and somehow related to this situation.

I did consult the spirits of my Kasdeya working and they indicated that, for now, I can continue with this angelic path, but not the Goetic one (which I already knew). My understanding is that it’s more about the mechanisms by which they act than by the spirits themselves, as I was told there could be angels where I would be asked to wait or be asked to draw another card and save it for later.

Up next:

Achaiah was VERY friendly. Apparently she’s “friends” with an angel I sing to sometimes. She accepted and chose a patchouli cone. Unlike the card, she came dressed and reminded my of (likely faux) toga style from the Goddesses from Clash of the Titans.

Of course, this song started coming into my head.


Melahel had finished his work upon my successful trip to Pennsylvania.

Hail Melahel.

Archaiah had come to me before the trip and said her work was completed. I forgot to write it down ir, if I did, I misplaced it.

Hail Archiah.

Up next:

Hariel came as a small, but dispersed presence and I felt like he/she/it was looking over my shoulder as I read the agreement.


Beautiful artwork. Cool deck.

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Hariel came to me and said that their task was completed. I was confused and didn’t understand. It had something to do with what happened last night.

What happened? Power went out. 5 times between 2300 and 0000. I made my rounds around the basement every-other-time and again at 0100 and 0300. Furnace was out. Water pump was out. Water Heater worked, but the pump was out. It was a cold night.

But my wife switched a light on around 0500. Some lights and sockets worked some didn’t. Stove was out, but not the microwave above it. No power to the room I’m sleeping in, but my son’s fan was on upstairs. ??

Power guy came out (in less than an hour?!?!) and said some “clamp” had frozen and replaced it with a modern one free of charge. When the hell does that happen on the East Coast?

Weather for tonight - mixed ice storms and.much lower temps that would’ve frozen it in worse circumstances, where there would’ve been more calls. It was 59F in the house when he got there, after the sun had come up.

I’ll take the easier lesson.

Hail Hariel. And thank you.

Up next:

M: “I accept. So, you want to be one of us? And emissary of Death, in tour own capacity and fulfilment. Very well. Your lesson will give as much, however long it takes.”

The “us” refers to those who deal intimately with Death as a while. Not the nonsense so prevalent in the dark edgelord nonsense way that seems prevalent. Not the superficial flirting or the Conan of the Graveyard horseshit.

I simply asked that my child not be a part of that lesson, which he agreed to.


The next time I send you pringles, there will be a Conan of the Graveyard shirt in the package :joy:


I better start snacking more, in that case.


Mikhael helped me out last night with a well known spirit that wasn’t going to do much more than put a mediocre effort into a task I had. Mikhael decided he didn’t like that approach and said he would assist in it being done more in the spirit of the asking than the simple letters of it.

He did say that his lesson(s) for me will take a while and drag out a bit, so I could consider his card done and I should draw another.

Hail Mikhael.

Up next:

Harahel came lightly, accepted the task, and chose an incense cone before leaving. He never spoke a word.

(I did verify that I cannot start my Infernal Deck Lesson thread up again, since some of those lessons may interfere with the Kasdeya, which has 5 weeks left starting tomorrow).


Hail Mikhael :crossed_swords::fire: