Method to Walk the 9 Worlds

Hey All,

Earlier today I saw an older post asking how one could walk or pathwork the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil. I thought I could give ideas/ a small primer as to how one could do that and how to apply the Norse worlds to practical magick and spiritual practices.

First, I will briefly go over each world:

  • Midgard (Middle-Enclosure), this would basically be planet Earth, where we are right now.
  • Muspelheimr (translation debated, thought to mean “world destroyers” or “wreck of the world”) This is the home of the fire giants and is a realm of fire. This realm is ruled over by Surtr, the leader of the fire giants, who destroys everything with his flaming sword at Ragnarok. This realm is involved in both the creation and destruction of the world and as such, can be used for both ends. Fire is not only a creative and destructive element, but a cleansing agent as well. Thus, Muspellheimr can be drawn on to create and destroy, as well as cleanse one’s aura and spiritual bodies.
  • Niflheimr (World of Mist)- This is the realm of primordial and perpetual ice, cold and mist. This realm is often thought to overlap with Hel, one of many Norse afterlives. There is no one specific ruler of this realm, though one can see the goddess Hel as such. Niflheimr is one of the two worlds that are featured in the creation of Norse cosmology and is also host to the well Hvergelmir (means bubbling boiling spring), which is one of the major wells/springs at the roots of Yggdrasil. Hvergelmir not only hosts the dragon Nidhoggr, but also 7 icy rivers called Elivagar (means Ice Waves), which existed in Ginnungagap (the yawning void) at the beginning of time. Ymir, the first amongst giants and creation, was created from the poison that drips from these rivers. One could draw on Niflheim for works of baneful magick, to freeze or slow things down, works of confusion, concealment and alchemy.
  • Vanaheimr (Home of the Vanir)- This world is home to the Vanir race or tribe of gods, which are associated with fertility, abundance, wealth, wisdom and divination (and sometimes magick). Simply put, this realm can be drawn on or worked with for those same items.
  • Alfheimr: (Home of the elves) Elves were sort of thought to be demi-god like beings. Freyr is thought to be the ruler of this realm as well. This world (and its inhabitants) can be called on for works of glamor, concealment, to lay tricks on others, divination and more.
  • Helheim (AKA Hel)- One of several afterlives in Norse mythos. This is where those who did not die in battle or died of old age/illness typically go. This world is ruled over by the Goddess Hel/Hela and effectively has do with anything ancestral, however, you could also draw on it for removing or bringing death/ending to something. You also see acts of divination taking place here in different stories in the mythology.
  • Asgardr (Enclosure of the Aesir)- This is the home of the Gods, essentially. This can be pathworked for anything regarding the Aesir gods, higher vibrational works, protection, and success.
  • Jotunheimr (Home of the Jotunar or Giants)- Jotunheimr is thought to be a chaotic place, much like the forces that inhabit it. It is home to the Jotunar (plural for giants), which is a race of being or spirit in Norse mythology. Their ancestor, Ymir, was slaughtered by Odin and his brothers to create the world as we know it. Throughout different tales in Norse mythology we see them capable of doing various magical acts, such as casting illusions (such as when Thor was challenged by a giant to drink the ocean, lift Jormungandr (in the disguise of a cat) and wrestle an old lady (which was old age personified but hiding behind an illusion). Jotunheimr can be drawn on to introduce yourself to the Jotunar, but also to casts galmours, inflect malefic magic on others, and to draw on elemental magic.
  • Nidavellir aka Svartalfheimr: This is the home of the dwarves or dark elves (depending on who you ask). Dwarves can be called on to assist with manifesting goals, concealing items and persons, cause hauntings, forging and crafting magical items.

Lastly, I will detail a few ideas to help you connect with these forces and worlds.

When connecting with anything Norse and I involve the rune, I like to draw on the rune Gebo. Gebo speaks of exchanges, connections and gifts.


I will often times draw on the rune that is associated with what I am trying to connect with as well (i.e. Thurisaz for the Jotunar).

The way I do this is both via Galdr and shamanic journeying, essentially. I will galdr Gebo and any other runes I plan to draw on. This will open a portal of these energies into your space, where you could anchor it, draw on the energies, etc. The potential here becomes limitless.

However, if you intend to walk them, the idea would be to pass through these portals and into those worlds.

More to follow :wink:


This is awesome. Good work :+1:


I’ve visited a few of these worlds in medidiation and the powers there is fucking astounding. Sounds good for a full pathwalking some day