Well hi

Well here i am back after i have finished my college finally but sadly found out i couldn’t meditate as it strains my eyes i know it doesn’t make sense so I’m planning to go and ask another doctor for a second opinion either way is there a way that i can connect to deities or build my psychic abilities without meditation. Also is there anyone who know or uses a spirit box app which is free to communicate with their deities cause i wanted one but don’t know if it’s a good choice as it can be very unsafe so please do let me know if it is unsafe.

P. S she meant closed eyes meditation that’s why even for it just doesn’t make sense why she said that when it’s supposed to be relaxing my eyes.


You will find mixed opinions on this. Mine isn’t positive.

Many meditations are done with the eyes closed.


Is that sensation you get when you close your eyes?


@MidnightStar Perhaps it’s the style of meditation you were using.

Just guessing but was if it the kind where you stare at a sigil trying to open it? If so maybe that’s the wrong type for you to try until you’re used to other types if that’s the case or it gave you dry eye and it’s not the meditation that was the problem.:person_shrugging:

There’s non visual meditation styles as well they run the gamit from thinking about a scripture after having read it to just reciting mantras (obviously you should know what the mantra means before using it as a meditation since each have their own purpose and connections to specific deities BUT neither of those should strain your eyes if used as a meditation method.

The staring at sigils kind, that I can see could cause eye strain if your not blinking and your eyes get too dry (if that’s the kind of meditation you prefer try using eye drops right before it so your eyes don’t dry out and feel strained. Go for the long lasting type like Systane eye drops).


No she i can’t close my eye’s and meditate.


Which sensation?

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She was talking about the normal closing eyes meditation sadly. I do have a eye drop Prescribed by my other doctor who did the operation on my one eye but don’t think i would be doing that kind of meditation.


I’m thinking about you being sit in a place with no light, it can be similar to closing your eyes, because the visual information of your surroundings can interfere with the level of concentration you require to enter into meditative states such as trance, no mind state, moksha, etc.

And sometimes to develop astral senses is required to step out of the mundane, that’s why meditate is important.

I think the most important part of meditation is to know oneself, to connect with the real self to recognize easily when there’s something interfering with us as individuals.


You could always sit in a closet or bathroom with the lights out if you’re trying to mimic the darkness of closed eyes when you meditate.

Also, I have nothing positive to say about spirit boxes, but I don’t think I’ve used that method enough (possibly ever depending on what type you’re talking about) to have a place at the table for that conversation.


Yea i guess I’ll try visualization or listen to surroundings instead to meditate maybe thatcan help.

Yea i thought about it and I’m not gonna use it. Doesn’t sound safe thanks.

Omg you’re a genius ugh thank you i will do that. That way I’m still meditating you are the best

Hugs and kisses love you! :hugs: