Grimoires/Books for Goddess Isis? (Evocation)

Does anyone here have experience with Egyptian deities through ritual books? I’m looking for a way to call upon Isis but there is an abundance of random books out there that I don’t really trust. So I’m wondering if anyone has used any particular books or grimoires to evoke her to your presence.

Her prominence is unmistakable in the Western Hermetic Tradition. But there seems to be no direct info on ritually summoning her in the ritual evocation context.


evoke goddess astarte (not astaroth) to meet the isis.

No. I asked for Isis evocation. Not gonna start mixing names and spirits for no reason. :+1:


I don’t know why people think that spirits appear like a flower at some point in history and then disappear.If you are looking for a strong and kind goddess who plays a big role in the development of humanity, then talk to Astarte.She is also known as Inanna,Ishtar,Anahita, isis and many more names. She personally confirmed this information for me.

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It’s not that they disappear. They have their own unique vibes/energies as individual entities, despite whatever people’s views are about their connection. I don’t care enough to mix alternative names, aspects, faces, currents, whatever. I want the energy and presence of Isis in ritual.


@Xepera_maSet ?


I dont have any opinion about these spirits but this viewpoint was good👍

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@Acuna before anything else, what is it you are seeking or hoping to accomplish? I ask because Isis is a rather vague and all encompassing goddess, there may be important nuances to dive into.

@King1911 despite common belief Isis and Astarte are actually very different beings. Astarte comes from the line of Inanna - Ishtar - Astarte/Anat/Asherah - Lilith - etc. whereas Isis more comes from the same line as Mary or Eve. Egypt illustrates this well because Astarte is the consort of Setesh rather than Asar, and in some cases is used symbolically in anti-Asar works where that god is replaced with Yam, and Setesh with Baal.


Because she told me,and no, lilith and astarte are not the same,they are best friends though

A slippery slope indeed.

I’m fascinated by Isis coming from the line of Mary or Eve, is there a text on this?

Also, sorry no book recs but I’m interested if there are any!


They are not the same but of the same tradition/lineage. However Isis is an entirely different lineage.

I would roughly equate them like this:

Setesh/Heru-ur = Serpent/Gnostic Christ

Asar = Yahweh

Isis = Mary

Har-pa-khared = Christian Christ

There are a lot of debates and discussions on the topic though. A good place to start might be the resources in my paper: