I need information on Dukantes infernal hierarchy

Ok here’s the situation. I have an awesome Dukante deck that was recently gifted to me. The problem is I’m not very fluent channeling tye entities begin the sigils yet.

I have an have been through S.connolys complete book of demonaltry and the sigillium diaboli also by Connolly.

The information I need is pretty basic profiles of the 40 something spirits in this hierarchy.

If anyone can help with a source I’d appreciate it.


Do we know that there is one? I’ve not read anything in her work, but there are others that have more knowledge of her work than I do.

Most hierarchy stuff is largely just the personal opinion of whoever was behind the source material. They don’t seem to really mean anything and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of “consequence” for disregarding any of the ones we know of.

What’s the end goal for it?

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I personally disagree with this if you mean that hierarchies do not exist among spirits. The Celestial Hierarchy is well attested in our traditional sources, for example. Almost all texts give the same Celestial Hierarchy and this is the basis for the order of the days of the week.

And this hierarchy is seen in practice. The Planets actually have power over the overs and their aspects are recieved by them etc. According to the hierarchy, and the Superior Planets have power over the Inferior Planets, and the entire sphere of Fixed Stars have power over everything beneath them. This is something actually seen in practice.

And a similar system of hierarchy is apparent in this material world as well. Humans have power over everything under them, being the highest of the Animal Kingdom (and so, also being a link to the higher worlds). The Animal kingdom as a whole has power over the Plant Kingdom. And in our own societies, hierarchies are universal to every culture. So this itself says something of the higher spiritual worlds.

I believe those working with the Goetia generally don’t see hierarchy to be important because they don’t put it into use. @DarkGodofQlippa I believe has used the Hierarchy of the 72 Demons of the Goetia to use in ritual in the past to good effect.
Otherwise, systems of hierarchy are clearly seen with the Celestial Spirits.

But if you’re talking about the Dukante demons in specific, apologies for this!



The end goal is to be able to get to know the history, personality and offices of this class of demons.


This is saw on Tumblr. It takes care of about 30% of the spirits. I appreciate the effort I’ll have to consider alternative sources of information to go further.

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