World through the lense of runes

Needed somewhere to put all these formulae? Godform interpretations? Higher dimensionality websters dictionary definitions? :rofl: I don’t even know any more but I’m leaning into the spooky hard and it’s leanin back hard making a the start of a new necropolis dives within the outer realms.

Try not to mind the ranty nature these bubble up as at times in my meditations have had me between worlds for lik almost 2 months straight now. Still getting used the new wiring.

Morning shenanigans.

Basic level Essence of the goddesses ERIS AND NYX.

ERIS - The Truths of origins projected through light, knowledge of self and shamanic might found on the paths of origin and those attempting to honestly traverse these paths which lead to the integrated self which seeks union with soul and spirit.

NYX - Through instinctive need and invention, shamanic transformation happens and opens the paths of true generosity and prosperity both for self and those traversing totality.

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Arezura - Zoroastian hell worked with in the path of smoke for reference.

Divine connections and communication on the paths of truth expressed through truthful action shine the lights of truth and shamanic might grant access to and transmit the wealth and might of truths path through those connected to the divine.

HARAKIRI - bubbled up on a ruminaton on the older concepts of honor and the distortions politics bleed into it.

Voluntary purification of the divine opens the ways and paths to new divinity through wisdom and knowledge born of the integrated seal and trusting in the integrated soul and spirit.

Spooky take on movie quote.

E.V.I.L. N.E.V.E.R. D.I.E.S.

Trust in the creative and generative energies of self expression lead by emotional mastery leads to fulfillment of need projecting through the creative and generative forces which shine bright the paths that leads to the integrated self and connection with spirit.

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Ego deaths rumination

Trust in the generosity of totality.
The light of trust communicates how to surpass the boundaries of limitation

Alternate formula

Trust in the generosity of totality.
The light of trust communicates how spirit purifies the self.

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From one of many ruminations on “sin” due to varous personifications of said sins popping up in media I watch.


True generosity attained through emotional mastery leads to the powers of the highest consciousness of self , the gates of those at the points of highest consciousness and the highest consciousness of totality and completion fulfilling needs through transformation of itself and the selves of all souls through dynamic balance.

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Alahuhakbar - dunno if the spelling is right and don’t really care if I’m honest. This popped up when a friend sent me a meme.

Communications through the emotional bodys instinct handled with dynamic balance and regulation communicates healing power and the harmonious balancing of karmic cycles while communicating wisdom and knowledge which communicates to the soul through actions taken that are anchored in honest intent open the path to its origins.

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Well this took on a life of its own.

Loki - through mastery of and conscious awareness of the emotional sheath’s/body’s instincts by this we mean being able to flow with and observe the tides of emotion without being reactonary or overwhelmed and thus becoming ruled and wielded by the tides of totality while traversing them, one can extract knowledge and wisdom of totality.

Regardless if the aim is the totality of self or reality they are one and the same. The ONLY difference is in regards to the angles of consiouness the observer and the observed have mutually agreed to explore at any given moment. This “pact of mutal benifit” is ever changing and evolving based on the needs of those participating in the pact.

If Ruler and mount have the same capabilities of soul the only difference becomes what their instincts incline them to manifest as and through reality.

The intergrated self or “perfected immortal” if you like has mastered the instincts of the varous energetic sheaths/bodies so that they operate from the angle of consiouness that sits eternally at the seat of the soul and thus sit as the ruler of self and of their various incarnations regardless of form or function.

This concept is reflected in an imperfect and impermanent way though the various transitions of power that play out through time in the mythologies of various pantheons as pantheons evolve as the tribe evolves. Not much consideration has really been given to the simple detail of even though those who are native to asgard Prefer the state of celestial purity, Odin himself has no problem flowing with the tides through time that lead to power.

With this held in the mind, consider young travelers if all that ascends and decends through totality in the search for greater forms moves through time to achieve this. Then why would forces your kind refer to as "divinities " in any form willfully opt for stagnation, limitation and the weakness of statis through static myth without movement.

Just something to consider if you seek to play with those who inhabit the outer realms regularly young travelers. -

Well then…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that turned into something i wasn’t expecting while waiting for plumbing to cure. Ya’ll have fun with this i need to rip a hole in reailty and ground these shenanigans in the flesh.

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Ruminations on the path, past and new paths through the flames of ruins and runes. (Ruins for me as are specific connotations to the runes in their aspect of a deconstructive force breaking down that which is, where as the “runes” are tools of formation and creation for that which will be.

This point of view is mostly anchored in My personal interactions with the entities over nearly 25ish years and may differ from other peoples in that outside of strong energetic expressions that swing between the extremes of intense emotional energy bparder manic and blissful ecstacy on one side to calms and serenity that seems to boarder on apathy for the rest of reality in there for me personally has never been a sense of danger for me or mine personally.

I have since my first interactions with these being I’ve approached them as equals in terms of existence. Existences with vastly more consious experience maybe but on an instinctual level beings on the same realms of power and being and just as long lived in terms of energy.

The literal fact that I as a child who managed to get their hands on books most would say i had zero business being able to find let alone read and being filled with little more than rage and determination to find answers when I sought out the crawling chaos likely has something to do with that.

The fact thier reaction when i summoned them was essentially WHERE’S THIS CHILD’S ADULT?!?! followed by mild exasperation followed by surprise at my lack of fear always ammused me since the first words out of my mouth were TEACH ME! :rofl:

These are simplified notes at best so I can get them out of my skull.

Nyarlathotep - The need of invention finding fulfillment through shamanic transformation obtained through connections and communications with the divine on the paths of origin proven through honest action AND ANCHORED in emotional mastery communicate to the divine self and divinties through the boundaries of highest consciousness and those at the points of highest consciousness the willingness to engage in the voluntary purification for those traversing totality and enabling the connections to be established through divinity to the highest consciousness as well as those at the points of highest consciousness who then transmit the truths of origins and shamanic might which is projected through light in order to heal karmic cycles allowing for integration of self,soul, spirit and mind.

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Umr at-Tawil - this entity is one I rarely hear anyone mention any contact with let alone interaction or interest which since my initial contact with them over a decade ago always fascinated me. Only reference I’m aware is from " through the gates of the silver key" or as my brain has come to think of this silver key “through the gates human mind to the mind of divine self” this has shifted many times over the years and will likely continue to do so.

Generally they are seen from the standpoint of fans of Lovecraft’s work as a Avatar of Yog-Sothoth but my personal interactions they are experienced as a higher dimensonal octave of Nyarlathotep as the realized magi. Or put another way "the crawling chaos which orders that which it wills, how THEY will it.

What we are given:
“It was indeed the frightful Guide and Guardian of the Gate—'Umr at-Tawil, the most ancient one, which the scribe rendereth the Prolonged of Life.”
Rumination through ruins and runes on them. (I say them cause to me there energies have always felt as comingling of divine feminine and masculine energies. Only other entities I have experienced near this point go by the names URU and Tarhunt.)

Umr at-Tawil
The power and might of the divine mind found on the paths of origin and expressed through honest actions that connect with and communicate through the divine to the self at the highest point of consciousness and those also at the highest angles of consciousness a readiness to pursue the true joys of soul,spirit and the integrated self guided and wielded through emotional mastery.

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The Haunter of the Dark
Through the runes

The boundaries through which the highest angles of consciousness are found and explored along the paths to origin, through shamanic might and the light of soul and self as it voluntarily purifies itself through connection and communication with divinites. These transmit spiritual might and physical power to the self in moments of need when inventive ways to explore the highest angles of consciousness are found through truths of self and exploration of one’s might which transmits through light along the paths of origin through the honest actions of those who traverse totality find the resources of the highest consciousness of self and those at the highest angles of consciousness obtained through voluntary purification through exercising ones shamanic might and projecting the truth of one’s origin through the light of soul which shines through ones connections and communications with divinity as they take honest actions following the path, the Dharma of their origins which bring about revelations of wisdom and knowledge.

My personal experince of this force has Been one of entities, more accurately represented as " those who haunt the dark"
Two references that always resurface for me when they are around is the old saying of “me,myself and I” as well as a old song that expands this concept to “Me, My shadow and my echo” but also ties in the reflection, inversions, distortions ect.

Nyarlathotep has from a personal angle of consciousness seemed tied to the middle self for me, the hauner being tied to the lower self through the sacral and navel chakras from the standpoint of the magicians lense that shows us what we accept, reject, see as us, not us ect. Our boundaries of self and not self. Ironically Umr at-Tawil for me ties more into to the chakra of the third eye as another lense rather than the higher self, there “stands” Yog-Sothoth where as Azathoth sits at the seat of the lower self creating reality and Cthulhu the "priest " the shaman, the magician and magus of the old ones works to harmonize them through the heart and throat chakras in tandem with Nyarlathotep in his forms as “man, mannaz” or mind.

Which ironically ties into for me how they each manifest. As Nyarlathotep tends to come up as a anthropomorphic flame ever shifting in form, intensity and color. Umr at-Tawil tends to show up as a literal “cutout” of space if a chunk of it decided to Don a suit and interact with life where as the haunter tends to show up as living shadows itself it very presences seeing to twist light and flames in the area around it to manifest its forms, always fluid always shifting depending on context of any given interaction. (As a side note the first time this fucker showed up was fucking terrifying even though the interactions with the beings themselves are generally pretty mild, the only constant unnerving bit at first at least was those fuckin 3 loved eyes… now I’m so used to them tryin to jump scare me it’s like what you want bra I’m tryin to make food damnit. :rofl:"I’m

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The inevitable (for all pass through the rune of transformation the only thing you can do is lean into it and learn or resist it and learn the hard way, but all learn about self one way or another) Shamanic transformation of those traversing totality, through which true generosity is found and expressed through the souls, spirits and stars fearlessly traversing totality to transcend the boundaries of the known to enter the highest angles of consciousness and those that dwell there through which the voluntary sojourn to and interactions with these angles and the dwellers purifiy the travelers of totality and complete their personal boundaries of the highest self, soul, spirit and star through as one’s personal angles of consciousness are freed from distortions imposed from outside of self.

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This one comes up from multiple angles of consiouness for me along phonetic angles but I suspect this is intentional on their part. Similar lessons but different angles to learn the lesson.

Knowledge and wisdom attained through connections and communications with the divine at the highest angles of consciousness transmit power and the lessons of emotional mastery NEEDED to wield this power.

Knowledge and wisdom of the divine found through connecting through exploring the boundaries of one’s self, soul, spirit, and star voluntarily purifies and transmits power and lessons of emotional mastery needed to obtain true might.

SATHULHU(don’t ask​:man_facepalming:I just follow the spooky rabbit holes i don’t make um :joy:)

The Soul through connecting and communicating with the aspects of self at the boundaries of reality purifies itself allowing for true expressions and potentials of might through emotional energies purified, mastered and wielded. The ways in which the masters of war wield their weapons and seek to make them extensions of the self, so to must the soul learn to experience the TOTALITY of its emotions in all realms and realities unrestrained in its full glory without losing control of self to express the totality of its might.